Painful intercourse? Here are the reasons!

Sex Advice girlVaginal and urinary infections, poor lubrication and herpes are some of the factors that may affect the conduct of an intimate relationship.

Pain during intercourse can be constant or intermittent disorder affecting both women and men. In most cases, the problem can be solved by treating a disease causing.

The intensity of pain experienced during intercourse depends on the factor that causes it. In women, ovarian cysts, annexes, and episiotomy (surgical cut made ​​before birth in the area between the vagina and anus) can give discomfort during intercourse.


It muscial involuntary contraction of the vagina, a condition that make penetration to not be simple. This problem may occur on the first intimate contact or may occur after a period of sexual activity.


Disease characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrium (uterine lining) outside the normal location, endometriosis gives abdominal pain and discomfort during intercourse.


5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree. Make your lover the best gift!

5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree. Make your lover the best gift! In the midst of preparations for Christmas, do not forget about your sex life. After a hard year of work you have not managed to spoil your lover as she deserves, we have for you some ideas for romantic nights sexy and hot. Surely, your lover will appreciate this gift.

5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree

1. Mount magic
It is a position that your partner will love, you will be able to penetrate in the back, which will give you both climax. Put some pillows on the floor, one over the other, then sit on them, leaving your body to relax. The partner must sit above you, both on the same direction, with chest and arms stuck behind you resting on pillows. You can help cushion the feet easy to remove, so you partner can penetrate more easily.

2. Position the Cocoon
Your partner sits on his knees, then sat on the feet, so be right back. You sit on his thighs and grasp it with your hands on your neck to gain a foothold. From this position it is easy to get to another position as exciting. Just to let you easily back up what you get only support shoulders on the bed / floor.

3. Position 68
69. Forget the classic 68 position is a position that can give your partner a cunnilingus explosive without your oral satisfy him. Stretches back your boyfriend and you sit over him, so that your intimate area to get the girl‘s and be stuck behind his abdomen. You deserve to be spoiled!

4. Position chill out
Relax in this position for deep penetration. It will provide incredible sensations and in addition, your lover can caress your clitoris while you penetrate. In this position, your lover sit, back against the wall with your legs stretched out. You sit between his legs and ankles support your partner’s shoulders. The position allows you to chill out and admire each other to touch delicate.

5. Position lazy”
If you have Christmas preparations overly tired, try this position in which penetration is on the back, both lying in bed stand on one side. Start spoon position, and then bring over foot forward, to make room for your partner to penetrate better, without making much effort in this.





And where was the clitoris?

They think that most men do not even manage to find it; they are willing to go search!

Most women agree that many men still do not know where the clitoris is, but thankfully, not all (for the clueless: the nerve terminal is located on the top of the vulva, hidden in the folds at the beginning of the vagina and it feels like a small little button).

Here are some recommendations for those who want to vibrate his wife of pleasure if you know how to take advantage of this little female boss. Some men, a little more experienced, you know what your geographical location. To these women do not have to give them a map with instructions before going to bed.

The clitoris is packed with millions of nerve endings that women provides extreme pleasure 10 times more than men experience with his big penis.

If this is more than proven, then why not use the clitoris to give her pleasure and at the same time because it suits you?

Porno films are a necessary good, but do not trust everything you see on them. Do not think that the fact that women will enter your penis  the pleasure. What is important is what is done with it in there; and what you do out there, with other tools, with imagination, fantasy and creativity.

So there is the importance of the clitoris: I Place it first and give the finger flick, almost one per second, just a touch.

clitorisThen gently fold away covering it with your two thumbs. Use your tongue in this part and calmly, without haste, give small licks, very short and slow. Take the time to discover it and see how slowly erect. Watch them acquires a pink color, reddish and then fully on.

By this time, it may be more, not sweating and moaning, her hips moving up and down. At that time introduces two fingers and do not forget to play with the other hand as to enter the keyboard. Explore with your fingers slowly and touches especially the back of the vagina with a movement as seen here.

