The world’s first intelligent condom

Tech sex era was approaching. A British company has already tested and rolled out the first condom market in the smart world.

Basically, it is, in fact, a device similar to a ring that is attached to a normal condom. This tiny device called i.Con, record the number of calories burned during sex, number of movements of the man inside the vagina, during the act and the number of positions covered by the two partners. Then, the results can be shown and friends if the device is connected to a smartphone. The price of such a device sold now only is 59.99 euros (about 71 euros).

The world's first intelligent condom

The world's first intelligent condom (1)


Pokémon + dildos = POKEMON

They have recently taken Geek designers Sex Toys in take advantage of the craziest summer rush. If Pokémon Go has already been cast in all urban areas, why not also in the bedroom?



Ooo Ohh, this is the desired job in the world! You get paid to test sex toys!

Ooo Ohh, this is the desired job in the world! You get paid to test sex toys. A British company beat out the most desirable job in the world. All you have to do is to test sex toys and … quit prey” pleasures.

You get paid to test sex toys

“Hot Octopuss” looking for a virile, devoid of inhibitions, eager to experience something new, which can cope with stress. In short, we must say what feels right when trying the products. Regarding salary is negotiable. Although the ad was published a short time, hundreds of young people have already applied. Only it’s the best job in the world


Famous sex invetions

We watch the sunset from our office on the 10th floor, traveling to places extravagant or create nuclear power from one reason: man is, among other things, a good inventor.

He invented the condom wheel, everything the mind could devise in the will to survive, the desire to live in comfort or exploit new.

Although less debated in public and hidden in an assault that has been lost over the centuries, the area has remained one untapped sexuality, scientists always having the instinct to maximize even bodily pleasures world.

Therefore, the inventor Science Fiction magazine “Amazing Stories”, Hugo Gernsback felt the need to exploit sexology through letters, so he invented and publication “sexology”.

In 1933, when sex was a taboo subject, who coined the term “science fiction” and also launched the first magazine about sexuality in the US.

The subjects were, for the time, quite controversial: doctors and sexologists dezbateaua animal homosexuality, Hitler’s sex life or erectile dysfunction.

Commercial vibrator was another step towards the evolution of sex: Hamilton Beach, who made it possible for us to drink filter coffee and use toaster or blender is the one who gave people pleasure vibrator for marketing in 1902. Until then, the vibrator was used only for medicinal purposes.

Then, a subordinate of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb filament, was the one who brought in the concept of porn history.

Among the first porn that became famous are: “What the butler saw” made by a “mutoscope”. Sensuality filming consists of capturing, through the keyhole, of lascivious women undress.

Another milestone has in the spotlight on Charles Goodyear who replace natural condom (gut or tortoiseshell) with one rubber more durable and more comfortable.

In fact, he revolutionized the art world, and medical progress, this new type of condom is very effective in stopping STDs.

With the advancement of science and, implicitly, technology, discoveries have taken on the form of increasingly strange: inflatable doll was invented for the pleasure of men, but male inflatable doll (with warranty period of two years), the robot woman in size natural sex (reacts to caresses, excitatory stimuli, even having orgasm) and the device that causes orgasms (a cylinder for men, women pump which are positioned on the genitals to push and pull the air).

Moreover, circumcised men who want to revert to the original, invented apart from the reconstruction of the penis that acts like braces.

Dutch artist Sander Reijgers created a range of clothes and accessories – jackets, gloves and hats – inserting stitches and cuts through inflatable woman.

Most likely, sexual inventions will not stop here, but we will surprise the materialization of sexual fantasies overflowing which, most likely, will shock us.

blonde pornstar


Thus Real Dolls are made

We are fucking degenerates and any where you can get the slate draws our attention, it is a fact rather than found. However, our fascination with Real Dolls (realistic sex dolls and ultra expensive American-made) occupy a privileged position among. In fact we already have more than decided that day that we are disgustingly rotten pasta we will work to collect them and distribute them strategically through the rooms of our mansion (if only for laughs at the expense of visits).

Recently fallen into our hands a video showing from start to finish the manufacturing process of these dolls so exclusive a documentary as hypnotic piece that at times is even disturbing…

Real Dolls sex dolls


This are made sex dolls

We will have already published a million entries on the conception, design and manufacture of the famous love dolls, these hyper-realistic sex dolls that sell for crazy amounts of money. But I think that no video was so illustrative, and yet so few words, as this short that days ago was published in Super Deluxe. The manufacturing process, from beginning to end, RealDolls dolls brand is something fascinating, almost hypnotic at times, and at certain points a display of the most bizarre.

