7 Things You Did not Know about pornography!

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography! With a few billion annual industry, you might think that there are few things that people do not know about pornography. And yet, here are some shocking things that you might not have known about pornography and that recent studies have revealed specialty.

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography

Women are excited when they see the monkeys having sex

Do you think men can be excited by almost anything? In fact, things are slightly different. Researchers at Northwestern University have shown some men and women adult films. It was found that while men react in a positive images, women were not as receptive. They said they were excited after watching movies with monkeys having sex or images of women having sex with other women.

Utah is the most perverted state in the US

A study by Harvard University found that Utah has the most subscribers adult sites per thousand net users. (Montana is the state with the fewest such subscriptions).

Men who watch porn production focuses mainly on the face of the actresses from films

Surprisingly, eyes and lips but won the battle with tits and ass, according to a study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Researchers believe that men faces concerning actresses want to discover how excited they are in reality.

Birth control pills affect women’s desire

According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women who do not take contraceptive pills focused on genitals when they were shown films for adults. Instead, they are taking contraceptive pills Women who were more interested in contextual elements, such as scenery or actors wore. Researchers explanation: women not taking the pill had a stronger sex drive.

Absolutely all men look at porn

A researcher at the University of Montreal wanted to conduct a study to see the impact it has on child sexual life of men. For that needed a group of men between 20 and 30 years who never ate pornography, but did not find even one man to fulfill the requirement.

Most men have access to pornography before puberty

According to a study from the University of Montreal, boys begin to look at pornography 10 years.

Presidential elections are growing appetite for pornography

After George Bush won the election in 2004 increased people’s interest in sites for adults. The same thing happened in 2008 after Obama became US president. Researchers at universities Villanova and Rutgers believes that supporters of the winning team increase their testosterone levels and sex desire.

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