Air Sex, last XXX sensation! Pornography an art!

HOT Photo Gallery: Air Sex, last XXX sensation! Pornography an art! ! Few know that there is something called Air Sex, a festival where people gather to simulate sex scenes.

Invented in Japan, the work involves imitating sexual positions or activities intimate, all in front of an audience. It seems that lately, this has begun to gain widespread all over the world.

Many believe that “air sex” is a form of art, for lascivious scenes are accompanied by music and improvisation.

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Air Sex, last XXX sensation Pornography an art HOT Photo Gallery (1) Air Sex, last XXX sensation Pornography an art HOT Photo Gallery (2) Air Sex, last XXX sensation Pornography an art HOT Photo Gallery (3) Air Sex, last XXX sensation Pornography an art HOT Photo Gallery (4) Air Sex, last XXX sensation Pornography an art HOT Photo Gallery (5)





Relations: Why and how sex gets better, if you let him go out with the boys?!

Problems in the bedroom have become an object of study for researchers at Cornell University (USA). Based on an analysis of almost 3,000 people, they found that the man is less likely to present psychological erectile dysfunction or sexual life if periodically comes out with his friends.

Why and how sex gets better

The ability of a man to come to beer with friends, no partner has an essential role in maintaining the feeling of independence in daily life. If it has to come with his girlfriend every time she goes out or monopolize social interactions with his gang of friends chances are high that the man may experience problems in the bedroom ” , said Professor Benjamin Cornwell.

Researchers explained that there are two social dangeron your sex life. The first is that we understand very well beloved friends and monopolize partner outlets in the city, the second you limit these guys outputs imposed by it itself.

In both cases, the man feels a certain voltage, whether it protrudes or has repercussions in bed. The study of almost 3,000 people show that 25% of partners

American scientists have found, also, that men have not spend enough time with the gang or not an environment detached” from the love end up losing physical attraction towards the girl.

On the other hand, those who have a certain freedom of movement tend to be more sexually active, being willing to jump into bedwhen they see their girlfriends. A degree of independence for both partners is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.


Beer and porn

The porn film is the key to put many things fashion, such as the spectacular squirtings, both splash and enjoy. There are many men who enjoy the feminine nectar that flows from the most precious vaginas. But! Would happen if someone decided to sell a beer with taste of pussy, sure would many onlookers who would line up to buy it. If you attention, you can already queuing…

Beer and porn 2

It is called Yoni and is a (black) beer brewed with acid bacterium that inhabits the vagina, definitely something very original. The product is in phase to see the light, its inventors are fully crowdfunding and need 150,000 euros for the beer hits the street. For now they collected only carry about 900 euros (time of written news) in the first eleven days of searching.

Beer and porn

If you want to feel like real porn actors do not hesitate a minute to contact these people to put your savings in a product whose taste is a mystery. How do you know a beer aroma and flavor of the vagina? Certainly a mystery, many will want to know.

Beer and porn 3


XXX industry in the USA is preparing for the Apocalypse!

Pornbunker: XXX industry in the USA is preparing for the Apocalypse

Shelter located in the San Fernando Valley will have a capacity of up to 1,500 seats, both staff and XXX actors are extremely important for Pink Visual. From the list of endowments and bunker annexes are not missing a fully equipped production studio, a bar and a platter, because filming is not somehow affected by Revelation.

Porn-bunker XXX industry in the USA is preparing for the Apocalypse


10 things that men want women to know about sex

Freud called female sexuality “dark continent”. In this case, male sexuality could be called, aptly, “dark planet”. If you think you know all about what excites you or your lover, you might have some surprises reading the text below.

10 things that men want women to know about sex

1. Men respond positively to praise

Men, like women, need to be confident compliments in terms of sex. You can praise him before entering the bedroom, and during sexual intercourse, but also after. You will see that will strive increasingly more.

