Booty Queen and the selfie stick

Crystina The Booty QueenCrystina The Booty Queen – Porn Video

I do not know if you remember Crystina The Booty Queen, a voluptuous girl of short stature that left us astonished when a reader recommended to give a look at the photos of her Tumblr: the spectacular hyperbole of her tremendous ass only rivaled his tendency to put him hand to the images to exaggerate a little more what was already huge, and we refer to her buttocks but also to the tail and musculature of her husky boyfriend.

Today we came across more material, this time on video, and we think it was worth sharing, not only to see that muscular ass riding crazy, but also for the peculiarity of the format: her boyfriend decided to use a selfie stick to Give us a wider perspective of fuck. After the ride, which lasts five minutes, comes an exercise podophilia that maybe interested fetishists.

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