Alyssa Funke committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

She starred in a porn film, then committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

A young 19 year old committed suicide a few weeks after she starred in a porn movie, she is criticized for her decision.

Stella Ann

Alyssa Funke wanted to become an anesthesiologist, but decided to take part in a XXX film, with a stranger, in Las Vegas, the site CastingCouch-X, one for adults, under the pseudonym Stella Ann“. The shoot appeared online in March, and after a few days, a student from Stillwater, Minnesota, began receiving messages on social accounts that judgment was harsh for what he did. Most posts were written by former high school in his hometown.

In these messages, Alyssa Funke was billed as a “prostitute” and some of the fellow asked, Your father knows what you’re doing?”. “Nothing makes known a school than a porn star who graduated last year,” it wrote in another message.

The young woman has not faced the pressure and committed suicide with a gun.


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