When she can not anymore, then enter your penis, now, and do not stand there in the puts and takes !, keep exploring, playing. Stay inside for a while, stay out another. If you are facing rubs her nipples and licks her shoulders, chest, back of his elbows and the navel; pulls her hair a bit, gently.

If she’s on her back, lying, lame back or just fingers, down to lick the back of the knees and the soles of the feet (the kill you!) … again, gently. She will become a goddess and probably after that will make him a slightly wilder form, which is as you like. So the two of them will be pleased and none forget that moment.


Are you ready to have sex?

Are you ready to have sex? Sex education! Sex tips! A start your sex life is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s not easy to take and you may struggle more questions on the subject. I do not know for sure whether or not you ready for this big step. Here are 12 rules you should keep in mind before you make the plunge.

Are you ready to have sex1. Try to understand exactly what “having sex”
In many dictionaries, sex is defined as vaginal penetration purpose of procreation. At a closer look, however, we can add to this definition and that sex is the action after which you can easily get a sexually transmitted disease. So vaginal penetration can add other two forms of sex: anal and oral, after which you can choose with such a disease.

Remember, therefore, to use a condom, for all three forms of sex above!

2. Do not succumb to first pressure
If you think having sex just because you nag her boyfriend for a long time because it’s cool in peer group you belong to, try not to succumb to these pressures. The decision must exclusively yours. And if friends push you to such a step, it means that you‘re really not.

3. No need to actually have sex, to have a physical relationship with boyfriend
You do not have to actually reach sexual contact, by whatever he, like enjoying physical sensations that you can give your partner close. Do not forget all the beautiful stages prior to any contact: kissing, petting, glances, hugs, exploring every part of the body etc. And if you feel that things get out of control, the pace slows a little.

4. Ask yourself if you start your sex life does not conflict with your religious beliefs and education
There are certain religious cultures preach virginity until marriage. If you were raised in a community and also keep in mind these beliefs and you do not do this step.

5. Analyze carefully your relationship
It’s good to know that the first sexual contact is always painful, embarrassing and devoid of pleasure / orgasm. And here comes the degree of seriousness of the relationship that you have with your partner and how much and deeply cares about you. So, here are a few things that you can give food for thought:

Trust your lover? Basically, you have to be sure it’s a good man, full of good intentions in what concerns you and that would never do anything to hurt or humiliate. It’s not easy to figure out, but not impossible: it asks, for example, if you would give passwords to email accounts or other social networks that has a profile. See what your answer and you can easily find how much trust you have in it.

Your relationship is serious enough that you get to have sex? If most of your concerns is the nature of the surface, it’s better not to do step. If, instead, you grew up together, you know for many years and have gone through important stages together, then the situation changes and you consider to move on to an intimate relationship.

You talk about sex with your lover? Think if it is able to cope with issues such as contraception, for example, if you have sound knowledge on the subject and assume responsibilities this. If you find that fails the test, it is better to wait.

You may be able to make such a step with any risk, including violating religious beliefs Partner? Think about how you would look on you family or other members of the community to which you belong and raise your same problem and what it concerns him.

You feel embarrassed in front of that person after a possible sexual contact? The question may seem childish, but make an effort of imagination and designs you somehow 10 years later after the eventual sexual contact. If you feel like more than other 10 year see yourself with him and you have the slightest embarrassment you display next to him and introduce him as your partner for life, it’s better to wait to go for it.

6. Before the action, trying to imagine the moment, step by step
If you do, you might be emerging all kinds of questions about the moment itself, questions that you have the opportunity to discuss with her lover and enlighten them accordingly, before you hit them literally. On your turn, do not expect it to be perfect and to give you first sexual perfection. Would it help to have a more solid friendship back and a sense of humor.

7. Check if the emotionally and you’re just ready
Sex releases oxytocin, the hormone of happiness or that offers a great physical condition. However, even if physically feel afloat, emotionally speaking might not be ready yet. Analyze again if your lover feelings are the most powerful.

8. Approach as many sexual topics
Even if you will find it easy embarrassing, find that it is extremely important to discuss with your partner can absolutely any subject, especially those related to sex. Necessarily have discussions about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and expectations of everyone. These three topics are very important for a first sexual contact.

