About video chat…


About video chatAbout video chat shall know two things: that is taboo and that generates the most revenue they can get a person without experience.

But what is actually video chat? What must make a model video chat? What kind of people find themselves in a video chat studio?

Are questions whose answers you can find in the lines below.

Video chat is a job like any other. In fact this is the secret to make money from video chat: treat it as seriously as any other job.

The difference between video chat and other jobs, making money is like having fun.

A video chat model is a female person who knows or wants to learn to value their communication skills and flirt with people from different corners of the world. These males are known as members. They generally come from USA, UK, Canada.

The entertainer plays of his room. Sites we work with, allows the model to maintain the atmosphere of his room in different ways: through a clever conversation, through a sensual attitude through a game to be integrated as many members, etc.

Thus, a model that is very communicative, will boost his room through skillful conversations (on themes of psychology, social etc.), while a model that is very gifted in terms of physical, will activate the camera by sensuality that causes.

A complex model will always know how to harmonize the two sides to bring about a greater number of members in the room to work.

You will appreciate that the Studio WOW you will find ordinary people with unusual qualities. Unusually talkative, eager to help, people involved with the experience and desire to succeed.

What kind of models have the chance to know?

Models for which the self is as important as the respect of colleagues and all that surrounds them. Our models are recruited primarily based on human quality. 98% of our models are students. Over time we have worked with students at ATF models, Medicine, Psychology etc. In them you will find yourself people with ambitions, people who want more from life. The models are people besides faculty awarded at the end, want to have a consistent amount of money at the end of it. Why? Because they have plans to open a cabinet, own a business, to maintain themselves in college to help his family, to afford a vacation in Hawaii, to be strong independent! Collaborates exclusively with females. To comply with the legality of the job do not accept couples.

Video chat appeared more than 10 years ago. Meanwhile, work has been associated with all kinds of stories phantasmagoric created around them. Incumbents of studios that have degenerated videochat, illegality that have indulged in some studios and conditions of the apartment, has prompted the press that the time to publish certain articles. Video chat is legal, provided that administrators studios are willing to observe the tax legislation in force does not work with minors or couples.

Legality studio where you decide to work as a model, is an important aspect that brings your data security and safety guarantee a job legally. Investments in a professional studio videochat outweigh hundreds of thousands of euros in equipment, personnel, scenery, central space. It is very important that the decision to work in a studio or another, to take just after you made a visit to the studio respectively, that you can see and discuss the conditions that you are offered. Not only invites you on a virtual tour of the studio, but also a live tour, which exceeds expectations.

Video chat is really an activity that can earn a lot of money, but only if things are done with consummate professionalism.




About Video Chat… What does video chat?



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What does video chat?

Video chat is a form of communication, paid or free, for two people, usually via a webcam or a video camera connected to a computer. In the paid version of the video chat site, action takes place between the client and a videochat model (also called operator videochat online hostess, model online).


In turn video chat paid may be several ways:

Adult content; the models and customers can discuss topics in a private setting erotic adult nature and may have nudity. In turn, adult videochat has several “niche” hardcore (porn), soft core glamor.

With non-adult content; the models and customers can discuss topics in a private setting without erotic and nudity is excluded. Here videochat approach the area of online dating.

What does video chat (adult streaming)? Conversations between models and clients can vary widely, addressing both erotic themes and topics about hobbies, music, books, films, etc. What is most important is that the model has the ability to select interlocutors and thus to lead the conversation to the desired theme.

Customers pay for each minute of conversation with models. Conversations between a client and a model are private, no one can invade your privacy discussion. The topic of discussion can choose quiet, adult or non-adult, and can address any desired attitude in front of the camera.


Video chat was and continues to be regarded as taboo by many people. This happens largely because of outdated preconceptions and associating this activity with some form of personal humility and humiliation. Not nearly. Video chat is actually an activity where two adults wearing long conversations on issues and personal lives.

Video chat is a job, a place where you can relax, be yourself and start to know yourself better, but where can you develop a strong personality. Some would consider this as a personal development in a way that you change and grow.

For starters, let me say that video chat is completely legal. Is a direct connection through the Internet, computer and a webcam between the person making video chat and diverse people worldwide. Basically, members who visit video chat platform that we have pay a price for every minute spent in private with a certain girl.

All conversations and actions that took place in a private room of a studio video chat are strictly confidential, and return the person. You, as host of the respective room, decide all operating conditions which the respective topics and discussion, without however make any direct contact with the customer.

To make your job easier, studio video chat will provide all necessary resources to develop as a member of platforms. So each account that you work must contain a minimum of professional photos to attract as many members in the private room. To do this, you will provide a professional photographer to achieve a suitable portfolio.

To become a model video chat, first you have to pass all the uncertainties and fears that appear at first. However, there are several conditions to consider, conditions demanded by most studios. Thus, you must be over 18 years to know English at an intermediate level, to be a communicative and open fire. As you can see, physical appearance is less important because the characteristics listed above are more important to have visible results in this area.

