Stoya: Condom controversy!

Stoya – Condom controversy!

StoyaHarm reduction strategies aim to reduce the damage associated with certain activities through education, disease prevention and treatment. Such a method of reducing the damage the industry‘s system for adults with regular health tests. I would say that the laws and regulations associated with driving are all to prevent damage. If you ask drivers to observe the speed limit, traffic signs and signals, reduce the risk that they will collide with each other. In any case, as long as there are human errors and mechanical streets will be completely safe.

If adult movies, people have sex for pleasure flasher public viewer. These sexual acts are longer in duration and theater in terms of content than normal intercourse. Both recreational sex and professional sex for the cameras involves certain risks, and those of us who make professional sex for the cameras we take precautions to reduce damage to work. Whenever there is a fissure in our precautions, we seek ways to reduce the risk even more. As in the case of machines as long as the human and mechanical error, sex will never be completely reliable.

Between August 22 and September 6, three porn actors (two of them working in straight porn and a gay pornography and the last has a relationship with one of the two) were diagnosed with HIV. The other actors were exposed, but her diagnosis was not positive. Free expression Coalition (FSC) the organization responsible for maintaining records of all health tests – said it’s better for everyone to be tested every 14 days instead of 28 days. Many of the companies hetero-oriented films have already made this rule. I do not know all the production companies and all directors of the adult industry, but I can say that the majority of companies and senior health really interested actors that use them. Some because they do not want to lower profits, others because they do not want to lose the trust of customers, others that I have played in porn as well.

Tristan Taormino, a feminist porn filmmaker recently decided to require condom use on set. I encourage you to read the statement. Wicked Pictures, one of the largest production houses in the industry, forcing employees to folsoească condoms on set filming scenes 1990 sex with condom and gives all other players the option to use a condom. Burning Angel and they decided to leave the choice of actors use condoms.

The public discussion about Measure B (this law in Los Angeles, that all adult film actors are forced to use a condom) and recent cases of HIV infection actors I mentioned above, I noticed a lot of politics and generalizations very ugly. Moral panic and sensationalism accompanying this issue prevents a real understanding of the problem. How can anyone write correctly about issues around prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the porn you do not understand the concept of nonmonogamy or work in the sex industry? How can a reader to assess the views you do not know anything about the author’s bias? I do not think there is anyone who can talk about porn or sex of nontraditional without being biased and influenced by his personal experiences.

So here’s my own biased version: I am an actress in adult films. We had contracts all the time, which gave me a combination of vision and financial freedom that many other performer I have ever had. Game within two sex scenes per month, so much rarer than most actresses. My holes react negatively to prolonged use of a condom, so I prefer not to use a condom scene. I believe every person has the right to control what enters his body. I believe in my right to use my body as a sexual instrument for entertainment. I think that pornography serves the human need to fantasize. Most of my income comes from the adult industry and the rest, won writing in various publications. I wish Plateaus adult industry continue to operate effectively, that I and my colleagues we work and three years. If you must choose between harm reduction strategy that offers advantages small but viable security actors and between plans will be implemented, but that sounds good, I will always choose the first option efficiency.

If you read or hear anything from me about the status of the adult industry and testing for sexually transmitted diseases in the child, or the debate about condoms, please note my statement above. I encourage you and not take everything I say good some “experts” anonymous insider” that require mandatory use of condoms instead of trying to better regulate the industry and find a viable solution. Think that antiprostitution activists motivations and anti-pornography trying to discredit the infantilization and please note, for the sake of logic and reason, that any strategy for reducing the damage can not be operated without trust and support people who are at risk and for which the strategy.



Wedding bells: the millionaire and RealDoll

When we thought having seen everything related to the privacy of paraphiliacs who can not live without the warm company of a sex doll, comes the story of a Chinese millionaire who after being diagnosed with cancer decided to marry one of these realistic silicone lovers . The bride is the level of detail used in the catalog RealDoll dolls, identical to those of a woman and has three proportions: mouth, vagina and anus. Some people say that this is the ingenuity of the brand advertising to make known to the public latest technology and the concept of self-love.

RealDoll (1)

RealDoll (2)

RealDoll (3)

RealDoll (4)

RealDoll (5)

RealDoll (6)


Free vibrators for girlfriends neglected by fans of Diablo III.

Diablo 3 pornFree vibrators and dildos for girlfriends neglected by Diablo III fans..

Ladies, if all you‘ve heard this week is about Diablo III launch queue, blocking servers and the search for enchanted armor, do not despair.

Absoloo French website offers bailed lovers to play the Blizzard a free vibrator. All you have to do is that by May 28 to be charged to the company‘s Facebook page a photo of you with a desperate hand along with a copy of the game.

Or you could pull the plug computer !. In which case you will have to face the fury of a Barbarian level 60 …



Models of condoms that you have never heard! You should try them!

From vegan condoms to the organic , from the chic to the futuristic, all have been invented.

