Amarna Miller afire Internet with the new viral for SEB

Barcelona Erotic Show Apricots has released this morning its traditional promotional spot, a new production of the creative agency that promises to raze Vimema all expectations. If last year the spotlight fell on Nacho Vidal and his version of “make love, not war” this time the charge has been the media actress Amarna Miller who claim, with a forcefulness that almost hurts, hypocrisy and prevailing incoherence in our society today.

Amarna Miller

“My name Amarna Miller, I’m a porn actress and was born in a hypocritical country where the same people who called me a whore jerks off with my videos”
. so ‘HOMELAND’, begins an audiovisual jewel directed by filmmaker Carlos Valdes who wanders different socio-cultural, political and religious in our country while puppet head areas.

Social networks have been quick to explode with opinions of all kinds, from those who praise the clear and direct message from Amarna Miller to those who accuse the organization of the Barcelona Erotic Show opportunism and sin of the same defects as reported in your video. However what is beyond any debate is the extraordinary impact of the campaign, with over 80,000 views in less than ten hours and having been re-tweeted by prominent figures of the country as Pablo Iglesias or Iñigo Errejón, leader and number two respectively party political we can.


Chloe Amour and two guys

Chloe Amour Studio: Jules Jordan Video

We continue shelling the essential from the porn releases this year, DP Masters # 4 of Jules Jordan Video piece, not so much for some sort of documentary value or contain the valuable “first time” some starlet in some activity, but rather because it is well done porn with proven professionals. One of the oldest of the tape along with Romi Rain, who already enjoyed this days at her best, is Chloe Amour, slender Texan who came to the industry with 20 years and continues to give us joys five years later.


xHamster buy the sex tape of Alexis Arquette

Perhaps times are changing thanks to initiatives like the feminist porn or ethical porn who put the welfare of its participants to pure and simple profit but, generally speaking, the porn industry has always had to live under the accusation of being managed by unscrupulous capable of anything for money. And unfortunately it can in many cases remains true, however examples like the following restore a little faith in humanity.

Alexis Arquette

As reported by The Daily Mail in its issue of September 13, the video portal adult xHamster has paid $ 25,000 for the purchase of an alleged sex tape starring Alexis Arquette (penultimate in the series of actors composed by the brothers Patricia , Rosanna, David and Richmond Arquette) with the sole purpose of destroying, in an effort to preserve the memory of the famous transgender actress . Apparently one of his former lovers sought to cash in by selling the tape, taking advantage of the recent death of the actress on Sunday September 12 from complications related to HIV / AIDS. He was 47 years old.

“The Arquette Miss was an icon and an activist in the transgender community and could not allow someone blemished his memory of how he intended the selling party”, said Alex Hawkins, spokesman of xHamster, noting that his company had ” acquired the tape and subsequently destroyed all copies of it. ” Also said “We hope people remember to Miss Arquette as activist who was his memory and continue living.”

Not the first time the famous video portal adult ranks in defense of the rights of transgender people. In April this year blocked access of portal users in North Carolina to protest the approval of its anti-LGBT law.

Well played, xHamster.