He tried to be sexy, but younger than 20 years has eclipsed it. J.Lo’s beauty faded on stage when I was joined Taylor Swift. PHOTO

2. Men are afraid of intimacy

Studies have shown that boys are more affectionate than up to the age when girls go to school. At the time involved social conventions and their desire for intimacy and emotional closeness is repressed. So after making love, even if you do not immediately take in arms, not reproach it, but leave them little space. This will reveal how much one wants emotional connection with you.

3. Men will sometimes sex just for sex

If sex has for us and a strong emotional component, for men it is not always so. Men want their lovers to enjoy sex and little wild without asking and romance package. It’s not about to let dominated, but to them come into play and simply appreciate the physical side of sex.

4. The penis is not the only erogenous zone in men

Of course she likes when she touch his penis, but there are many other areas that I’m in seventh heaven. Play with chest, ears or even the inner thighs. A tip: pull gently and delicately testicles: done right, this movement can be exciting for him.

Want to get pregnant and do not succeed? See 5 position that will help

10 things that men want women to know about sex 2

5. Men encourages fantasies

Men would like to share their fantasies with their partners but are afraid that their wives or girlfriends will judge them. You can try a game with your lover: write every few scenarios sexual fantasies with you, pull one draw and if you are comfortable with it, try it.

6. Men love when you talk in bed

Speaking during sex, as long as it’s not continuous, it can be an excellent stimulant. What should I tell him? You can try talking dirty, and combined with praise praise or instructions.

7. Men need to be honest with them

Sex can create the impression that solve problems in a relationship, but it is not. Sometimes, lack of or that you do not want to satisfy your partner in bed some desires hide some problems that you might have otherwise. It’s important to be open with him, tell him you’re upset and not transformed in bed or armchair psychologist nor the punishment room.

8. Men need some distancing

Because they are conquerors by nature, men like to woo a woman. Allow your lover to woo you from sexually. Emotional intimacy requires closeness, but involves sexual intimacy and distancing less. For your lover means to let him look at porn or erotic movies to fantasize, for you may mean to you if you use sex toys.

9. Men need and pornography

A woman who discovers that her boyfriend looking at porn is one of the main reasons why American couples go to therapy. But you must not forget that sexual obsessives represents only 4% of the population, so there is little chance that your lover to be one of them. Keep in mind that no woman can not and should not be everything to a man from sexually. The solution is to talk openly about his pleasure opposite the genre and reach a compromise.

10. Men are always thinking about sex, but not as women think they do

Men see sex as a pleasure and a celebration of the body and would like women to address gender rather as a kind of “carpe diem” and not a special thing, which should take place only at regular intervals.


The pattern of women who prefer anal sex

Do you think anal sex is still a topic about which many speak and that few practice? Well, researchers show that many women choose this type of sexual act. Moreover, they were able to identify a pattern of women who prefer anal sex.

The pattern of women who prefer anal sex

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in three women tried heterosexual anal sex at some point in her lifetime.

The study analyzed data on 10 463 heterosexual women, sexually active, aged between 15 and 44 years.

The researchers found that 36.3% of women surveyed have tried anal sex at least once in their lifetime, but only 13.2% shows that have tried this type of sex in the last 12 months.

The researchers also observed a pattern of women willing to do anal sex. It’s about women aged around 20 years who have no religious affiliation and have a high level in terms of income and education.

In addition, it was shown that anal sex is a common practice for married women and those living with the couple partner rather than women themselves.

Other factors that suggested that women would be more willing to make anal sex: intimate relations with people of the same sex, an unplanned pregnancy, loss of virginity before the age of 16 and contracting a sexually transmitted disease in the last 12 months.

But most prone to this effect was recorded for women who are in a relationship that is not considered religious.

Disturbing is that after the study was concluded that women are much more likely not to use condoms for anal sex, which increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


Dangers, you graze, if you do not have sex regularly. It’s no joke!

Sex, only better. There is no point to talk about the importance of love regularly about his many health benefits. But what happens when you have no time or opportunity to feel part of the party sex very often.

