5 reasons why women do not like oral sex!

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex! Why women do not like oral sex? While some women refuse to consider the idea of making oral sex, there are many more cases where the fair sex are pleased to partner with oral sex, but avoids this for good reasons. Ava Cadell, prof. Dr. In human sexuality, author of the book “NeuroLoveology”, believes that men often do not realize that life partners refuse or are reluctant to make oral sex by reason of what they do right.

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex

Why women do not like oral sex: He confuses head with soccer ball!

The most common complaint that dr. Cadell hears from women about oral sex refers to partners who presses his head while doing oral sex. In spite of what happens in porn, women hate to be abused in this way. Perhaps a macho man feels when doing so, but for a woman is unpleasant and degrading. More appropriate would be to tell your partner how good is good at oral sex and how beautiful this time recommends Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: Ejaculate without an announce!

Certainly, women like to be surprised from time to time, but not when your partner ejaculates while they are concentrated oral action, without having to provide any indication in this regard. “It is polite to ask a lady that has no objection to swallow and even then be given to understand that soon“, said Cadell. If your partner dislikes to swallow, then the partner may choose to finish another part of her body, noting that another part of the body” should not refer to the present references Professor in human sexuality.

Why women do not like oral sex: He not returns the favor!

Often, men consider that they are entitled to receive oral sex, but without any obligation to return the favor as sexual. So if you are one of the men who are content to receive without giving back, should not be surprised that the day will come that will be excluded from oral sex “menu”.

Why women do not like oral sex: Neglect personal hygiene!

Care requires attention to the genital area including pubic hair for men, not just women. Pubic hair should be trimmed regularly, which not only provides a better access to the genitals during oral sex, but also helps to preserve them clean. Finally, who likes to tangle in hair while focusing on partner pleasure ? asks rhetorically Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: It takes too much!

If a man needs more than ten minutes to ejaculate after oral stimulation, a woman will begin to perceive this activity as a chore and try to avoid. Therefore, men should put more emphasis on foreplay to be sufficiently excited when receiving oral sex and thus shorten the time necessary to achieve orgasm. There is also a version in which the partners can take a break when lengthens oral sex too much time they can devote to other sexual activities.




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