“At 11, already experienced with other girls”. Confessions of a Luxury escorts who says she became nympho because sex education courses.

EXCLUSIVE: Confessions of a Luxury escorts who says she became nympho because sex education courses. Cookie Jane: “At 11, already experienced with other girls”.

Cookie Jane (young blonde) and her colleague Emily

Cookie Jane (young blonde) and her colleague Emily

Sex education courses in school had received a strange effect on a young woman who has become obsessed with sex and began to experiment with different positions intimate since the age of 11.

Cookie Jane is now 23 years old and she is escort, earning 500 pounds an hour when a male companion. Jane attended a private school in Wiltshire, where he received including sex education lessons as scheduled. The student was so impressed that teach that began experimenting with other colleagues at the age of 11, became sexually obsessed. She gave an interview to British newspaper The Sun, where he admitted that at 19 he was already working in a nightclub, and 20 years become escort.

The idea of working as a prostitute and came after he went to a party where she had sex with several men, and finally one of them and left a tip of £ 10,000. Of course, her parents are worried about the career you chose it, but eventually realized that it makes her happy. Cookie acknowledges that he would like to do another job, but loves to receive more gifts. She says she will give up the profession escort around the age of 30, he will want to start a family. Cookie Jane and her friend Emily B, appear together in the documentary broadcast by Channel 4, High Class Call Girls. Escorts in turn tells Emily won far more than 1 million pounds of escort work and video chat.


PS: However note that all prostitutes find a plausible reason for how many were grabbed oldest profession in the world (no luck, bitch first boyfriend who farmed Heart sexual education in school, parents too harsh, etc.) in off as they liked to win money easy and pleasant. A former escort is now professor at the Academy. I do not know if and escort! At least admit this … but what of “escorts” or “ex-escorts” who pose as decent and respectable ladies?! Some also deals with important functions defy you and praise their work “honest” and elbows their dull (the private banks probably ) and have not what to do, they “e ladies” in good company and you put a / a loser / a … 🙂


New fashion on the Internet: How young babes pose!?

NEWS: New fashion on the Internet: How young babes pose!? A new trend conquers the Internet.

New fashion on the Internet How young babes pose

Hundreds of women around the world have photographed her breasts, while take some pens from them. On social networks have already appeared hundreds of pictures of this kind, in which young and mature women, under the breasts hold pens, pencils or markers.

Funny, let’s see some pictures:

under the breasts hold pens (1)

under the breasts hold pens (2)

under the breasts hold pens (3)

under the breasts hold pens (4)

under the breasts hold pens (5)


Her breasts are exploding! Here’s how it came out on the street dressed, Courtney Stodden!

WOW: Here’s how it came out on the street dressed, Courtney Stodden! Her breasts are exploding!!

After marrying worldwide outrage just 16 years with Doug Hutchison, aged 34, Courtney Stodden seems to be happy with her husband. Blondie is 21 years old now, so five years of marriage, but feels great about herself and wearing clothes very bold. Moreover, she put some implants that have turned into some huge breasts.

Courtney Stodden makes no secret and expose them whenever they could, and the last time was photographed in Los Angeles, her breasts seemed to explode! Her sweater barely cope!

With all the complaints that were hit, two walks always seem undisturbed and did not give no attention to what others say.

Courtney Stodden with big breasts

Courtney Stodden, breasts are exploding (2)

Courtney Stodden, breasts are exploding (3)

Courtney Stodden, breasts are exploding (4)

Courtney Stodden, breasts are exploding (5)


It has five children, but look better as a teenager. Nicole Murphy, dream appearance in a tiny bikini.

Nicole Murphy, dream appearance in a tiny bikini. It has five children, but look better as a teenager. At 47 years and 5 births, Nicole Murphy has an enviable figure. Passionate about fitness, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife fails to impress every time his appearances in swimsuit.

Nicole Murphy in a tiny bikini

About Nicole Murphy is known to be a fanatical fitness thing that meets the eye when you look at her body. At 47, after 5 births, Nicole has a teenage body. Recently, she was spotted by paparazzi on a Miami, flaunting its forms worked intensely in the gym. Dressed in a two-piece bathing suit, she enjoyed weather and sunlight in order to secure the bronze.

With a baseball cap, Nicole was photographed from all angles and exposed even more than you should, giving them some instant sensation paparazzi who now make around the Internet:

Nicole Murphy having fun at pool.

Nicole Murphy getting tan.

Nicole Murphy super body.


She’s the hot blonde of moment!

Photos: Jorgie Porter – She’s the hot blonde of moment!

British actress, Jorge Porter is on a roll and began to be increasingly in demand for various roles. No wonder that blonde looks gorgeous and shows every appearance that has no inhibitions and could play any role. She recently posed in her naked breasts and photos are gorgeous.

Jorgie Porter in bed.

Jorgie Porter possition.

Jorgie Porter sexy in bathroom.

Jorgie Porter naked.


Caterina Valentino: Divine Venezuelan Model!