9. Take all possible measures when it comes to protection
It is said that no contraceptive method is not perfect, apart from abstinence. Although the vast majority of work and do what they promise to do in the prospectus, it’s still good to blow and yogurtand if already using the contraceptive pill, and you put a condom. Super Cautios better than to be sorry that you were not careful enough.

10. Plan your early things that you need in time
Do not wait to buy your condoms 5 minutes before you decide to have sex. Be prepared for such a time and treat it seriously. It’s good to make sure you have at least two contraceptive methods available at any time decide to have sex.

11. Do not rush
Do not plan to have sex at a time when you upload or little time for that. Pick a time completely relaxed, stress-free, the dedicated entirely to your partner and enjoy plenty of each other, without any pressure. Do not go to actual sexual contact immediately. Taste full all phases of foreplay. In addition, remember that sexual pleasure is not necessarily only the techniques used, but mostly what you feel for the guy next to you and what is he to you.

12. Understand well both meanings of the word “consensus”
Falling agree with each other and fixed to want the same thing, it means to be in full agreement. This means that both must be prepared as in any phase of the sexual act to striking and any refusal by the other, denial that he must comply and which must take into account.

If you were raped, go immediately to the first hospital nearby!

A few tips to keep in mind

If religious beliefs dictate you do not start your sex life, follow them.

Losing your virginity is supposed to be a moment of satisfaction and happiness of your life. But most of those who say it was a sad experience accuse two reasons: I was too small and I did it with the wrong partner.”

Note that if something is wrong, you can always say stop action, but to keep the affectionate of you, though.

If you‘re afraid to be caught in public places, then do not risk exposing yourself in such places.

Do not fear that you do not know very well if you do well you do. Talk openly with your partner about it!

Heads Up!

Increased attention, and the age at which you choose to start your sex life and partner age. An accusation of rape is much easier to do when not to exceed the age of majority. It’s even worse when one of the partners of sex is major and the other minor. Even if both you and your partner do it for the first time and both are tested for HIV, it’s still better to use a condom.


6 types of men who have the worst sex!

If you were to ask someone how many sex partners you’ve had so far, as you evaluate your sex life? You counting the men who You had sex lame?

6 types of men who have the worst sex!I mean those men with those sex that does not matter because it was so, so bad And more specifically, men who have some of the worst sex are:

The man with whom sex takes 10 seconds
Is man drinking 2-3 glasses of wine before or who knows he has a problem with erection, but too proud to solve. Sex lasts blink twice and, of course, you do not have an orgasm. But it feels so good and if even boor, I’ll ask and what‘s wrong for you so surprised.

You little man commits
Let’s call a spade a spade. There are plenty of couples in which the man makes his one way or the other partner to feel lucky to have sex with him, and believe that we should have sex whenever he wants and if he refuses a sexual favor, it means that something is happening with it. How to get sex out of obligation? The emotional blackmail.

The man who saved hard sex
Hard to remember, not because it would take a whole day and gets you the details, no. You know that he exists, if you know and how it looks, you had sex with him but I really do not remember how it was. And if I were to get up at night to remember exactly who it is, it would not be worth considering. Why? Because it was so bad sex with him that you can not remember anything.

The man who has sex because they have
The man who has sex to keep score, not to sit too long on the sidelines or take the boys for a beer stories I do not know whether it is worth the name of man. Furthermore, where I’m going with the idea is that when having sex because they have not because he likes / wants very much, is as bad as possible to come to make the woman feel like Damn.

The man who makes you regret sex
Gender should be the most enjoyable experience in two but you know what they say, each forest has its dry. Leaving trees aside, it seems that 60% of women with an active sexual life have had at one time a sex that completely changed opinion about men. That made them see that they can and worse: 0 foreplay, quick kisses here and there, a few moves up down left right and ready. Sex is over! If you have such a male at the door, run!

The man you’re not sure whether or not sex
It’s funny because if it were so, it would be tragic. Things like this when you soar with a man in linen but you do not realize exactly when penetration occurs. As for what to ask, entered? (smile) And if you’re not sure, it’s three reasons: tired, wanted to make their mood with a glass and drank 3 or, it’s not so well equipped to your standards, anatomical or not.


