Tila Tequila is sexier than ever! These images will give you the creeps!

Photo gallery: Tila Tequila is sexier than ever! These images will give you the creeps!

Tila Tequila would do anything to maintain and famous chose to make this super exposing and voluptuous shapes. It seems that this method is very successful, because Tila looks sensational. Her breasts like staying out of bra, and this provokes the imagination of any man! Tequila has exposed backside super-bomb that is well known. Enjoy the pictures!

Tila Tequila (1)

Tila Tequila (2)

Tila Tequila (3)


Indecent proposal to Justin Bieber: how to get to do a porn movie!

Indecent proposal to Justin Bieber: how to get to do a porn movie! Johnny Rapid, a gay porn star movies, Justin Bieber gave $ 2 million to film a sex scene together. The actor launched the invitation on behalf Men.com site.

Indecent proposal to Justin Bieber how to get to do a porn movie

,, I do not even believe‘d say this, but I have an incredible offer for you, Justin Bieber “, said Johnny Rapid.

,, Men.com with me offer you $ 2 million to film a scene with me. Two million, it’s crazy! In any case, it would be easy. I’m going to do about the whole thing. Come for a few hours, then get out of here with $ 2 million. Hope to meet you soon!

Johnny Rapid plays in gay porn, despite declaring heterosexual. In most movies, Johnny is passive participant, but an invitation to Bieber hints that he wants to take control of this occasion: ,, I going to do about the whole thing. “

Here is the video in which he submitted the proposal Johnny Rapid Justin Bieber:


Sunny Leone give the attack on Salman Khan!

Porn actress Sunny Leone, give the attack on Salman Khan!!!ย Salman Khan, Bollywood good boy who did not let any of us booted female talent, has taken under the wing of another young hope.

Porn actress Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone starring Salman Kahan in “No Entry Mein Entry”. After Julia winds put shoulder to promote Indian space and even helped her role in the newly released film obtinaun O Teri” Salman Khan makes her happy and sensual Sunny Leone. Pornostar, model and businesswoman, Sunny, aged 32, said many times that he wants to be an actress seriousand play in a movie with her idol. You guessed it, the Salman Khan is all about. Well, here’s prayers brunette and her lamentations in the press have not been in vain. Recently, Sunny Leone was included in the cast “No Entry Mein Entry”, in which they adored playing the lead role..

Salman Khan


Charlie Sheen, at the head porn mistress!

After recently separated from her, ran to the bedside of Charlie Sheen ex-girlfriend, Brett Rossi. Porn Diva is hospitalized after taking an overdose. Scottine Ross real name , Brett was immediately visited by actor Charlie Sheen in hospital in Los Angeles. Charlie Sheen, at the head porn mistress!

“Charlie and Scotty have kept in touch. Charlie is still molten after Scotty and continue to wish all the best said the star’s agent, Jeff Ballard. They announced that broke the engagement on 14 October. Some say it would not have supported the separation and had attempted suicide. Others say that he would have to give it up to be able to return to the series “Two and a Half Men”, because that would have required manufacturers. Gossips say that Brett Rossi was more interested in wealth actor 125 million dollars. Charlie Sheen has been married to actress Denise Richards (43 years) between 2002-2006 with having two girls (10 years) and Lola (9 years). The star has been married Brooke Mueller, between 2008-2011, and Donna Peele, between 1995-1996. Sheen also has a daughter, Cassandra, 30 years, and twin boys, Bob and Max, 5 years.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi



Salman Khan, supreme desire of a porn diva, Sunny Leone.

The most popular stars in India, according to a recent study, actor Salman Khan and former porn diva became Bollywood star Sunny Leone. Salman Khan, supreme desire of a porn diva, Sunny Leone.

The latter recently confessed that thanks to Salman Khan managed to become a star, which is why bombshell sent a sms actor‘s birthday generous, the appreciation confessed:

You are in my thoughts, I dream of the day I play in a movie with you. “

So far, diva has no chance to get close to Khan, especially the Iulia Vantur, a diva from Romania, claims that it does not get rid of the Indian eye.

Sunny LeoneSalman Khan



Cirillo: “I want to play in a porn movie!”

Bruno CirilloThree years ago, back when Chivu play in Rome, all his teammates Rocco Siffredi declared themselves fans of the most famous actor famous for X in the Peninsula and sizes (some doctors say exaggerated) his sexual organ.

The other day, some news coming from the same geographical area tell us that many players in Serie A, some even international calls at a gigolo It seems that there are some frustrations more or less disguised, but it should be appreciated that some are true and some things recunonosc the public. The last of them is football Reggina, Bruno Cirillo. According to his own statements, the man has a dream since childhood. To be filmed while having sex.

Rocco November siamo

About this Italian man as the definition away from a Petrarch or Da Vinci. At least that‘s colleagues say Cirillo, who saw in Adam’s costume game. It has boy ‘” That would be the definition of its emptiness. I say this because it is true. Simply Cirillo confirms rumors circulating on account of his manhood. Comparison with Cassano makes a little more talkative. Even entering into details, as they say.

Come on Have 700 women? I just got a 20 and believe me, I’m not the type to blush in front of a woman, complete Italian defender. Regarding his dream ever, “His greatest ever”, as the Americans say, our man has no doubt.