Dangers, you graze, if you do not have sex regularly

Sex has a magical power to free yourself of stress. Because happiness hormones, endorphins and oxytocin, can handle stressful situations more easily. The withdrawal period is greater the more you are anxious, worried, tense, depressed. Sexologists recommends that once every two weeks to have sex.

The hazards if you do not have sex regularly:

If your sex life is suffering, as well as health

Lack of sex makes you more vulnerable against cold and flu. The love regularly (1-2 times a week) stimulates the immune system.

Libido decreases

“Either use it or lose it” says therapist sexual Michele Weiner David, author of “The Sex-Starved Wife”: “The more you do sex, the more likely you will continue to produce testosterone, one of the hormones mayors responsible for sexual desire. “

Opinion men! Attention to prostate cancer!

According to research specialist, men who have sex constantly have a 20% lower risk of developing the disease.

You fades quickly

In his book, “Secrets of the Superyoung”, David Weeks, from Scotland, writes: “An active sex life slows the aging process.”


Incredible testimonies of women! 7 strange objects that have masturbated!

For women, masturbation is the way to get pleasure without any help “from outside”. Masturbation helps women to stimulate the sexual point of view to orgasm. Here are seven objects that women admit that they used to service yourself.

7 strange objects that have masturbated

1. Motor of an old aquarium : “I was too small to buy me a Virbi and not too old to enjoy my movements” admitted a young woman.

2. Massage Equipment
:”It was a unique experience, shortly after I got a vibrator” he told another representative of the fair sex

3. Mirror Handle :“We tried a cucumber with shower, and a mirror handle. Do not judge me!” Said Danae P.

4. A phone :“Being in a desperate situation, I got on the internet a vibrator application” confessed Emily O

5. Jacuzzi Kim C. it makes no exception. The young woman told he likes to masturbate in the jacuzzi even if they are in public.

6. Frozen Food :“When I was little we had frozen hot dogs. I put a condom on a sausage and started masturbating me. It was cold, I do not recommend to anyone. Better a vibrator” said Marissa G.

7. A battery of desperation, many of the fair sex were told that they “played” with a low battery. They have no idea what risk but are exposed.


Top 6 most wacky sex toys

Sex toys have always been a subject of controversy. On the one hand they praise those who use them, those who are shy by nature or do not recognize that they use, even if they do not touch. No matter which camp you’re in, there is a category of sex toys they have at least considered wacky, if not absurd.

Here’s a top ten craziest sex toys made of

1. Inflatable alien doll

Men have always liked women’s breasts. And if two breasts are sexy, what do you have three breasts together? It seems, however, a bad joke, right ?! Although SF fans might be excited.

Inflatable alien doll

2. The device for oral sex

Assuming that you are a big fan of oral sex and there’s no woman willing beside you, you let your hand, excuse me, the mouth of such a device?

The device for oral sex

3. Inflatable Legs

Tastes, including sexual ones, are not discussed. Of course you know that there are people crazy for the soles of the feet that have turned into a fetish. For they were inventions inflatable legs. Crazy, right?

Inflatable Legs

4. Anal Rings

Do you remember the childhood game when you had to throw some rings to get fixed on the neck of a plastic ducks? Behold, this game was invented for adults. Cam kinky, that’s right! Therefore, the device is inserted into the anus and the circles are used for target shooting.

Anal Rings

5. Oral Coach

Oral coach… Ha Ha Ha… :)) The device in the photo to help you have a language … hard.

Oral Coach

6. Fake hymen

For men willing virgins at any time of day or night, was created artificial hymen. Enjoy!


Pornhub published for the first time maps: What kind of porn looking women in the world

Movies lesbian, anal sex and highly-men.

That aim most women in the world when entering sites with adult films, inform, one of the most visited sites in the world.
According to maps published by Pornhub, women in Romania watch movies with lesbian, while China seeks more hentai, and in Russia, films containing scenes of anal sex.

Pornhub published for the first time maps (1)

Pornhub published for the first time maps (2)