Former Playboy bunny sentenced to imprisonment for not said the state about the gifts received from boyfriend of 90 years

NEWS: Former Playboy bunny sentenced to imprisonment for not said the state about the gifts received from boyfriend of 90 years.

Swetlana Maslowskaya

Swetlana Maslowskaya (32 year old) was sentenced to two years in prison after not declare gifts received from a lover or a rich german of 90 years old.

Authorities in Germany have discovered a number of tax evasion this week. A former Playboy bunny was sentenced to two and half years in prison after she cheated the state with one million euros.

Woman, 32, burst into tears when she heard the verdict. It will spend at least one year behind bars before they have a chance to release.

Swetlana Maslowskaya was “Bunny” of 2002 court decision comes after authorities learned that it had received gifts worth at least 2.5 million dollars from the lover Bruno Schubert.

The amount includes cash, and cars, jewelry, exotic vacations, shopping sessions, plus an apartment in Salzburg, which starlet to sell it without paying any fee.




Alektra Blue want to have sex till exhaustion with Messi!

Alektra Blue is 29 years old and is a famous actress in the adult industry. Luckily, social networks, where celebrities everywhere are increasingly posting images more or less intimate and more daring. Alektra Blue is one of those who are not shy to be photographed almost naked, thus allowing virtual friends to enjoy all they have more value… even virtual. Alektra Blue  has made a declaration of eternal love Leo Messi, the best footballer in the world: I want to have sex until exhaustion. I Regret if you will not accept.

Alektra Blue porn star want to have sex with Messi


What if you watch XXX movies on your mobile phone. How to Lose Money!

Adult movies is a temptation for most men.

What if you watch XXX movies on your mobile phone

If you spend many hours in front of the monitor to watch XXX movies on the Internet, there are many who choose to watch porn productions mobile phone. That’s not at all a good choice. Why? For several reasons.

1. XXX movies can activate on your mobile a number of options, which when accessed, without additional costs. Thus, at the end, you can expect additional cost.

2. Adult productions bring viruses to your mobile phone.


Nicki Minaj, Porn Selfie on Instagram

Nicki Minaj does not leave lower than other dive which have increased by celebrity porn photos, posting on Instagram a picture that will produce a lot of envy.
Nicki was photographed almost empty, with only a few accessories from adult films, which he used in order to gird the imagination of all men. Not for nothing is one of the most voluptuous American dive that would make any intervention to have the biggest and sexiest rear breasts.

Nicki Minaj, Porn Selfie on Instagram


Michael Phelps has a new girlfriend… she is porn actress.

Former swimmer Michael Phelps has a new girlfriend >> porn actress.Michael Phepls retired from the sport after broke all records with 18 gold medals won at the Olympics.

Jasmine Waltz

Now, the American has found another target: to go out with women who have separated couples. His new girlfriend, Jasmine Waltz is what caused the breakup of actress Courtney Cox David Arquette. Jasmine has had relationships with actors Chris Pine and Zac Efron, but also American television producer, Ryan Seacrest.

Jasmine Waltz is also an actress, flirts with pornography and appears in various promotional clips. Recently, new girlfriend Phelps signed a $ 60,000 contract for a porn company Vivid Entertainment made​​.

Jasmine Waltz sexy



Hidden talents of starlets who shockingly weak to play in XXX movies! You will not believe what do in spare time, Akasha Cullen.

Who would have ever thought that a XXX starlet write poetry? Oana Neagu, better known as Akasha Cullen has a hidden talent. More specifically, when not playing in productions for adults, she relaxes with pen in hand, writing poems.

Akasha Cullen pic

Oana Neagu aka Akasha Cullen, porn starlet who has lost tens of pounds to appear in productions XXX said the best kept secret of it. The young actress told us that loneliness urged to take refuge in writing and it all started in 2003 with a diary and now whenever they could write many poems.

Akasha Cullen pic from xxx movie

Because I had someone to confide in me, who tell him my feelings, I did,, friend” a journal. Believe that a simple agenda and that gets me is able to hear me at any time of day ofurile and night Oana told us that was abandoned small family, being raised only by her grandmother.

Akasha Cullen bathroom sex

The first poem was about her life.

Loneliness and that had no support of the family, the only ones to rely were strangers actress pushed her to write her first poem called suggestively only”. I find it very interesting that fail to express my thoughts in rhyme. This game made ​​me to write further. Many people were touched to tears when they read it. Their reactions were the impetus for me. I appeal to the public seemed told us Akasha Cullen.

XXX actress wrote a lot of poems.

Akasha Cullen sexy

She wants to write a detective novel.

Future starlet wants to write a Sherlock Holmes detective novel genre, a story with an action situated in the Ottoman Empire and the rise of a scientific documentary about astrology. Oana has already written a book, awaiting the light of day, about the law of attraction, and in the near future thinking and a fairy tale for children.

