Sex dolls can be customized according to user preferences. How will this happen!

“If the user does not want his partner to be intelligent, it will not be or if you want her to be shy, she will be shy”

Sex dolls can be customized according to user preferences

Sex toys are becoming increasingly powerful. Their production technology incorporates more complex, I can give users experience realistic as possible. The latest trend: dolls whose personality can be changed to suit those who use them.

The concept was developed by actor adult film Tyger Drew-Honey and manufacturer of sex toys Matt McMullen. The two have invented a robot that can be programmed to satisfy the most inquisitive minds. Although such products are already available on the market, one that invented and McMullen Honey is different because it can be customized via smartphone apps.

“The customer can build personality doll, depending on the preferences you have. If he does not want his partner to be intelligent, it will not be or if you want her to be shy, she will be shy. With the help of headset, the user can hear everything you want to hear because the sound mimics the various desires that we can have “ , said Matt McMullen.

The factory that adult toy manufacturer owns, Tyger spoke with such a doll, suggestively called Harmony. When he asked her if she wanted to have sex, she replied that he would do so only when that will be purchased by a customer.

Asked about his passing categories of customers to the company, McMullen replied that its products are purchased by almost everyone wants to have a personalized doll. “Some customers have lost wives and do not want to get involved in another relationship. Therefore, they buy such a doll” he added producer.

Tyger argues that robots will replace the women in prostitution. Thus, they will not be exposed to hazards associated with the activity they practice and also the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases will be much lower.


Have you ever wondered if porn actresses have orgasm during filming? See what testimony did Queens of sex!

How get orgasm, porn actresses in sex scenes: More porn actresses have detailed sexual experiences they went through in front of the cameras.

Have you ever wondered if porn actresses have orgasm during filming

In a video posted on Youtube and from the producers site for adults Rocket Wood, porn actresses interviewees answered that question all the men grind them: “Is it true that you orgasm when shooting sex scenes?”

Interestingly, the views were split. Kenna James admitted without embarrassment that is normal for her. “I think I can enumerate one or two sex scenes in which I had an orgasm. I am a girl who has multiple orgasms. Kinda lost count after the first five. “

On the other hand, other porn stars have said that the atmosphere on set props and prevent them from reaching climax. “Sometimes, depending on the position, or if the partner is a male or female sensation during sex scenes can be quite nasty. Often the director is involved and the sex scenes are interrupted because he wants to film a certain position, so it is impossible to reach orgasm “, said Veruca James.


Mobile Pornography leaves you exposed to the most dangerous virus

People who visit a specific site for mobile porn could be exposed to the type of ransomware program.

Mobile Pornography leaves you exposed to the most dangerous virus

A security company claims to have discovered a malicious program that endangers mobile users. Normally, programs of this kind requires a certain APK from users or performing a certain action but in the present situation, we are dealing with a much more dangerous software. That’s because the only thing you need to expose before it is visiting a particular site.

As you write and Phonearena site until the moment we do not know its name, but it seems to be about a porn site. Once the malware managed to infect a terminal, the user will have to deal constantly with various threats, all of which serve to cause it to provide a sum of money in exchange for unlocking.

Moreover, to avoid being caught, the authors of this software have apparently resorted to an interesting method of payment. Thus, each of the victims who want to pay to get rid of the virus will be forced to do so by way of gift codes for iTunes Store. Most likely, the codes are then sold by criminals of people who do not know how they were obtained.

Ransomware program called “Cyber.Police” advantage of some vulnerabilities in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwaich, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Android 4.4 KitKat. The threats mentioned above are displayed as pop-ups that informs the user that the device has been blocked by the authorities (the situation can be remedied by payment of a fine).

“Close all other applications, prevents starting or stopping them is set as the first thing that starts once your lights, make a profile device infected and communicates constantly with a server” wrote the people from Blue Coat.


It could be a dream job: 3,000 Euros to watch porn!

“Hornsleth Bar”, a nightclub in Aarhus, Denmark, published a job ad unusual. The owner of the bar looking for someone to watch at least 20 hours of porn, and instead is willing to provide a payment of 3,000 euros. The reason needs such employee is because he wants to identify different soundtracks used in porn movies you want to play them later in his club. The job is still available until the end of May. To apply you need to have at least 18 years and be present in the club for a few days.

