The best porn movie ever directed

The best porn movie ever directed

Who says porn can not get overhead. The actors in these films can forget lines and must be someone to remind one of the three sequences we have to interpret. See here an overhead bus and incredible timing. The actress really has talent and manages to get into character very well.

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Charlie Riina and her big tits

Charlie Riina debut in and does so with a gallery in which this Playboy dazzles us with tits and a body with a sensuality that looks out of the ordinary. Charlie Riina is the latest Playboy model debuting in , a spectacular blonde who has left us breathless to see how naked while skating. This model was born in Poland and moved to Toronto when he was very young appears with what we might call a uniform horny, skates, short shorts, very high socks and a tiny T-shirt that enables her tits pop out to greet us. These past few weeks we have received many girls of Playboy in this Polish big boobs and not detract at all the bunnies that have preceded it. No we are going to entertain more, we are aware that it is much more entertaining to watch Charlie Riina take her clothes off while skating to read us us… We advise you to look at all the photos carefully, there is not one of them is left.

Charlie Riina and her big tits

Charlie Riina and her big tits (2)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (3)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (4)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (5)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (6)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (7)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (8)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (9)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (10)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (11)

Charlie Riina and her big tits (12)


Eva Kent left television for XXX industry

Eva Kent: A known star left television for XXX movies industry! Eva Kent disappeared from the public eye since there is TV star and moved to Italy, but occasionally, the former XXX star keep in touch with her fans on social networking accounts.

Eva Kent Sexy

Recently, adult film actress who posted pictures of the most exciting, proving that, although it has 33, looks as good as when, every night, delight the audience with “A show sinner.

Eva Kent left her country for years and now lives her life away from prying eyes, in Italy, a place where, it seems, works as a model and as a hostess in fancy clubs, succeeding, because her impeccable physique to win nice amount of money.

Eva Kent, her real name Oana Oprea, which became known after starring in adult films. She agreed to play after she met the man who would become her manager during a vacation in Italy. She advised her to earn money by having sex, giving him the sum of 6500 EUR. Oana took her stage name Eva Kent and quickly signed a contract with an agency in Hungary.


Effect of porn on women

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: The effect of porn on women. 

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If you’re one of those people who think porn is just for men, know that you are dead wrong! Statistics say that women consume porn equally and with the same goals as men: to improve their sexual techniques, to increase their libido and imagination.

Watching porn is usually attributed to men and less women sometimes couples. However, women are no exception in this case. True, with small differences.

What do women like?

As in other areas, when it comes to porn, tastes of women differ from those of men. If men can love as explicit images of sexual intercourse, women appreciate the intelligent exchange of words, unusual locations or unconventional connections between partners.

They prefer sex less graphics and more realistic actors that attract and stimulate each other just like in everyday life.

What effect on women porn movies?

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have revealed that most of the times, a woman’s body reacts the same as that of a man to view a movie of this kind: the blood circulation in the genital area is enhanced, she becomes excited and eager for sex .

However, we can not say that women have the same attitude towards porn as men. Sometimes they produce excitement but sometimes explicit images do not produce anything but disgust, revulsion and amusement.

Usually, movies that have sex scenes stimulates “soft” without too many close-ups on genitals, alternating with moments of action, romance and psychology.

Why do women in adult film?

Women resort to using a porn movie for several reasons. First, they fail to develop their imagination and to live their fantasies with erotic stories in the film.

This helps them improve their libido and even explore their own sexuality. Many women managing to masturbate or improve your techniques and sexual relationship with your partner.


Abnormal relationship between a mother and her daughter

NEWS: Abnormal relationship between a mother and her daughter. “It’s not moral, it’s the legal limit, but we do it”

porn mom and daughter

A mother and daughter, who make adult film together, are looking for partners – father and son – for a new film.

Jessica Sexxxton, 56, and her daughter, Monica, 22, filmed sex scenes together in the last 18 months, which have aired on their website.

Although the two women, mother and daughter have sex in the same room at the same time, often with the same partner – male or female – they insist that “dating” them are incestuous. Legal and personal reasons, they do not touch at all during sex scenes.

The Sexxxtons as known the two were used before actors were closely related as a father and son, but they were not satisfied with the results.

In the history of adult films related cases where two people work together are very rare. Two brothers have played together in a gay porn film in 1998, and the twins made ​​a movie together in 2004 in any of the cases siblings had sex with each other.

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