Sex dolls can be customized according to user preferences. How will this happen!

“If the user does not want his partner to be intelligent, it will not be or if you want her to be shy, she will be shy”

Sex dolls can be customized according to user preferences

Sex toys are becoming increasingly powerful. Their production technology incorporates more complex, I can give users experience realistic as possible. The latest trend: dolls whose personality can be changed to suit those who use them.

The concept was developed by actor adult film Tyger Drew-Honey and manufacturer of sex toys Matt McMullen. The two have invented a robot that can be programmed to satisfy the most inquisitive minds. Although such products are already available on the market, one that invented and McMullen Honey is different because it can be customized via smartphone apps.

“The customer can build personality doll, depending on the preferences you have. If he does not want his partner to be intelligent, it will not be or if you want her to be shy, she will be shy. With the help of headset, the user can hear everything you want to hear because the sound mimics the various desires that we can have “ , said Matt McMullen.

The factory that adult toy manufacturer owns, Tyger spoke with such a doll, suggestively called Harmony. When he asked her if she wanted to have sex, she replied that he would do so only when that will be purchased by a customer.

Asked about his passing categories of customers to the company, McMullen replied that its products are purchased by almost everyone wants to have a personalized doll. “Some customers have lost wives and do not want to get involved in another relationship. Therefore, they buy such a doll” he added producer.

Tyger argues that robots will replace the women in prostitution. Thus, they will not be exposed to hazards associated with the activity they practice and also the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases will be much lower.


Pills for porn

We all know that urban legends surrounding the world of porn / sex on pills are extensive and long-lived. The famous stories of some blue pills are our daily bread! On the other hand there are lots of stories not to sleep on the flavor that certain male fluids, which ends not convince the ladies who savor. But! Would happen if someone will release some pills able to change the taste of semen…

Pills for porn

We can read in the press a few days ago that in the international market there are some pills called Yummi Cum, who manage to vary the taste of sperm. Its taste derives surprisingly (so they say) to pineapple and cinnamon. To make matters worse, they say that if you take this brand your body generate 50% more sperm and this will be of higher quality. Is there any volunteers wanting to take this risk? In drafting EDP we are satisfied with our volume jet and prefer not to bet.

Pills for porn 2

But not everything will be new adventures for males of the house, our sources tell us that you can get (without prescription) fabulous pills do naturally increase breast volume by magic. Women of the world, forget the operations. It’s time to have amazing boobs just eat some miracle pills. Sure the porn world changed forever with these inventions. Rich men and women cum huge breasts. Just visiting the pharmacy!


Incredible testimonies of women! 7 strange objects that have masturbated!

For women, masturbation is the way to get pleasure without any help “from outside”. Masturbation helps women to stimulate the sexual point of view to orgasm. Here are seven objects that women admit that they used to service yourself.

7 strange objects that have masturbated

1. Motor of an old aquarium : “I was too small to buy me a Virbi and not too old to enjoy my movements” admitted a young woman.

2. Massage Equipment
:”It was a unique experience, shortly after I got a vibrator” he told another representative of the fair sex

3. Mirror Handle :“We tried a cucumber with shower, and a mirror handle. Do not judge me!” Said Danae P.

4. A phone :“Being in a desperate situation, I got on the internet a vibrator application” confessed Emily O

5. Jacuzzi Kim C. it makes no exception. The young woman told he likes to masturbate in the jacuzzi even if they are in public.

6. Frozen Food :“When I was little we had frozen hot dogs. I put a condom on a sausage and started masturbating me. It was cold, I do not recommend to anyone. Better a vibrator” said Marissa G.

7. A battery of desperation, many of the fair sex were told that they “played” with a low battery. They have no idea what risk but are exposed.


Top 6 most wacky sex toys

Sex toys have always been a subject of controversy. On the one hand they praise those who use them, those who are shy by nature or do not recognize that they use, even if they do not touch. No matter which camp you’re in, there is a category of sex toys they have at least considered wacky, if not absurd.

Here’s a top ten craziest sex toys made of

1. Inflatable alien doll

Men have always liked women’s breasts. And if two breasts are sexy, what do you have three breasts together? It seems, however, a bad joke, right ?! Although SF fans might be excited.

Inflatable alien doll

2. The device for oral sex

Assuming that you are a big fan of oral sex and there’s no woman willing beside you, you let your hand, excuse me, the mouth of such a device?

The device for oral sex

3. Inflatable Legs

Tastes, including sexual ones, are not discussed. Of course you know that there are people crazy for the soles of the feet that have turned into a fetish. For they were inventions inflatable legs. Crazy, right?