It could be a dream job 3000 Euros to watch porn


The most painful injuries during sex

Sex is fascinating, but sometimes things can happen that causes a lot of suffering. Most painful sexual accidents occur inadvertently or desire to make love quickly. It is known that men love to make love and often resort to all sorts of gestures to satisfy their partner. This is the reason why in the most intimate part of have all sorts of painful injuries.

The most painful injuries during sex

1. Breaking the foreskin

A classic accident with extreme pain, which are followed by heavy bleeding. This happens when man hurries to satisfy păartenera and put too much force into action. The only remedy is to go to the hospital and sexual abstinence for a while. A surgical procedure called circumcision, the foreskin can prevent breakage.

2. Fractured penis

Surely no man would want to go through that. When that happens this terrible accident, hear a small crack in men during intercourse. Suddenly, the penis becomes flaccid and bruises. Such bizarre accidents often occur during sex parties hard, extremely passionate, if the penis slips out of the vagina and hits either the pubic bone or the region between the vagina and anus. Therefore, as it can be just about the fracture fledged, man must report to the hospital. Unfortunately, it is an extremely serious accident, so that patients can hope to have the next erection only after at least six weeks.

3. Penis Captivus

It is manifested by vaginal muscles clenching, attaching trapped penis. For this reason, the blood no longer circulates in the genital organ and it remains erect. Therefore, it is impossible to remove the penis from the vagina. In this situation, get to the hospital, to intervene medically. It requires vaginal muscles relaxation.

4. Object stuck in rectum

There is a class of men who want to explore their sexuality to the fullest, and for that try all kinds of tricks to live sensation. For example, their rectum introduce in all sorts of objects or sex toys. Some do it out of curiosity, others to masturbate to climax. But it happens that in some cases the objects inserted in the rectum to remain blocked. It is considered one of the most painful injuries during sex, and people in this situation often end up in the hospital.


6 signs that a man is “gifted”

We present 6 theories about how you can find out the size of a man’s penis. What is written in sections 4 and 6 you never even knew.

6 signs that a man is "gifted"

There are signs that a man is endowed? It can be guessed penis size after certain features of the body or talk about some urban legends? There is no theory about penis size scientifically confirmed, but many women believe that things can give away size of the male sexual organ.

A big penis is considered if it has more than 18.5 centimeters. Therefore, here are 6 signs that a man has:

1. Nose

Men who have big noses is likely to be more gifted than other males, and this theory is confirmed, for now, only a few porn actresses . Snub nose, for example, may be sign of a penis curved and straight nose and very long, high and straight hint of a penis.

2. Height

They say taller men are better endowed by mother nature in pants than those smaller stature. The theory seems to be contradicted by the adult film industry, where many actors who are well versed in penis size are not very tall.

3. Number of shoes

It is said that the size of the foot is another indication that a man has. Neither this popular theory there was no scientific study.

4. L-shaped open Palma

This is one of the most interesting new theories of penis size. Can you figure out how equipped is a man rendering attention to the next point: when they open hand L-shaped, with the index finger perpendicular thumb, have measured the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of your thumb. Those who have are centimeters bearer.

5. Ethnicity Theory

It is said that men have penis bigger Africans and Asians are the worst in this respect. White people and other ethnic groups are somewhere in the middle ranking.

6. Knees

Another way that you can learn how equipped is a man is analyzing its knees when seated. Knees should be glued to each other, and the distance from knee to end the other end of the first show, in fact, penis length.


Porn leave you fool

For centuries the church try all kinds of tricks to think that if we masturbate lose vision, we will leave hair on the palms and our spinal cord stay dry gradually.

But you knew that these theories have a certain something and watch a lot of porn can be somewhat harmful to your health. Do not tell us says a study (seriously) made in Germany.

Surely now you looked less porn …


Berlin University conducted a study with 64 men where it was foreordained that viewing porn directly affects the part of the brain that regulates memory.

To everyone’s surprise porn reduces the volume of gray matter!

It was found that the striatum, the main gateway to information, had been reduced in men watching porn.

According to doctors, these damages are the result of intense stimulation of the brain’s reward system, which is activated and releases high doses of dopamine. Responsible for sensations of taste and pleasure.

Porn LOGO 2

So now you know, porn look and tremble with fear.

We keep reporting …


Tantric sex. Five positions for beginners!!!

