Online pornography could start next big Privacy Scandal

 In the future, online pornography could cause a huge scandal related to confidentiality. How to come to this.

Online pornography could start next big Privacy ScandalThe “private browsing” available on Chrome seems now even more useless than before. There is a risk that in future preferences of millions of people in terms of being exposed to online pornography. Given the apprehension that many people have when it comes to this subject, this could have more serious consequences than humiliation that would subject one. And it might be due to “fingerprint” online.

Every major browser has a unique configuration allowing it to monitor your sites, without regard to limiting or disabling cookies. Specifically, you will leave “fingerprints” for each site visited, and then you only need to establish a link between them, according to Motherboard site. However, the knowledge needed for such a process are not accessible to all but an expert could be associated, for example, fingerprints left on Facebook with the left on Pornhub.

More specifically, the private information of many people are at risk of security, hackers may obtain a database easily. Despite information from Pornhub deny the danger. Given the 300 million searches every day, Pornhub indicated enormous amount of storage space required if history would preserve views. For a short time, only IP and User Agent Profiles are stored on servers, according to a company official.

Sites like Xvideos does not keep its unregistered user information but transmit them to other sites. While tracking a large number of people is too difficult at the moment, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. If a hacker really wants to pursue a particular person latter it is almost impossible to hide online activity. Proof represent and work NSA spy agency to Muslim men who were watching porn to discredit radical elements of society.


What is feminist porn?

– There is an emphasis on women’s pleasure;
– The material is made ​​primarily (or exclusively) women;
– The material has a mission, its main purpose is not to excite but to engage at a political level;
– The content is made ​​by someone who self-identify as feminist;
– There is a conscious effort to challenge traditional gender roles, stereotypes dialogue and action;
– Production is “ethical” and ensure the safety and dignity of the actors;
– The material is both about identity and representation of pleasures actors and spectators.

Whether you are satisfied with all or is criteria, even if you are willing to accept the idea that feminist porn exists depends largely on how you feel about porn, feminism and the right of an individual to call things for himself.




Hentai, erotic porn cartoon

If you take a close look at the program cinemas in recent years, you will discover that there are quite a few cartoons or animation. Some of them are made ​​for adults, but they can look and cartoons for children. Cartoons popularity grows steadily.


Origin and significance of animations

Hentai cartoon animation that you are part of otaku culture. Otaku is the Japanese world showing and connects all lovers of animation and comedy hentai or erotic. Hentai cartoons are mostly for adults. Some people believe that the increasing popularity of otaku culture show a positive response of the people to remove global issues, changing gender roles and the challenge we face in the modern world. Hentai animations have peaked in 1990 and 2000.

Hentai animation attraction

Hentai expression is used in relation to content of pornographic comic books and animations. In Japan, the word has a negative connotation, but the expansion of the Internet has allowed people to start using the word hentai more often in connection with pornographic content.

Hentai porn part from Japanese very well developed either. Hentai animations allow people to fulfill fantasies that would otherwise be difficult to film in reality. Among other things, because Hentai animations include aliens, monsters and other creatures of fantasy world.

For members of otaku culture, hentai cartoons are just an illusion. Even if animations include scenes of pedophilia Hentai, they are not considered pedophiles. They strongly condemned pedophilia and stress that is a considerable difference between cartoons and reality.


These cartoons are not a moral burden for those who watch. There is no division between good and evil, right and wrong. It is the illusion of an ideal world in which satisfaction is guaranteed and, in most cases, is even greater than sex with a real person.

Hentai animations popularity complies high demand and the fact that today sociologists studying these drawings attraction. Japanese culture and tradition often had an influence on the rest of the world. In modern times, this is done primarily through erotic cartoon called Hentai.


Pornhub invented the ass of twerking robot


Wank Band after serving for generating electrical energy from movement is repeated every minute somewhere in the world, and after project to finance a trip into space to record porn out of Earth orbit for the first time history (and not the crowdfunding is doing just fine: they have a month and raised only take 7% of the minimum budget) now has another boost to science Pornhub porn and eroticism: the robot’s ass synthetic leather that has the touch, movement and sound of an authentic twerker ass.


What excuse have women not to have sex! :)

What excuse have women not to have sex! 🙂 I look at a serial” or “I woke up early” is among the excuses that a man heard them all the time, when he wanted to make love to his wife. Exasperated, the man wrote all the reasons on paper.

What excuse have women not to have sex

A constant denials frustrated husband wife created a document in which he wrote that it excuses used to avoid to make love with him. But that just did not expect his wife to publish the document online on Reddit network.

The man spent a month to assemble reasons, among which are:

I’m looking at a serial(rebroadcasting the film “Friends“)
“I’m too drunk and ate too much”
“I’m sweaty and nasty
“I feel like I would get sick
“I come from the theater” (but did not shower until the next morning)
“I will not have time to get ready for dinner” (but we arrived 20 minutes early)

The man, who did not give his name, made the list above after only had three nights of love in two months.