Inflatable Legs

4. Anal Rings

Do you remember the childhood game when you had to throw some rings to get fixed on the neck of a plastic ducks? Behold, this game was invented for adults. Cam kinky, that’s right! Therefore, the device is inserted into the anus and the circles are used for target shooting.

Anal Rings

5. Oral Coach

Oral coach… Ha Ha Ha… :)) The device in the photo to help you have a language … hard.

Oral Coach

6. Fake hymen

For men willing virgins at any time of day or night, was created artificial hymen. Enjoy!


Porn actors could be required to wear goggles!!!!?

WTF? Death of passion? Porn actors could be required to wear goggles!!!!? :(((( Porn actors in the US state California may be required by law to wear not only condoms but also goggles.

Porn actors could be required to wear goggles

The legislative proposal, which belongs to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) in the United States requires adult film actors to wear glasses during several scenes, considering that some STDs can be spread through contact certain liquid eye, informs The Independent.

The normative act which is not yet finalized, would impose some standards and stricter hygiene and would outlaw many practices commonly encountered in pornographic productions.

Adult film producers, actors and even some health specialists say the new rules are unnecessary.

Diana Duke, CEO of the Coalition for Freedom of Expression, said that there are already regulations for medical issues which works very well on the set of porn films.

It argues that the provisions would stigmatize actors and cause “to close an entire XXX industry”.

For decades, California produces most of the US porn movies and a law in 2013 which forced the actors to wear condoms has affected many businesses. Now, manufacturers are afraid that the new proposals will permanently destroy adult film industry in California.


Pornhub invention that will revolutionize the pornographic industry “Images will be completely different now”

Pornhub, one of the biggest porn sites in the world, has just launched a new device that will revolutionize the pornographic industry.

Pornhub invention that will revolutionize the pornographic industry

The company has partnered with those from VR (Virtual Reality) and will benefit from special devices that will provide site visitors a more detailed images. Specifically, they will see action at 360 degrees.

In a few days ago when they launched this new project, those from Pornhub offered 10,000 free VR goggles that can see content on the site consists of 360 degrees.

Pornhub invention that will revolutionize the pornographic industry 2


Pornhub and BaDoink, partners for virtual reality

Studio: VR BaDoink

Here we have tested the benefits of porn for virtual reality, and even the case in the most modest setup, the experience immersive made us so much that sometimes became strange or even disagreeable. It being in the body of another is something that does not seem upset until lives. But what became clear is that the invention works and that porn will soon take a huge piece of the pie that the VR will put on the table.

At the moment companies they are already moving in this direction, and now a producer of porn VR as BaDoink has been associated with Pornhub to overcome an obstacle that still bothers: VR offer streaming porn and free. The category already exists and can prove it right here.



How look the most bizarre sex toy. Outraged the whole world!!!

Adult toy industry has just been enriched with an object more than surprising: a sex toy that seems to embody a little girl no more than 12 years. The only thing that differentiates the appearance of a puppet kid is bust.

Made of silicone, sexual accessory is robotic and dedicated men who want to experience. The variety is not lacking, as those who want to order the dolls on the internet can build them at will: they can choose the color of eyes, hair and skin. Producing company added a few details to make it even more appealing: “Makeup does not contain poisonous materials. The hair is long, shiny and silky.” In addition, the body temperature can reach up to 37.5 degrees Celsius.

How look the most bizarre sex toy

Sex toy can customize with the whim of the buyer!

Weighing 25 kilograms and a height of 71 centimeters bizarre sexual enhancement wearing a black dress and comes packaged as a mummy that even has its own “coffin”. The doll was made by a Chinese company, Shengyi, and was launched on the market at a price of 770 pounds.

The robot is wrapped like a mummy!

How look the most bizarre sex toy 2


She spent 10 years with a sex toy in her vagina! How was it possible!

A woman aged 38 years stunned an entire medical team, when they presented to the hospital because she felt weak and tired.

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It’s about a lady from Scotland who stayed with a sex toy 12.7 cm inside for 10 years.

Nothing much has been amazement of doctors, when a medical check more thoroughly, they found the woman’s vagina sex toy, life-threatening, it suffered from a blockage of the bladder, so that urine was sent back in the kidney.

It seems that sexual object have more than 10 years since she was inside the vagina.

She explained the medical team as behind more than a decade, has had a sexual experience unique, where she used that toy, but which does not remember many details because she was drunk!


Manufactured of canned vaginas

canned vaginasPrograms like … How do we have demonstrated that observe the manufacturing process of products is something inexplicably satisfactory, a parade of pieces fitting together with other pieces, over long assembly lines and passing through the hands of various operators that modify the product to phase final. There is a short documentary that takes several months around for festivals and last last week was published in Vimeo, and which essentially does the same as all those but with the toy for male masturbation best-selling history: canned vaginas  Flesh light manufactured in Las Vegas.