“I want to be an actor in a film for adults, as they say, although including minors looking at this kind of productions. One of those teens I was and I therefore admit that it was my dream always been a great. Football has always been second And the main reason is that there are some things that we have not seen on screen before. I’m sure many men would appreciate what I want to present in the scene that I thought her. not the other, but every actor is a little director concluded the player aged 31 years his erotic confessions.


Men feel intimidated when they see her. What look the abdomen and the ass of the most sexy fitness train in the USA

More than 9 million people are watching their posts on Instagram with interest, and it never disappoints them. Michelle Lewin, one of the most famous fitness trainers, amazes her admirers or impressive physicist.

At age 31, Venezuela’s native coach posted some of his workouts on Instagram, being a true inspiration for thousands of young people around the world.

Though considered one of the sexiest women in the world, Michelle often intimidates the gentlemen they come into contact with. The possessor of a super-toned body with generous shapes, Michelle is aware of his physical strengths.

In the latest posts on Instagram, the queen of fitness looks better than ever.

Hotel life

A post shared by Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin) on

Michelle Lewin has admitted that she has suffered from serious eating disorders in the past. She told that 13 years of intense exercise were needed to get a satisfying physique. “I was too weak, I was 40 pounds, and I could never wear skirts and high heels.” I was very complicated by the way I looked”, said Michelle Lewin.

Before having problems because she was too weak, Michelle Lewin had gone through a period when she had grown proportions, her appearances being totally different from her present.

Thursday morning got me like๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ’ค #NoMaquillajeNoMeImporta #NoMakeupDontCare

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Kelly Brooke completely naked on Instagram!

It’s hot, but not that! Kelly Brooke has maddened her virtual friends with a photo that appeared completely empty in the pool. The brunette exposed her bulging ass in the image that frightened the minds of the Internet.

Touched on an unicorn-shaped inflatable mattress, Kelly Brooke hid her breasts but left her butt on sight to be admired by everyone. The brunette also had a funny message for her friends. “The sun came out, the unicorns came out”, she wrote, referring to her mattress.

Kelly Brooke completely naked on Instagram

Kelly masked her breasts with the inflatable mattress…

The comments were not delayed, and the most daring ones even used the zoom option now available on the Instagram website to see better the brunette.


They can dethrone the queen of fitness anytime. What look like the young women, who do fortunes in training and photos…

Jen Selter is said to be the “queen of fitness” after the movement helped her to sculpt her body almost perfectly and even gain fortunes from the shackles and images she puts on Instagram. Those at The Richest have made a top of the fitness trainers and not only who could ever detract from the brunette.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is a sensation of Instagram through the photos he posts on her social page. She is called the “beliefs” expert, ie back-to-back self-bosses, ands he kicked with her form with nearly 10,000,000 followers, sometimes reaching for more than 250,000 awards .

Views ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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Mara Teigen

Mara Teigen is often compared with Angelina Jolie, due to the beauty of her face. And fitness also helps her have an extraordinary body.

Find your happiness ๐ŸŒท

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Cenna Summers

Cenna Summers draws attention with her body tattoo and extremely toned. In addition, he wants to prove that in order to be successful as a model, you do not need to have a body without tattoos or scars. Images from her Instagram speak for themselves…

Ding ding ding ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฝ

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Girls from Toneitup, Katrina and Karena

The girls from Toneitup, Katrina and Karena are doing good and want to unleash an online youth community that changes their lives with the help of fitness.

Countdown to the Bikini Series starts NOW!! Comment with 3 emojis that explains your excitement!!๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Kat and I have SO MANY surprises coming for ya! ๐Ÿ‘™โ˜€๏ธ Kickoff is about a month away, so weโ€™re givinโ€™ tips to prep! If you’re not already a member of the Tone It Up NUTRITION PLAN, now is a great time to join!! ๐Ÿ’š Have some fun w/ your fave recipes or follow one of the daily meal plans! Who wouldnโ€™t want to throw it back to the 31 Day Plan donut holes, amiright?! ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ˜‹ Plus, check ToneItUp.com/DAILYWORKOUT for your free sweat sesh ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ every day! More tips coming soon along with the launch date!! Stay tuned~ xxo K&K ๐Ÿ‘ฏ #TIUteam

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Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez has been doing fitness since the 1990s and has been featured in numerous magazines. Looks Impeccable!

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri has more than 9,000,000 followers and appeared in the famous Men’s Magazine, the way she looks to help her become more and more celebrated.


A porn actress supports Hillary!

Holly Wellin, porn actress supports Hillary!

British porn actress Holly Wellin wants to follow in the footsteps of the famous Monica Lewinsky. Specifically, only 21 years young, known for her XXX films , involving much violence, and lesbian scenes, she proposed to become an intern at the White House, in the event that Hillary Clinton will become the first woman president of the United States . “I like Hillary and want to help them take revenge against infidels Bill in the Oval Office” said Wellin. In the meantime, Mrs. Clinton has long struggled to become head of state last primary election results recorded during a deeply disappointing. To recover, Hillary has even replaced the head of the campaign, hoping that such will become better rated.

Holly Wellin