The first step to start a career in this field is to establish a meeting with a studio. Fortunately, video chat are constantly hiring, so do not be hard to find a suitable studio. At the meeting, you will receive all necessary information on the field, and these details will help you understand concretely what lies video chat, this entails, which is recommended to do and what to avoid.

As you can see, it is a controversial field video chat with many misinformation and erroneous transmitted by people who had no direct involvement in this area. To make a decision, it is best to talk to the right people already in this area, people who can guide you correctly on what to do if you choose to follow a career in video chat.




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Colombian Nicole Hitman is all love and curves

This blonde thanks to what nature has given more than some other cosmetic operation, called Nicole is a Colombian Hitman and which loves to masturbate on webcam.

You can find it in erotic video chats such as MyFreeCams or Naked but you are in luck because I have brought a video more than 1 hour with Nicole Hitman showing her best qualities naked on webcam.

According to the information I have found it in the network is called Nayive Rodriguez, she is Medellin (Colombia) and is 22 years old. All a bonbon.

But first some pictures of Nicole Hitman half naked on Instagram to warm the atmosphere:

Nicole Hitman is all love and curves (1)

Nicole Hitman is all love and curves (2)

Nicole Hitman is all love and curves (3)

Nicole Hitman is all love and curves (4)

Nicole Hitman is all love and curves (5)

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And now the video of more than one hour of Nicole Hitman masturbates on webcam:

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Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016

As every month porn stars want to support and highlight the emerging talent in the new Spanish porn and this past April, if someone excelled in the network of networks, that was: Lulita. This Argentina based in Spain, is pure fire and always wants sex. Enjoy with Lulita … What a bomb! If you want to meet in person sexy Lulita, is waiting now Video-Chat Erotic…

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (1)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (2)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (3)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (4)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (5)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (6)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (7)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (8)

Lulita, Webcamer of April 2016 (9)


Young uninhibited, captured at VIDEO CHAT through books. Debauchery library.

Young couple appeared on an entertainment site empty while seem to render sexual services online.

From the photos you can see how the girls undress inside some rooms in which they are installed shelves with books and magazines. The girls appear naked show her charms on camera.

Young uninhibited, captured at VIDEO CHAT through books (1)

Young uninhibited, captured at VIDEO CHAT through books (2)

Young uninhibited, captured at VIDEO CHAT through books (3)


Kory Minx and Twitter

Kory Minx on Twitter !!!

Having known a little more about the webcamer Kory Minx through her blog and the web where you can find porn shows broadcast live, it’s time to get into something more personal everyday.

It’s time to know the Twitter page Kory Minx, which published almost daily some highly erotic photos and often showing her breasts.

But are not the only thing that teaches breasts but also her ass and pussy which, incidentally, is a very hairy pussy that has nothing to do with the hair on pussies that look today.

So if you want to keep abreast of everything that makes this webcam girl , do not hesitate to follow through personal twitter. You discover how much love animals this young lady.

Kory Minx on Twitter (1)

Kory Minx on Twitter (2)

Kory Minx on Twitter (3)

Kory Minx on Twitter (4)

Kory Minx on Twitter (5)

Kory Minx on Twitter (6)

Kory Minx on Twitter (7)

Kory Minx on Twitter (8)

Kory Minx on Twitter (9)

Kory Minx on Twitter (10)

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LunasCam retired…

LunasCam retired

Like all glad every time a new model debuts, we grieve when another is removed, and if our compatriot. For a decade, she has been with us a Madrid model living in the US, particularly in Texas, which is larger than Spain. Until this year, which is slightly withdrawn before age 31 (she looks less?). She has already warned on Twitter that soon will close the account (as it has done in Instagram) and disappear of this social network. She became a new account dedicated to her passion for exercise (to see if you believed you to be so good no trouble): RuthBfit (yes, her real name is Ruth)
From here, I mean (though she already knows) that will be sorely missed. I particularly because I talked a lot with her on Twitter, has devoted to upload her pictures, to not lose me your photos. For me it is the hottest model (and over 100% natural) history. For it is even nicer than sexy, which is saying something.

Good luck with your new life Ruth!!!


Ashley Adams got tired of teaching tits and now is Laura Lux!

Photos: Ashley Adams is Laura Lux! The New Era!

Ashley Adams teaching tits before becoming Lux Laura! She called himself and loved to show her tits on webcam and on the covers of dirty magazines that men used to go to the bathroom. She also began as dark and without tattoos and gradually was converted into the typical blonde doll-like with the difference that added a lot of tattoos to her look.

Now it has changed the name back to Laura Lux to get an Instagram account in which no longer teaches tits, only hints, that is what is in fashion now.

After hard work I managed to collect pictures of her as much as Laura Ashley Adams Lux so you can see with your own eyes before and after and decide how pajearos.

These photos are from her new era as Laura Lux:

The as Ashley Adams, where you can also see her metamorphosis from brunette to blonde little tits with many boobs:

And for the end I saved the best for Ashley Adams, her boobs live and direct, her crown princess for the joy of all her fans: