Most popular sex toys in the world! How to make PLEASURE!!?

Most popular sex toys in the world! How to make PLEASURE: If you’ve ever wondered how to make a doll inflatable, well it came time to satisfy this curiosity. China produces thousands of these sex dolls, plants unable to cope with requests.

sexual doll

A Chinese company that produces such sex toys for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish announced that it will expand activities in accordance with the orders started coming from all over the world.

We can not meet demand. The way in which this industry is developing is breathtaking. When I started here, produces one type of inflatable doll. Now we have ten models, including one premium. And the requests come from all over the world. Sometimes I it seems strange that are surrounded by hands, feet or other body parts. I thought we had a huge morgue“, said Lili Hsing, 36 years employers factory.

“Of course we know that these dolls are not real. And I suspect that men buying them know that, although they have names, and those who do command tell them my name. I think one of the reasons why we are successful is the quality of the dolls we produce. Looks good, are easily inflated and deflated not too fast. our customers love it”, she said.