4 types of orgasm that every woman should feel them

Types of orgasm that every woman should feel them

Free habit of all comfort. Do you like to know how and where you start the day and where you end up. But the same is not true when it comes to sex. Routine kills passion.

This site teaches you what to do and what these 4 types you need to get to feel them.

Types of orgasm that every woman should feel them

1. Clitoral orgasm

You already know very well how sensitive is that small area, thanks to the 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris is endowed. And if you are doing some of the “normal” great majority, the clitoris is the key to paradise. And it seems that if you attack him directly, front, does not work so good as when first touched and stimulated its adjoining areas. As such, developers sexologists suggest to your partner guides so you stimulate adjacent areas first, before touching the clitoris directly. And as likely to be 100%, suggest them to use including a vibrator. Help much.

2. Vaginal Orgasm

There are still serious debate about the existence of the famed G-spot, but despite these debates, a percentage of 30% of women advertise this vaginal orgasm just by stimulating adjacent penetration and without further. The technique is to find and then to stimulate famous point G. Once located, of course, the main concern should be boosting his partners at any cost. Help him to reach, penetration, fixed upper wall of the vagina, where there is our hot item. It seems that the best place that stimulates the G-spot penetration is awry with your legs crossed. And vaginal orgasm is likely to be achieved as is sex last longer, so you both care at this point.

3. Orgasm mix

This type of orgasm involves both clitoral orgasm, vaginal and obtained simultaneously. He can be achieved, according to the statements of experts, both through penetration and clitoral stimulation concurrent. He can be twice as powerful orgasms than either of the two above mentioned version “solo”. Position “partner above” favors getting this type of orgasm, because it requires a very efficient penetration, but also exploring the possibility clitoral at maximum capacity. You might also try missionary position, but with high balances partner, so the clitoris to be more exposed to the penis. Chances of getting such a real orgasm is pretty fair only if the woman is aroused and prepared well.

4. Multiple Orgasm

Multiple orgasms orgasm means getting some chain, one after another, and not three orgasms in a row sexual acts or even the same sex, but distant from each other. To obtain, partner would have to master well the technique is clitoral stimulation: first you should stimulate the clitoris for 30 seconds, to obtain rapid orgasm, and then continue to inject changing pace, so that immediately comes second orgasm. Basically, the partner must learn to vary the rhythm of stimulation, knowing when to change it and the intensity with which excite their partner so they bring it to multiple orgasms. If you feel clitoral area has been over stimulated and no longer responds to stimuli, ask your partner to touch him through moves barely felt, and responds to regain breath again.

Types of orgasm that every woman should feel them

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