5 sexual positions where women make the law in bedroom

As powerful as men in everyday life when in the bedroom were moments that will be dominated by girlfriends. This incites and they go mad with pleasure.

There is a class of men who like to let their girlfriends to the law in the bedroom. Therefore, I recommend a few positions where women dominate, dictate the pace and depth of penetration, giving your partner an unforgettable experience.

1. Lunges

In this position it is in control and can play exactly as desired penetration. The man lies on his back and stroked his girlfriend on the feet or buttocks. Due to the high degree of excitation partner can achieve orgasm more easily in this position.


2. Woman on top

It is known as one of the best sexual positions where women make the law in the bedroom, because they are the ones in control. I have not heard a representative of the fair sex to say that this position has not reached orgasm. He can move freely and can study a happy lover.

Woman on top

3. Melee

When you stand over your partner that you are not only controlling the action, but you maximum opportunities to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. Feel so good, you’ll be much more decisive and convincing while you dominate.


4. Bhramara

It is one of the most exciting positions in which women dominate. In this posture, partner stands over and feels great. The more so that it can control the penetration and reach orgasm.


5. Acrobatics

In this capacity it is the one that dominates. Because standing with your legs straight and your knees paste, the strength of the movement is very small man. “Acrobatics” is one of those sexual positions where women make in the bedroom law.


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