8 things to do better sex.

8 things to do better sex. Everyday life and worries that we have often monopolizing us, so sometimes we wake torque life has changed in a sense in which we have never wanted. Privacy reach the second or even below the list and is not that simple to find ways to remedy the situation. It is known that sex plays an important role in couple and that in his absence, the relationship crumbles. Because when the situation becomes really annoying come to call the sexologist, pleasant and not too costly, considering the standard of living in our country, it is better to prevent than to treat. Therefore, we thought we would come to help you, giving you a few tips that you should follow to make your relationship feet.

8 things to do better sexHow to spice up your sex life? Here are 8 things you should do to a better sex:

1. Take care of your image
It is true that time is not always on your side, but if you and your partner want to have some sex better, you have to make the first step and try to change your image as possible. A healthy diet and some exercise every day will prove to be useful in many ways, not only to regain your self-esteem, while a slight change in wardrobe, from underwear, which should sexier, will become mobile reaffirm your femininity. Once you get to love more, your partner will change their opinion about you and him, and in addition, you have the courage to initiate foreplay.

2. Spend more time with your partner
If you come only in the evening, in bed, when fatigue has already embraced you, it is normal for sex to be considered tedious and put aside. Take the time to have dinner together, taking a bath together, take advantage of every moment and turn it into one of foreplay.

3. Masturbation should not be a taboo
Masturbation is normal and helps you to know your body better. In this way, your partner can help you meet and at the same time, you can learn how to satisfy it and you know it, noncommercial various techniques. About all this and more you can find out here!

4. Aphrodisiac food miracles
Celery is a famous aphrodisiac, but it was discovered that this vegetable helps to increase libido in women, not just men. If you want to know more about the foods of this type, here’s a top that we’ve prepared for you!

5. Yoga helps you focus
Perhaps you are wondering what is the link between concentration and sex. Well, many women have a habit of losing attention regarding the present moment they are with their partner because they think of all the things you have done and are worried. If you own this habit, you should call simple yoga techniques, such as the position of the tree.

More about Yoga for Beginners can find out here!

6. Oral sex improves sex life
Oral sex sex spice and makes the prelude to be really exciting to enjoy then an intense pleasure. Discover here some tips and tricks in this regard!

7. Sexual fantasies take a toll
Talk openly about sexual fantasies that you have, but do not forget to them and put into practice. Take the first step you and your partner will surely follow!

8. Kiss you more often
Passionate kiss can be part of foreplay himself. Do not ignore this gesture that can help improve your sex life!

8 things to do better sex 2

Of course there are plenty of ways you can make sex better. Besides the above, adding to the list of erotic massage that involves no sexual contact, but it will help you discover erogenous zones, and sex in the morning, that increase serotonin levels and better mental state during the day, up to you to discover them and experience them those that suit you.



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