What excuse have women not to have sex 2



Porn actresses are the happiest women in the world.

A recent scientific study found that women who play porn women are happier than usual women.

orgy“In psychological terms, porn actresses have high levels of self-confidence, positive feelings, social support, sexual and spiritual satisfaction. Porn actresses feel very good when I have sex, “according to the study. Researchers at Pennsylvania’s Shippensburg University, Texas Woman’s University and the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation conducted the study cited.

“It is said that porn actresses are drug addicts that have pets that have financial problems, they are desperate and are victims of sexual abuse. Moreover, some people claim that all the women in the porn industry were sexually abused in childhood “, says the study. The survey team argue that porn actresses have suffered more sexual abuse than other women who are not in the porn industry. The study entitled “Actresses Pornography: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis” says that stereotypes were adopted by activists who have no evidence to support the theory that porn actresses have more psychological problems than other women. The survey shows that porn stars start their sexual life between 15 and 17 years and have more partners on average 75 excluding men filming.

So far, not know a lot about porn actresses that has not been done such research. The study involved 177 women in the porn industry, aged between 18 and 50 years and women who are in this industry.


Laporta play dirty! How wants to win elections in Catalonia? Was associated with a porn actress!

In search of votes for the leadership of Catalonia, Joan Laporta, former president of FC Barcelona, turn almost any means. The last idea that came and hoping to attract more sympathy among the electorate is association with Maria Lapiedra, a well known Spanish porn actress who entered politics early this year.

Laporta considered that this partnership would bring more votes than a campaign based on things he has done in its mandate to FC Barcelona. Lapiedra part of the political party Right Decision“, established in 2005 and fighting for the independence of Catalonia. Elections to the Spanish provinces known presidency will take place on November 28.

Maria Lapiedra porn star help in elections



The best marketing campaign of porn?

As expected, has been acclaimed producer Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison XBIZ opting-nine nominations, and three AVN- the best marketing campaign of 2016 with the shocking XBIZ trailer for “Women of the Middle East “(women from the Middle East). The film, produced for the Web Porn Fidelity and exotic actresses starring Nadia Ali and Arabelle Raphael, try closer to the day to day of those sexual women wearing all kinds of veils, from the hijab and niqab burqa’s erotic until recently. An award almost assured.



Tasha Reign, a porn diva teaches you how to have sex like a pro!

NEWS: Tasha Reign – porn star is one of the most popular actresses in the film XXX industry. Diva teaches you 10 good things to do in bed, take your partner to the heights of pleasure.

Tasha Reign 10 things

1. Prepare your intercourse with a movie, dinner or a drink. So the woman would feel special during sex and you will have an orgasm.

2. Make her feel wonderful, telling him how beautiful it is, from eyes, her hair, with her ​​whole body. Women like sex when they feel sexy.

3. Put emphasis on foreplay, because it is very important to her. Play with it, tease it, run your tongue over her body. Make her feel she’s the sexiest woman on earth.

4. Watch it while you penetrate her. Thus you become confident and your partner closer.

5. Contribute intercourse and try to see what she wants from you.

6. Ask her if what you do makes them feel good, but in a sensual way.

7. Trust in yourself. Trust is key during sex.

8. whisper in your ear while you penetrate her.

9. Appreciate her sexual skills. Tell him how much you really horny during sex.

10. Go shopping together. Spice up your sex parties, try some sex toys.


Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products.

Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products. Although the Apple tries hard to limit access to content overlooked” on its devices, iOS is the champion when it comes to accessing pornographic sites, according to The Guardian. IPad tablets bring more satisfaction than those with Android.

Apple beat Android Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple productsOne of the biggest sites on the Internet porn clips, Pornhub, released a report showing that Safari – now only on iPhone and iPad – is used to access the site from a mobile device . In the last year we have seen a major change in types of traffic on our website. Of the 38 million daily users of Pornhub, more than half come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets , say representatives of the site. The Apple devices account for 73% of traffic from mobile devices. In second place is Google Chrome browser, which is available both on Android and iOS with 13.6%. Android default browser (the one that comes preinstalled on all devices) conducted only 7.8% of mobile traffic. Information not really that surprising when you consider that the iPad dominates tablet market is developed. In the US, Apple’s market share in the segment of tablets was 54.5% at the end of 2013 and in the UK, 59%. However, not only iPad owners are guilty” for traffic on Pornhub. And iPhone users are avid consumers of pornography, given that 38.2% of traffic from Safari is made of the smartphone and tablet no. Curiously, only 29.4% of those using the Android browser accesses the site on your phone and 18% of those using Chrome enters the cell.