If you have had part of one of the men above, expect to read something about that.


Here are the reasons why men go to a erotic massage

You hear increasingly often about erotic massage, but no one knows exactly why men feel the need to resort to that. I worked in a massage parlor and can reveal shocking reasons for hard sex representatives told me that they came to me.

reasons why men go to a erotic massage

A massage parlor is an environment where men come to relax, but in many situations come and talk about what bothers them to life partners. From experience I can tell you that there were few men who said they were satisfied partners torque.

Whether you were in a relationship for years or just the first two years of life, the main reason that I call men who came to me for a massage, was tied their sexual life. May all men were dissatisfied.

Main complaints that I hear from them:

Girlfriend or wife is no longer tender, as it was when they met.
Life partner no longer cares about looks, so it is no longer attractive.
In terms of sex, wife no longer do things that they normally did before the wedding: oral sex, new sexual positions.
The woman next to her neglect them.
Lack of communication between the couple.
Do not feel loved.
Partner does not engage in sexual intercourse bodily, is superficial.


Tears of joy after orgasm

cryinOur emotions are deeply influenced sexuality, whether we realize it or not. Using common sense, it seems that the joy really has a positive effect on our sex life. Happy people are beautiful and have more positive energy. We rejoice in their happiness and embrace joy can easily turn embrace pleasure.

Tears flowing partner’s eyes due to emotional ecstasy and causing some embarrassment shows that emotions are so strong that controlling your partner. Emotions can reach a level comparable sex drive, and switching between the two is possible. But joy is self-sufficient and does not need anything.

Happy people therefore do not feel excited. And when you look at your partner feel happy not desire. Instead, you are happy and share your happiness with your partner.


Woman-friendly porn.

Pornography has ceased to be an area dedicated exclusively to men. Women have stuck Determined heels sophisticated erotic pleasures in the world and the market profile ignited immediately. Mihaela Frank investigates.

hepta pornSeveral years ago I read in a number of ELLE article about toys” in sex-shop stylish British sites. The article was illustrated with all sorts of beautiful objects with sophisticated design: vibrators adorned with Swarovski crystals, precious handcuffs covered in the velvet, linen and silk and lace masks Chantilly, scented candles, fragrances and even a whip that looks so good as you could buy it on the spot and expose him home as decoration.
I decided then to write an article about sex-shops in Romania (which I did). So I came for the first time in a store like this. In fact, many. I saw a lot of dildos, vibrators of various shapes and colors (the lipstick shaped amused us most, in the editorial) Coils of cheap and latex suits, whips (which, if le- you buy, you feel the need to hide them in the secret drawer), various silicone cock rings, balls Asian-inspired, massage oils and creams flavored aphrodisiacs and more tacky lingerie. No sign of stylish items nes then, although I saw that almost all sex-shops in Bucharest most of them just a couple of tiny rooms had a section dedicated to pornographic films, admit no thought given me to cast more than a glance in their direction.

A world full of bad movies

A few months ago, but I walk through Bucuresti my husband imported from overseas, he noted the amazing density of widespread sex-shops everywhere both on the broad avenues, as well as the side-streets in May. Curious that every man who is in a foreign country, I wonder whether so many buyers to justify the myriad of shops. Frankly, I never noticed heavy traffic on the doors painted red, so I knew what to answer. | nes we came together in a few shops that have emerged in the way, to see what there was for sale. Nothing seemed to have changed from a few years ago the same products, the same general apathy. This time, however, I stopped for a leisurely study the selection of films available to the buyer. DVD covers and summaries on the back did not have attracted the least, so I kept looking, hoping that I will find at least one copy of Emmanuelle probably the most popular film genre on our land (in repertory funny stories of my friends about movies you saw, in times long past, the video, the most common is about giving kids and teens being over Emmanuelle box that their parents a well pitisera among movies Amazing as Asia or Mad Max …).

