It will make a movie about the invention of the vibrator!

After she agreed to play with a vibrator, Maggie Gyllenhaal will have to hear the gossip. The actress starred as Isabel Green, mother naughty children in “Nanny McPhee” and now has accepted a leading role in the production of Hysteria.


The film, which will play Jonathan Pryce, Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett, is based on the history of the invention of the vibrator.

Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the daughter of a doctor in England Victorian period. He is the creator of sex toys which he conceived to treat hysterical women.

I play a woman whose father explosive charge of curing hysterical women. In principle, the treatment is to release sexual tension. My character gets to have some sort of unexpected love affair with one of the guys hired by his father vibrator guy who invents a mistakeexplained Maggie Gyllenhaal to

We remember that Hysteriawill be released soon …..


She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

HOT NEWS: She died while masturbating with a vibrator.

Paginton Nicola, a young woman from Cirencester, England, died a few days ago while using a vibrator and watching porn on a website. According to the website quoted Freedom, young not suffering from any disease and died while masturbating because of strong emotions, although there is a very clear explanation. Dr. Richard Jones who performed the autopsy of 31-year-old woman said that she died while he was excited because he gave heart, even if the English had suffered previous heart problems. She was found dead, fallen on the floor with opened laptop and fell beside her vibrator.

woman orgasm


Hustler porn app launched for Android

If you want porn, buy an Android phone, recently said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief. It seems he’s right. But who said it is not needed and so as not to provide XXX content, ok? Maybe just the Pope. People must have access to anything they want on the phone giving money.

Hustler porn app launched for Android

Hustler has just launched an XXX app, operating platform owned by Google, which costs $ 3 and provides access to magazine models in the last 36 years.

In addition, customers have access to the video content (do not think the nonsense) behind the scenes interviews with the girls in the foreground, and cartoons.


Did you order condoms with home delivery?

You are in the middle of a passionate love parties and realize that you have a condom handy. Now there‘s no reason to panic: you can call the guy who delivers condoms at home!

condom heart

Delivery condoms in three Swiss cities
New Swiss initiative is part of larger multimedia campaign fighting AIDS, which is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for AIDS and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. A phone call is enough for the guy who delivers condoms to climb on the bike and deliver it to the person who ordered. Distributors bikes can be found in three cities in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, Zurich and Bern, and deliver packages 3 condoms, worth eight Swiss francs (about 6 euro).

Come before the finish!
Bettina Maeschli represented Swiss Foundation for AIDS, which is the largest Swiss organization for the fight against AIDS, said the main purpose is to remind people of the rules of safe sex and the need to use condoms in the unexpected and unplanned. Cyclists deliver condoms wherever needed, without judgment or prejudice. The first statistics on the number of condoms supplied will soon be available, but the fact that more people spreading positive messages about the initiative is a result good enough for now. We wanted to spread the message in an unusual way, so that people become more aware of the problem.

Swiss AIDS campaign was a success for the past 20 years
Stop AIDS Campaign is one of the longest campaigns (started in 1987) and is one of the most influential programs on awareness and the fight against AIDS in the world. The first target was a gay men, but the disease has spread, and the campaign was extended to all segments of the population.
The main objectives of the campaign are to increase the use of condoms to reduce discrimination against people with HIV and increase solidarity among people infected and healthy.



Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson, put up for sale. You delight yourself?

Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson, put up for sale. You delight yourself? Queen adult film has brought to market some of its objects soul.

Jenna Jameson porn actress

Jenna Jameson, one of the most popular porn actresses in the world has put on sale the price toys that you have equipped. Although the age of 39 years, actress thought to make sexual closet cleaning and hardly gave up sexy panties, girdle, corsets and accessories aphrodisiacs.

Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson 2 Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson



Porn technology captures the attention

NEWS: Porn technology captures the attention in Las Vegas

las vegas

Being excluded from the Consumer Electronic Show, exhibited in a nightclub a ‘teleconsolador “which allows interactive sex on the web

Apart from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas, porn stars showed the erotic side of the new technology developments as a “teleconsolador” allowing sex through the website or software to fulfill fantasies 3D.

Porn studio Pink Visual on Tuesday night showed its futuristic proposal in a night club a few steps from the international trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which could not participate after the rejection of its organizers.

“There is no reason that adult entertainment can not be a massive professionally presented to older consumers,” said Pink Visual President Allison Vivas.

Near it, the American actress Lexi Belle wore an iPad hung like a necklace and challenged guests to touch her breasts.

“Technology has advanced so much these days that now you can see scenes of me online or on a smartphone Lexi’s chest” said the actress Alexis Texas, gesturing to his colleague.

Distance relationships

The Real Touch a Touch device for men that simulated the feeling of having sex, was one of the most important innovations. “It is the first device that does all the work for the guys,” said Scott Rinaldo, director of product in the company of North Carolina.

“Caresses, squeezes, it heats and it lubricates itself” she said.

The devices were synchronized to adult videos when the first models three years ago were released, but in the coming weeks their actions will be guided by porn stars live via Real Touch Network.

Porn star Kirsten Price fondled specially designed phallus in a booth and gestures were imitated by Royal Touch located on a table in front of Rinaldo.

“We have spent the last two years refining the dildo,” he added, referring to the novelty as “teleconsolador”.


What are robot dolls for sex, what can they do, who produces and how much

Experts are estimating that by 2050 more people will be having sex with robots than with others. “In the beginning a lot of people will be reserved when speaking of sex with robots, but as you get used to them, this will change”, said British futurologist Dr Ian Pearson.

He estimates that by 2035, most people will own sex toys that can be used with virtual reality devices.