Models of condoms that you have never heard

Science of designing a condom out of control lately. The flavors odd to eco materials, there are many options for safe sex. Here are condoms that you have never heard before:

1. Condom vegan is designed with a special formula based on herbal ingredients, such as natural latex.

2. Condoms targeted women is made ​​from organic materials and 10% of the profit from the sale is donated to organizations that provide reproductive health and family planning.

3. Organic flavored condom Does licorice flavor and is made from organic fruit and plant extracts that provide a real flavor.

4. Condoms for Pinterest comes in a single package that is easy to open a printed inspirational message.

5. Condom order If you urgently need protection, there is a service in Los Angeles and San Francisco that delivers at night.

6. Condom eco-friendly are made in Germany using the highest standards. This means that their carbon footprint is zero, so you will not contribute to global warming.

7. Condoms without chemicals There is a condom without glycerin, parabens or spermicides. It is vegan and PETA approved.



You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

A study conducted at the request of Men’s Health magazine offered a surprising answer to the question What is the porn capital of the United States? You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

Well, according to the Huffington Post, this is neither cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Los Angeles, the soul of the film industry, including XXX, but Orlando, Disney World house, a town in sunny Florida, the state that is represented by the other two locations, Tampa and Miami in Top 12 of American urban pornography. On top novelty composition were taken into account several criteria such as the number of DVDs specialty” rented, sold or downloaded from the internet, based on the number of inhabitants, accessories XXX in adult stores or number of searches for the word porn” on Google.

porn capital of the United States


Pornhub invented the ass of twerking robot


Wank Band after serving for generating electrical energy from movement is repeated every minute somewhere in the world, and after project to finance a trip into space to record porn out of Earth orbit for the first time history (and not the crowdfunding is doing just fine: they have a month and raised only take 7% of the minimum budget) now has another boost to science Pornhub porn and eroticism: the robot’s ass synthetic leather that has the touch, movement and sound of an authentic twerker ass.


It will make a movie about the invention of the vibrator!

After she agreed to play with a vibrator, Maggie Gyllenhaal will have to hear the gossip. The actress starred as Isabel Green, mother naughty children in “Nanny McPhee” and now has accepted a leading role in the production of Hysteria.


The film, which will play Jonathan Pryce, Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett, is based on the history of the invention of the vibrator.

Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the daughter of a doctor in England Victorian period. He is the creator of sex toys which he conceived to treat hysterical women.

I play a woman whose father explosive charge of curing hysterical women. In principle, the treatment is to release sexual tension. My character gets to have some sort of unexpected love affair with one of the guys hired by his father vibrator guy who invents a mistakeexplained Maggie Gyllenhaal to

We remember that Hysteriawill be released soon …..


She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

HOT NEWS: She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

Paginton Nicola, a young woman from Cirencester, England, died a few days ago while using a vibrator and watching porn on a website. According to the website quoted Freedom, young not suffering from any disease and died while masturbating because of strong emotions, although there is a very clear explanation. Dr. Richard Jones who performed the autopsy of 31-year-old woman said that she died while he was excited because he gave heart, even if the English had suffered previous heart problems. She was found dead, fallen on the floor with opened laptop and fell beside her vibrator.

woman orgasm


Hustler porn app launched for Android

If you want porn, buy an Android phone, recently said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief. It seems he’s right. But who said it is not needed and so as not to provide XXX content, ok? Maybe just the Pope. People must have access to anything they want on the phone giving money.

Hustler porn app launched for Android

Hustler has just launched an XXX app, operating platform owned by Google, which costs $ 3 and provides access to magazine models in the last 36 years.

In addition, customers have access to the video content (do not think the nonsense) behind the scenes interviews with the girls in the foreground, and cartoons.


Did you order condoms with home delivery?

You are in the middle of a passionate love parties and realize that you have a condom handy. Now there‘s no reason to panic: you can call the guy who delivers condoms at home!

condom heart

Delivery condoms in three Swiss cities
New Swiss initiative is part of larger multimedia campaign fighting AIDS, which is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for AIDS and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. A phone call is enough for the guy who delivers condoms to climb on the bike and deliver it to the person who ordered. Distributors bikes can be found in three cities in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, Zurich and Bern, and deliver packages 3 condoms, worth eight Swiss francs (about 6 euro).

Come before the finish!
Bettina Maeschli represented Swiss Foundation for AIDS, which is the largest Swiss organization for the fight against AIDS, said the main purpose is to remind people of the rules of safe sex and the need to use condoms in the unexpected and unplanned. Cyclists deliver condoms wherever needed, without judgment or prejudice. The first statistics on the number of condoms supplied will soon be available, but the fact that more people spreading positive messages about the initiative is a result good enough for now. We wanted to spread the message in an unusual way, so that people become more aware of the problem.

Swiss AIDS campaign was a success for the past 20 years
Stop AIDS Campaign is one of the longest campaigns (started in 1987) and is one of the most influential programs on awareness and the fight against AIDS in the world. The first target was a gay men, but the disease has spread, and the campaign was extended to all segments of the population.
The main objectives of the campaign are to increase the use of condoms to reduce discrimination against people with HIV and increase solidarity among people infected and healthy.