An adult film actress and has made an indecent proposal to this man. Hidden, his girlfriend watched everything live! How do you think was all over?

A woman makes a porn actress on the footsteps of her partner, seek to conquer and convince him to have sex with her.

Valerie White, an adult film actress and has made an indecent proposal to this man“Temptation” was sent to the area where the man was, and with a team of cameramen and using a hidden microphone, the whole scene was recorded. Later, the girl tested had the opportunity to watch the images, because the team behind the show To Catch a Cheater, with which everything was organized.

Unfortunately, after seeing how he reacted her boyfriend, the woman was left with a bitter taste.

Porn star Valerie White was met with the man when he enters a bookstore. She tried to approach, but hurry, she did not heeded.

Things have changed radically when the “victim” came out of the store. Valerie managed to convince her boyfriend to talk tested and even give her phone number. The actress even managed to obtain promise of future meetings, and the man even proposed to meet all three, he and his girlfriend.

Eventually, the woman revealed that her porn actress and is even complimented her “endowments”. Very hesitant, the man tried to avoid Valerie, but insisted it until the show’s producers called her to ask him to stop the advances.

Although her boyfriend did nothing wrong, the one that got it worked out was not pleased that he and actress exchanged phone numbers. “Okay, I will not break up with him, but I do not like the fact that I took her phone number and said he would meet” the woman said.


Afterwards, she phoned her boyfriend to talk about what happened and tell him that I tested, according to The Mirror. What happened? Well, angry that put him in such a situation, the man immediately put an end to the relationship.


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