Not everyone is thrilled with these predictions. Ethics Professor Dr. Kathleen Richardson fears that sex with robots will generate misogynistic attitudes and unrealistic sexual expectations. She is the originator of a campaign called “Campaign against sex with robots” that requires banning such practices.

RealDoll, one of the most successful manufacturers of dolls for sex, announced it is working on an artificial intelligence system that will be implemented in its products. Matt McMullen, chief executive, provided details about the technology. This will be implemented directly into dolls or may be experienced in virtual reality.

“For some this could be happiness can not believe that”, said McMullen between Q & A session held on Reddit. He added that AI system developed by RealDoll will be fun, exciting and would have the potential to simulate love.

The company develops and designs partners able to tell jokes. RealDoll hope that through this feature will enhance the skills of users during meetings with real women.

robot dolls for sex

The doll is part of a new generation of “cyborg women” who interchangeable body parts, body temperature, talking “dirty” were the pulse, move and smile. The machines will not replace, according to the manufacturer, people in sex, despite warnings given by some experts. “These robots will provide a different sexual experience of sex between men”, said Matt McMullen, chief executive of RealDoll.

RealDoll produces, since 1997, some of the most realistic and expensive dolls for sex. Customers can customize their upcoming “partner” and can choose from a wide range of models. For each doll are required 80 hours of work, and every year the company delivered 300-400 units.

The dolls of this kind not only for men. There robot dolls for women.

The price of these dolls varies between 5,000 and 60,000 dollars, depending on the complexity and level of customization required by the client.

For a certain type of people these dolls is attractive. A French woman was in love with a robot and he wants to marry when the law allows. Lily has built robot, named Immovator alone using a 3D printer.

The young woman has realized that it is attracted to robţi when he was 19 years old. “Our relationship will improve as technology advances”. She added that the two relationships they had with men before did nothing to confirm his passion for robots.

Many people have already replaced spouses with such robots. Is also the case of June, a young man who lives in New York, a native of South Korea, whose girlfriend RealDoll a doll named Eve. The two watch movies, sleep and eating together.


Experts: Adult film actors will be replaced by virtual people

Robots and artificial intelligence will be responsible for the disappearance of millions of jobs, according to experts. In Japan, robots have already appeared able to install protective film for phone screens better than men, and one billionaire says that the job of driver will be the first to disappear in a few years it will be replaced with autopilot systems on intelligent machines. It seems that adult film actors will remain unemployed.

Experts believe that in the near future they will be replaced by virtual people, generated by special software programs. Virtual actors are so well designed that it will hardly see the difference. New technologies will significantly reduce costs for companies that produce adult content. “A man will not be able to compete in this world,” says futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, who produced a report for the company Bumblebee. In brothels there will still be people because there is an emotional connection that can not be replaced by machines, but we will not require adult film actors, according to him.

Pearson estimates that by 2050 more people will be having sex with robots and other devices for sex than other people. “In the beginning a lot of people will be reserved when speaking of sex with robots, but as you get used to them, this will change,” said Ian Pearson.

He estimates that by 2035, most people will own sex toys that can be used with virtual reality devices.

Adult film actors will be replaced by virtual people

And Elon Musk, the billionaire who runs the company Tesla and SpaceX spatial co-founder, thinks that people will have to change in order to compete with robots in the future. According to him, people will have become cyborgs.

As artificial intelligence systems grows, people will have to compensate for weaknesses that they have biological integrating computers into their brains, said Musk World Government Summit in Dubai. Thus they will benefit from higher processing power and be able to compete better with robots in the competition for jobs. P

Two companies, CamSoda and Holodexx, have already announced that actors get direct services to home users through devices projecting holograms.

Videos “Holo-Cam” from CamSoda will be filmed in a special studio, and users will see content using pyramids that works with desktop, phone or tablet.


Incredible: First inflatable doll brothel in Europe!

In Barcelona, has recently opened a new brothel, titled Lumi Dolls, the first in Europe to offer to customers the opportunity to have sex with inflatable dolls, but not prostitutes.

Customers can choose silicone dolls based on their ethnicity, and can enjoy the perfect atmosphere for a few hours of privacy, with room candles and a huge plasma that can watch porn. Because barely opened, the brothel has a promotional offer. An hour ‘love affair’ with these dolls, inflatable life-size costs 82 euros and will expire after the offer will cost 117 euros.

Club representatives argue that the dolls are washed thoroughly with soap and disinfectant after each use anti-bacterial. Customers can choose from four types of inflatable dolls. Lili, who has 1, 61 m and Asian features, Katy is blonde, has big tits and 1.70 m and turquoise eyes, a doll “African” called Leiza, measuring 1 meter 68 and has blond curly hair, or Aki, who has blue hair and long, and seems to be modeled after a Japanese anime. They can be dressed in attire ask any customer.

First inflatable doll brothel in Europe


Dakota Johnson developed a passion for toys for adults after series “Fifty Shades”

Actress Dakota Johnson, who played the lead female role in the famous movie “Fifty Shades” said that after the end of filming has developed a passion for sex toys. She was delighted by devices inspired by films in the series.

Dakota Johnson said that before the movie “Fifty Shades” was not very interested in the toys, but was forced to document much for roles. Now has come to know and, according to her, adult toys on the market are beautiful and “chic.” However, such a device has no favorite.

She added that the fans did not receive gifts that include such devices, which i found it strange because you would have expected. “Maybe they sent to the wrong address”, she joked the actress.

Dakota Johnson announced that she wants to become a director, because there are some stories that would turn them into movies.

Dakota Johnson developed a passion for toys for adults after series Fifty Shades