I think the porn industry and creation have nothing in common. But from my point of view, both belong to the same category called art. It’s not easy to write, but not to shoot. Many labels XXX actress as a woman easier. Total untrue! And if you‘re a movie star does not make you bad,told us Akasha Cullen.

Akasha Cullen face pic




Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl

The model Arcelia Bravo is the new pull Playboy Venezuela, and in latest edition!

Arcelia Bravo is fond of the gym and art, as well as being a graduate in business administration and football lover, so much so that supported her team in these qualifiers Russia 2018.

In addition, no doubt showing sensuality in her social networks like Twitter and Instagram. That is why Arcelia Bravo was chosen by * Playboy Venezuela, to decorate pages and covers of April.

Arcelia Bravo is a woman with a beauty, sensuality and eroticism that paralyze men and women, her stunning body looks monopolizes her path, and have been targets of many flashes, because this is not the first time posing for the cameras.

Also, Arcelia Bravo has passed her art to several Latin American countries, which has left more than one with an open mouth, Caribbean beauty. 2015 supported the Mexican national soccer team with a total naked.


Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (1)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (2)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (3)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (4)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (5)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (6)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (7)

Arcelia Bravo is the new Playboy April girl (8)


Kate Upton’s secret, revealed by someone in her entourage

Kate Upton's secret, revealed by someone in her entourage

Kate Upton is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world, but for forms that have train hard. Her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, unveiled a difficult exercise that supermodel makes him almost every day and it helps to have an enviable abdomen. Exercise can be seen in the video below. Impressive is that the weight exceeds 90 kg weightlifting!


The world’s biggest boobs

Asian pure excess. Hitomi Tanaka is “the girl with the most spectacular tits” chosen by fans at the AVN Awards 2016, the “Oscars of porn”. A Japanese twenty-nine years old with a stratospheric front size XXXL. You dare with her!?

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka’s tits are absolutely natural, playful, fluffy, colossal … and could crush Tyrion Lannister with just a wiggle. Your bra size is 34J, making it the undisputed queen of the heavyweights of all super vixens of the galaxy. Beside her , pneumatic Russ Meyer Amazons are nothing more than mere amateur.

The Americans porn fans, Hitomi returns. The award in the AVN does justice to this sexual steamroller that has nine years rolling hardcore porn, since her debut in 2008 and went straight into the top-10 of the best-selling adult videos in Japan. And since then he has not stopped fuck in front of a camera.

Lingerie model and karate black belt, Hitomi chose the XXX film to become living legend of the land of the rising sun. She has filmed hundreds of films, some as unsubtle as “Extremely Perverted Hell”, “Bursting Breasts Titty-Fucking Special”, “Attacked by Big Tits Girls”, “Semen 500 Times consecutively Initiation” and hundreds more.

Specializing in breast and smother with big boobs any stud who crosses her path, this champion of the fight against silicone is clear: “The American porn stars are jealous of me. They have to undergo surgery for larger breasts. Mine are totally authentic and men go crazy. When I go down the street can not look away from my neck. They would like to get into, pawing and biting my tits. I feel very desired, and that’s something that makes me happy. “

Has become one of the most popular in recent seasons, at the height of the volcanic Asa Akira and fascinating Maria Ozawa Asian felatrices, Hitomi is in full sexual way. And it shows in all her scenes, whether fetish, submission, busy bukkakes and even lurid encounters with monsters full of libidinous tentacles.

Soft bondage lover, this geisha still recording, each month, a handful of scenes of high voltage. But beware, that in her future plans not too distant enters marriage and the withdrawal of hardcore circuit. So all catch up, there are more than a thousand very succulent titles in his filmography.

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Peta Jensen leaves the porn

Cold water just received from Twitter. Our idolized muse Peta Jensen, one of the most attractive and most projection time performers, announced a few hours ago firm intention to leave the porn industry. The news is so fresh from the oven that even the reasons that have prompted the young actress to make this decision are not known, and in fact are quite irrelevant since we now are so desolate that no argument would be convincing enough to us. The only thing that comforts us to know that at least we can continue enjoying it through her webcam shows and suitable for all audiences photos in Instagram.

Peta Jensen leaves the porn

Her career was short but intense. Just two years in business, period in which she has had time to get as memorable as signing six months exclusively with Brazzers (with anal inclusive) achievements, aspirate a contract star of Digital Playground, top the list of the most sought after in free ones or rolling endless scenes with the best producers in the world (and all without mentioning a small role in the second season of ‘True Detective’ series).

The good news is that, as experience tells us, in this world goodbyes are never forever and Peta Jensen has only 25 years, so it still has plenty of time to reconsider her return. Here we hope.