Tantric sex is meditative way of making love, with the aim of prolonging intercourse and orgasm, in a way that makes the feelings of love during a game to be more intense.

Tantric sex

Tantra is a spiritual development one of the methods and knowledge developed on Indian territory since antiquity. Tantra puts great emphasis on sexuality, considering it a form of achieving absolute spirituality and tantric sex is focused on living full of the moment, a moment of physical and emotional union between two people.

If you want to experiment with your partner or your partner to new heights of pleasure, we present some tantric sex positions for beginners.

Hot seat

The man put a little bent knees and sit back. The woman kneels. back to him and kicked between his, so that the bodies to stay as tight. Then he covers her waist, while she can lay their hands wherever they wish. Once penetration is achieved, the woman moves up and down or moves two circular in tandem.

Hot seat


The woman lies on her back on a bed higher, on a table or a desk, with a pillow under your butt to have your pelvis slightly higher. It must, then, to keep his feet up, stretched and united, giving the impression of a mermaid tails. A man penetrates feet, but can penetrate and stand in knee, where the bed or desk has no great height.


Amazing butterfly

It is a similar position to the one above. The difference is that here, the woman must stand on a higher mass, but whose height does not exceed the man’s pelvis so that his partner can penetrate feet. The woman lies on her back and the man puts his hands under your hips and lift it to a penetrate. She must keep feet elevated and put one leg on the partner’s shoulders.

Amazing butterfly

Eagle (in feet)

Woman standing with them wide open, and her partner penetrates the front, standing. If the height difference between the two is significant, the woman can stand on something to make up this difference.

Eagle (in feet)


The man sits with legs crossed (yoga style), the woman sitting on his lap, facing him. She puts her legs around him, and the two embrace. This is one of the most recommended tantric sex positions, as the two partners stand face to face, and orgasm is guaranteed!



Alina Plugaru lost her virginity on the set!

Let’s not even like that you would have expected! If you imagine the like all have seen and met about Alina on this still not facts!

Alina Plugaru on plane

Alina Plugaru confessed in a TV show that “first time” for it was even on the set of a XXX film !

After revealing shock, Alina added that she likes strangers . And not only in bed at home, but at work. Actors from other countries give our folks class believes starlet.

Alina Plugaru ready for a quick fuck


Men and sex: MYTHS AND TRUTHS!

Men can have sex anytime, anywhere, they are romantics only when they want to put you in bed, think about sex every seven seconds after an age no longer want to hear about masturbation. Seriously? See what is the truth!


Myth 1. Men have sex with anytime, anywhere!
It’s a bit exaggerated to say that! The emotional state of a man it greatly influences from sexually. The degree of arousal and sexual desire are influenced by pishe state in which they are. If it had a stressful day full of tiresome or failure is less likely to have mood for sex.

Way of life, desires, needs and even the way he regards the relationship you have with your partner, it influences of sexually. So stop thinking that whether a man is always in the mood!

Myth 2: Men are only romantic partner when they want to settle!
It is a myth easily destroyed. True, it’s true that some men are romantics only when they want to conquer a woman. But there are men who use romance grounds as sex, improving relationships with long-term partner or simply to maintain a healthy relationship.

Myth 3: Men prefer her to be the first to take the initiative when it comes to sex
Seriously? Many studies show that men love it when their partner suggests that they would like to have sex with them. They like to be seduced by women.

Myth 4: Men think about sex every seven seconds
If even stand to do the calculations, you will realize that this really is an absurd thing! If you think a man accustomed stay awake for 17 hours a day, it means she’s thinking about sex 8742 times a day! Too much, right?

Myth 5: Men prefer to be bachelors
Even if the playboy lifestyle has its advantages, it seems that men do not want to stay alone all his life. According to studies, men over a certain age feel isolated from socially if they are not married. It has been shown that single people have better health than married men shaky.

Myth 6: After a certain age, men are not interested masturbation

There is a belief, especially among women, as with “the settlement to his house,” the man will lose interest in sexual self-satisfaction. It is wrong. Eventually and masturbation has its charm.

Myth 8: Men want to reach orgasm as quickly
Men can sometimes give the impression that hurry and can not wait to reach climax. I’m just excited for the sexually, it is difficult to be in slow motion. Be cool. I also know that if they let you finally achieve easier unsuspected pleasures.