This are made sex dolls


A porn site launches a device that generates electricity during masturbation!

A porn site launches a device that generates electricity during masturbation! Site Pornhub, one of the largest online networks pornographic, launches an accessory worn on the wrist that can produce electricity during masturbation.

A porn site launches a device that generates electricity during masturbation

With about 41 million visitors daily, Pornhub decided it would be better as a part of the energy used by them to relax and reach ecstasy to be used for more useful. “Every day, millions of hours of dedicated adults consumed on the internet, wasting energy in this process and negatively affecting the environment”, says the website dedicated to the new device,, which contains a video funny explained the ecological approach. “We at Pornhub we decided to do something about it. We present Wankband (device name can be translated as” band masturbation “, no), the first technology that allows you to love planet as you love yourself” It adds to the website dedicated accessory.

The device creates electricity when it is moved up and down direction using a generator that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy clean, although a little “dirty” comments The accessory that is worn on the wrist can be connected through a USB jack to a phone, tablet, camera or any other device that needs to recharge the batteries using 100% sustainable energy.


Most popular sex toys in the world! How to make PLEASURE!!?

Most popular sex toys in the world! How to make PLEASURE: If you’ve ever wondered how to make a doll inflatable, well it came time to satisfy this curiosity. China produces thousands of these sex dolls, plants unable to cope with requests.

sexual doll

A Chinese company that produces such sex toys for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish announced that it will expand activities in accordance with the orders started coming from all over the world.

We can not meet demand. The way in which this industry is developing is breathtaking. When I started here, produces one type of inflatable doll. Now we have ten models, including one premium. And the requests come from all over the world. Sometimes I it seems strange that are surrounded by hands, feet or other body parts. I thought we had a huge morgue“, said Lili Hsing, 36 years employers factory.

“Of course we know that these dolls are not real. And I suspect that men buying them know that, although they have names, and those who do command tell them my name. I think one of the reasons why we are successful is the quality of the dolls we produce. Looks good, are easily inflated and deflated not too fast. our customers love it”, she said.


Pornhub has invented sexual fitness

Pornhub has invented sexual fitness

We do not know if it exists in English expressions as they use us to “make bread diet… thigh pa ‘aca and thigh pa’ beyond bread and bread rolls …” or that of “We played with tits? your crouch and stick it you… “a classic… but great Pornhub has used this philosophy to be based on the creation of a new app for your smartphone. Today we are saturated with different app for sports and most put you challenges you do not like or that are very difficult to obtain. BangFit, which is the name of the app invites you fucking sport, that is something that nobody dislikes. Just sync your phone with snowman app and ready to fuck. you have no excuse not to fuck and play sports at the same time.


Sex toys that never knew that you have in your house

8 sex toys that never knew that you have in your house! After all, what women were doing before appearing vibrators? Well, the answer is simple: resorted to all sorts of household items and satisfy their fantasies as well. At that finally understand, broad smile on the face of housewives We gives you a top 8 of sex toys that almost all we have in the house, but can not figure out.

8 sex toys that never knew that you have in your house

1. The device for back massage
You can buy at any pharmacy and handles with ease. To see what sensations yes!

2. Washer / dryer
One word: centrifuge. When you start, do not rate! Get on it!

3. The cell placed on vibration
Of course you can always choose more expensive options and performance, yes to need remove cell. Put it on the vibrations and protects it with a plastic film (possibly a disposable bag). Stick it in your pants, and ask your boyfriend to call you. Tell him to insist on forever, eventually!

4. The electric toothbrush
Designed to reach inaccessible places, that’s pretty hard brush with tartar from teeth, but gentle enough to stimulate your clitoris. In addition, it has a recharging system, so no need to beat your head with batteries.

5. Water spray
Jet shower can do wonders, but do you see what wonders the tap! Sit comfortably on his back, let the tap at the temperature you like, Relax feet and relax.

6. Electric shaving machine
With a minimal investment in batteries, taking care to perfection so pubic hair condition, how your moods aces of excitation. What did it and these modern inventions

7. Dogs plus battery
However, many women masturbatea pillow or a stuffed animal But when the animal also has batteries and vibrate … It’s even fix the thing you need!

8. A simple blanket
Sit (naked, of course!) On the back, so you have blanket between your legs. Then you start to rub up and down the piece of blanket. Do it quickly !!