6 unexpected things that really excite women

There is a list of surprising things that women react sensational and excites them about the terrible state that directly related to their partners.

The list contains a lot of situations in which a man would not think normally; for example, washing the dishes or vacuuming wagging.

For most women, the most exciting gesture unrelated to the romantic side of life, as many men would be tempted to believe, like lighted candles and three roses on the dinner table.

Gestures such as a hand whom you can give when you make order in the house, or you drink coffee mornings together, before you leave for work, there are situations far more exciting than any heart or rose.

“When the woman knows that it can truly rely on the support of you and that he gets small gestures meant to show him that you care about her and comfort her, creates a sort of connection very special, so necessary in -a strong and long lasting relationship. “
says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, specializing in couples therapy in New York.

Simple gestures are what creates a good feeling every woman. And not all men realize how important emotional connection beyond the physical in the bedroom.

6 unexpected things that really excite women
Help her to carat luggage!

A testimony of an American wife comes in support of the above: it tells how important the relationship with her husband that helps to housework, and how many times can take care of two children and endowment. But the gesture which “excite” the most is the way she always helpful when salt comes from shopping, carrying all the luggage in the house.

Drink coffee mornings together!

Beverly is married Solomon in Texas for 35 years with her husband and they have a business that deals alike. She says: “The reasons that hold together for so many years are many, of course, but one of the most important has proved to be one simple way brings me coffee in bed every morning, or on the terrace of the house like us. We have coffee together tremendously, especially on the porch, where we make plans for the day or for other more distant future. “

Take a walk

Robin Siebold tells us about the original way in which her husband a surprise for five years now. Almost every day occurs at work, on your lunch break and take a short walk to relax; and sometimes go further than that, and make out in the car. At the end of the day, Robin confesses that we can not wait to get back home to her husband.


Another wife in Austin, Texas, says how excited is the gesture that makes her husband every time you bring home a box of chocolates. “After 20 years of marriage, not to mention that much at first, but when chocolate gives me know that was thought of me when they stopped buying it. ”


One of the ladies singles we now confesses that most appreciate the moments when former partner who was able to admit mistakes and say, simply, “I’m sorry”. “Excuses demonstrate respect for one near you and a nice character”


Other ladies admit that they are excited regarding the innocence of men that seem to accompany her whole life. It is very exciting to see such a strong man, who make important decisions that support his family and maybe has a very hard and tough job, retains the innocence always an area that remains untouched.

All small gestures make the connection between strong partners

Gestures strung above all, whether it happens daily basis or weekly or monthly contribution in strengthening and sustainability of a relation between partners. Dr. O’Neill explains that a relationship has its dynamics, needs continue to be fed properly. And the results soon to never. If you propose constantly such behavior, nothing is an effort, but it becomes a pleasure.

And do not forget that every woman is built differently. And that while for some it means a bunch of flowers, others feel truly loved her husband when they propose simple: let’s take a walk to!

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