Caterina Valentino: Through her Twitter account, @CaterinaV, the former host of the program “Is Heart?” Valentino Caterina, she hung a picture that leaves one of her attributes show that is rarely seen in television.

Caterina Valentino divine in bikiny

She is a tsunami that exudes talent at all stages of communication. Charisma, personality and attitude. A voice that dwells in the room success; a face that oxygenates television screens; a woman who embodies the word “proactive” and savor the taste of daily “triumph”. Her name: Caterina Valentino Paladino, the Cupid Televen.

Outgoing, sincere, direct, simple, without poses or subterfuge, this beautiful says his two passions are music and communication. In her teens she took classes to learn to play keyboards and piano. After completing undergraduate studies, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication at the Catholic University Andres Bello (UCAB). He is currently certified under No. 22126 and is part of the National Journalists Association under No. 13.050 announcer. In addition, she teaches organ performance studies has RCTV and speaks two languages ​​(Spanish / Italian).

Announcer and entertainer by trade, Caterina is defined as an “intense, idealistic and realistic” woman who “loves communicate in all forms”. In her stage have been received numerous awards, among them two International Gold Mara as a radio announcer of the year, one in 2006 and another in 2008; one International Gold 2008 distinction as presenter of the year and Anthony International Gold as an entertainer of the year 2010.

Her personal page caterinavalentino.com and ger Twitter account @CATERINAV

Caterina Valentino Divine Venezuelan Model 2


She was born on February 9 in Venezuela. Daughter of Italian parents with a large family to thank for life. Her passion for music, singing, radio and television start from very small when accompanied by their parents, participated in the most outstanding children’s programs. In his teens he took music lessons, learning to play keyboards and piano, also studied singing. After completing undergraduate studies, she decided to study Social Communication at the Andrés Bello Catholic University and obtained a bachelor’s degree, in addition to its Certificate of Speech No. 22126 and the certificate of the National College of Journalists No. 13,050.

Caterina Valentino sexy

Her career

While engaged in her career she also worked. Her first job was in the middle PUMA TV, for production and locution of the Agenda, and Stand By Mariachi programs. And performing jingles for Channel 57, appearing as the main voice.

“I learned a lot about the whole process that is performed to produce a program and I was able to share with a large music in Venezuela, puma, Jose Luis Rodriguez”.

In 1997 she was selected by RCTV, for driving PLANET SOUTH EXPEDITION program production, filmed for 11 months, aired on Channel 2 and Discovery Channel.

“It was wonderful to discover through this program the most beautiful of Venezuela and participate in one of the best productions ever made in the country landscapes”

She served as account director of PR agency NewStar, a subsidiary of Leo Burnett Advertising, managing important clients.

She was selected by Venevision as host-host to transmit the annual Latin Grammy Awards in prime time. It also led along with two other animators, the VIVA program TELEVEN MORNING.

Host of the reality show most watched Venezuelan TV: Sweating Gorda Drop by Venevision, 2nd. season in 2008.

Currently driving space, “With You … Caterina Valentino” in 88.9, a station circuit FM Center, Monday through Friday from 5:00 pm. to 7:00 p.m Toda Venezuela. Additionally is the HOST OF E! CARACAS VIP program that transmits E! Entertainment TV and no heart Cheerleader Televen-Telemundo program that goes from Monday to Friday every day and the important image in the world renowned companies such as Lufthansa, French perfumes, MAC and BMW among others.

Correspondent international chain Caracol Radio International.

Honorary member of the Ronald McDonald foundation.

Caterina is Valentino model, entertainer, host, journalist and narrator news.

Passionate about her work.

Intense, idealist and realist, applying this maxim in your life: “It Falling is permitted up is required”

Her first contact with the media was through the channel Puma TV, there performed the production and locution of the “Agenda”, “Mariachi” and “Stand By” programs. Moreover, it ranked as the leading voice of the channel jingles.

In 1997 he served as the host of “Planet South” expedition program production which was filmed for 11 months and is transmitted by RCTV and Discovery Channel.

Later she took over as director of accounts NewStar PR agency, Leo Burnett Advertising subsidiary.

Later she resumed driving with “Morning Live” program broadcast by Televen, where she shared the stage with Daniel Carles and Anabelle Rivero.

In 2008 he served as host of the reality show “Sweating the Gota Gorda”, a space in which 12 participants, men and women were subjected to rigorous medical, nutritional and psychological controls in order to achieve a healthy and optimal weight.

Currently, Caterina has a busy schedule, it is speaker space “Contigo … Caterina Valentino”; and host of “VIP Caracas” additionally assumes a challenge on our screens with the “no heart”.

At the international level, it remains communicator correspondent of Caracol Radio International, as well as the image of recognized companies in the world.

In the future, Caterina aspires “to be a leader in the audiovisual medium”, performing a graduate in management, teaching, develop more on the small screen and perhaps write a book, but until then continue glorifying the fields of communication with presence and already used phrase: “Falling is permitted up is required.”

Caterina Valentino pictures:

Caterina Valentino all her body.

Caterina Valentino sensual.

Caterina Valentino sweet.

Caterina Valentino passion.