AJ Bailey: The most intelligent adult film actress

Not a hoax! The adult film actress intelligence is an American of 29 years, who has a degree in anthropology and studied art at the College of Saint Andrews, where he was a colleague of Prince William.

AJ Bailey, in her name to “stage”, and spent much of the teens in the library, where he read novels of Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde is the actress in porn now and says he likes what he does, although started this job in need of money.

AJ Bailey started her career in lesbian XXX movies. My dream is to work in a museum and to use the knowledge they‘ve gained in college, but I have to pay bills. I think I’m ready to sit in the office yet” said AJ Bailey.

Now it’s hard to find my boyfriend. Next, I went out with lawyers and doctors, but now becomes a problem when I make a living out of what, “says AJ Bailey.

I’m flattered that you consider me the smartest porn star, but to know it’s a cliché that all porn stars have nothing in my head,AJ Bailey says.

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