But no, no trace of sensual Emmanuelle or at least some other classic of the genre (not that I was a knowledgeable classic titles like, but even Deep Throat I’ve heard ). Only sex scenes in various combinations (two, three or more groups or less numerous), sadomasochistic, hardcore gay porn, interracial orgies or mono, blowjobs to hard anal penetrations and double cit includes. Hmm … A little hard for my taste, I thought. We chose, however, a film that seemed, from the presentation of the cover, as well as how to have a narrative. I have. After a few minutes of watching, I realized that I had no desire to see the “movie” until the end. Clichés over clichés, no trace of the story (even dialogue there, more or less), not to mention the qualities of artistic” totally nonexistent. Instead ignite my senses, viewed scenes made ​​me go through moods ranging between laughter and some embarrassment I think there are few things in this world that hamper me more than clichés. and sordid. And that movie excel in however, I thought, there are still some clichés sexual fantasies, after all? What I imagine (and I wanted), in fact, to find a porn movie to attract me? Hmm … I could not immediately answer me this question, so I started to make a list of what I do in this video: funny costumes, the lack of narrative construction or when there ridiculous its cheap and tasteless decor and especially actors – especially actresses, some excess silicone Barbie dolls that start out sounds between ridiculous and grotesque as soon as they are touched by a man, another woman or even themselves. If men are able to imagine that women can even react during sex so I doubt that even women believe their counterparts who performs in such scenes. If you take it seriously, do not we only have you thinking that you fail because you have the same reaction Not to mention the fact that certain angles or close-ups provide the right sinister images that you instantly cut all my sex. Fine, all in all, it was a failed experiment, and the DVD that came in garbage bag.

We had one attempt to find a different kind of film in a sex shop in Bucharest. I walked in one day in one of the stores on Calea Victoriei, near the block where I lived until recently. A young (probably the young girl as seller) sitting in front of a computer. Both seemed somewhat embarrassed by our presence there. After I took a look at the video shelf same selection I asked the girl in the next room if they could recommend a movie we liked. She was quick to assure me that never watched such a film. Hmm … does not sound too encouraging. I realized pretty quickly that the chances of finding a porn movie as I imagine they are all too small. “It seems that you can not find here any porn for women whispered my husband when we went out the door. Porn for Women ?!I asked surprised. I did not know there was such a categorySurely I am not the only one intrigued by this phrase. Bag hand in the fire that most of you have already raised an eyebrow in question mark / wonder, reading the title of this article. This is for several reasons. One of them is that in Romania pornography is still taboo. How many of us would admit openly that explores, at least from time to time, this area or would be tempted to do? (Not even a friend of a seller of a sex shop would admit it nohow, and can it really did not look into her life such a be … And I sincerely hope that the mother will not read ELLE this month.) In the best case, the general perception is that pornography is a sin” tasted men rather than women (of course, not talking about our men, God forbid, but about that perverted or desperate alone …).


Signs that you are boring in bed!!!

Signs that you are boring in bed!!! Boredom occurs in any relationship, but it is important to realize this and take action. See how you realize that you are boring in bed.

Signs that you are boring in bed

Not wearing sexy lingerie
Your pajamas and fluffy hearts are comfortable and cute, but he might not like him so much, especially if you wear every night. Men are visual and want to see you, even sometimes dressed in something sexy. Surprise him dressed in a provocative lingerie and you’ll see how your relationship will become more interesting.

Make love in one place
If you do not want to have sex than in the bedroom, do not be surprised if I tell you, at one time, that was tired. Numerous studies have shown that having sex partners in other rooms were happier and more satisfied with each other. If you want to do something really daring, you can try sex in public places something.

Do you want to try new things
Men want to try new things, and if you say no to every proposal that do not be surprised that you will get bored. Some men want to talk dirty, others prefer to use sex toys, whatever, it does not hurt to show that you are willing to try.

Make love slowly
If sex has become a problem to be solved once a month, you should think well if you want to be in this relationship. Men want to feel wanted, and when sex is mechanically programmed and not be surprised if you think you’re boring.


Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex.

Love and sex: Top 28 amazing things about sex. Sex is a topic much discussed but never exhausted. Always discovering new and there are other things to learn. The fact that men, on average 11 daily erections or orgasm prolongs life that are less known curiosity.

