ALARMING! Young people and adults, no longer have sex. What’s more dangerous choose instead…

Pornography is present in all the media, especially in the current period, the rapid development of technology According to a study by the agency surveys Barna Group, youth, and adults in the US prefer online pornography at the expense sex because considered more dangerous to health than erotic movies. Moreover, 57% of American pastors argued that viewing adult movies, but they’re trying to get rid of this habit.

Young people and adults, no longer have sex

The survey was based on interviews with 3,000 subjects and aimed to identify how pornography is understood by consumers to achieve their moral profile. Although the final results will be available only in April, the agency representatives were held, however, to make public some of the preliminary findings of the study.

The Porn Phenomenon in the report, researchers have shown that pornography is much better defined function that has only its form. Specifically, erotic films are watched for that transmit the sensation of sexual arousal and not because the screens are shown nudity.

Pornography is present in all the media, especially in the current period, the rapid development of technology. Thus, as diversify distribution channels and consumer behavior is increasingly varied. For example, most test subjects in this study argue that pornography is harmful to society, but opinion changes if younger generations. However, a small proportion of adults said they feel guilty that viewing erotic films, but the attitude is totally opposed to people who regularly practice a particular religion.

According to the same study, 57% of Americans said that pastors face pornography addiction. Also, 87% of them say they feel guilty for what they do. When questioned about this attitude of priests, 41% of adults surveyed claimed that they should be fired.

Subjects aged between 25 and 50 years confessed to viewing erotic films “to feel better” and “because they are safer than sex”. Moreover, 95% of young people surveyed said that their group of friends discussing about pornography without any caution.

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