Top 28 amazing things about sex

1. Sex can function as medicine, especially against headaches. During sex, the body releases endorphins, the hormone that relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system.

2. The average size of an erect penis is 12.7 inches.

3. Sperm can be used as anti-wrinkle face cream or prevent acne. It contains a natural antioxidant called spermine, which, according to studies, moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents acne, but has these beneficial effects only if it is extracted and processed in the laboratory. A Norwegian company has launched on the market a face cream called “Spermine” which producers say is 30 times more effective than vitamin E skin and slows by 20% skin aging.

4. A teaspoon of semen contains about 250 million sperm. A man without health problems produce up to 60,000 sperm per minute.

5. The speed with which a man ejaculates is an average of 45.1 km / h. However, once in the vagina, the sperm get in about 5 minutes in the cervix, and the strongest of them reach the egg within 72 hours, according to Mark Elliot, director of the Institute of Psychological and Sexual Health Ohio, USA.

6. A teaspoon of sperm is between 5 and 25 calories. The product ejaculation is only 1% in the composition semen, consisting for the most part of the protein, vitamins and minerals, up to 200 in number, including vitamin C, citric acid, lactic acid, fruity, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium , vitamin B12 and zinc.

7. The vibrator was invented to relieve states of hysteria, in the nineteenth century.

8. The average length of a flaccid penis in a state is 8 inches.

9. In 1850 BC. Hr., Egyptians used crocodile excrement for contraception. In addition to this strange solution, the Egyptian longer inserted into the vagina honey or sodium carbonate.

10. During orgasm, the heart beats up to 180 beats per minute.

11. According to a new study, 44% of men and 36% of women have tried anal sex at least once. Although many heterosexual men have enjoyed the experience of anal sex, women who have had a greater extent, homosexual. Studies show that 12% of women have maintained, for once, intimate relationship with another woman and only 5% of men said they had sex with a person of the same sex.

12. a man’s orgasm lasts on average 22 seconds.

13. A woman’s orgasm lasts on average 18 seconds.

14. During sex is issued an antidiuretic hormone that prevents urination. This is called vasopressin and is released by the pituitary gland.

15. pheromones secreted by the body makes men more attractive to women.

16. Men have, on average, 11 erections per day. However, erections are not necessarily the result of sexual arousal. Some scientists believe that this is the way to keep penile tissue elasticity. Also, erections can occur sometimes reflexively, when a man is angry, scared, excited or stressed because of enlarged prostate because of drugs or need to urinate.

17. Sex can adjust the sleep cycle, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. During orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which induces relaxation and sleepiness.

18. The testicles are increased by up to 50% during intercourse.

19. A woman’s vagina is, on average, up to 10 inches in length, but can double due to excitation.

20. Pineapple juice and other citrus juices alter the taste of sperm. The porn actress Annie Sprinkle, who has tasted” the sperm of hundreds of men ejaculate vegetarians product has the pleasant taste, consumption of fruit and fruit juices hours before sex improves sperm taste, while nicotine, alcohol, meat and onion make it less enjoyable.

21. Clitoris are up to 8,000 nerve endings.

22. There are people who are sexually attracted to objects. In general, those who suffer from such problems are not just sexually attracted to a particular object, but also develops feelings, thinking, perhaps, in reciprocity. In extreme cases, people suffering from this disease can not understand normal relations between people. For example, a woman named Erika La Tour Eiffel is drawn to the Eiffel Tower, marrying” with the famous tower in Paris. She swore loyalty and devotion tower during a ceremony, and then changing the name.

23. A man produce up to 53 liters of sperm in life.

24. There is a fetish called formichophilia defined by sexual pleasure to have insect genitalia.

25. Some scholars argue that masturbation can combat depression by releasing endorphins in the body orgasm.

26. a woman’s vagina natural lubricant is found in shark liver. Substance called squalene.

27. Studies have shown that pornography is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 40 years.

28. orgasms you can prolong life. During orgasm, the body hormone (DHEA dehydroepiandrosterone) which strengthens immunity. In addition, orgasm burn calories and regulates sleep.