4 reasons you should look at porn

Sex Advice: 4 reasons you should look at porn!!

It is said that men often looked at porn than women, although it is quite likely as women to look “in secret”, but not recognize because they would “spoil” the image. Especially for porn movies means more people degradation and exploitation of women as sexual objects, and tracking porn would mean betraying their “sisters”.

4 reasons you should look at porn - Sex Advice

However, leaving aside prejudices, porn can be a form of escape in eroticism. In addition, I can help you discover sexuality and be more active in the bedroom.

Here are four reasons why women should look at porn.

1. You know better

You can explore every part of your privacy, so next time you have sex with your partner will know exactly what you like and what not and you can give precious indications.

2. Discover other positions

Watching porn you face a new perspective on sexuality. Other positions outside of the classic missionary other types of sex (anal, three, group, fetish, etc.). Thus, you are more open to try things that you think fit.

3. Learn new tricks

You should not necessarily turn into a porn star. Anyway, you see there is staged by professionals with long years of practice. But you can apply little tricks that you can learn from porn. Certainly sex partner will be surprised and you can rekindle the spark in the bedroom.

4. It believes “chef”

In the evenings you feel like you do not feel, yet you do not want to disappoint your partner already warmed-a porn movie can get you out of the impasse. So next time, before you find the line “Not today” starts an adult movie and watch it together. Men are intrigued by the right partner when it proposes to follow explicit images together. God forbid that we will judge.


Claudia – The female ejaculation – Erotic Story

The female ejaculation – Claudia’s Story

Claudia - The female ejaculation - Erotic StoryClaudia spent several years suffering from sexual complex, but it was time to look forward and forget the past. Just he breaks a relationship with her boyfriend of a lifetime, and feared it was time to sleep with another man and that he did not understand its special feature. And Claudia lubricated overreact when making love, and upon reaching orgasm, ejaculation succeeded as if it were a man. A former boyfriend never liked that particular feature of it, but I knew that there were many children who became crazy with pleasure when he fucked an aunt who was able to eject liquid through the vagina.

Finally came the moment when Claudia was going to try sex with a different man. That night was linked with a guy at the bar as usual, and she proposed to him that the last at home if he wanted to take. He said yes at the time, and both got up and went to the small apartment Claudia maiden. She was still a little scared by the reaction of the boy to his ability to ejaculate or “squirting”, as it was called now to such a phenomenon, but could not live in fear for life and decided to let go and that was what God wanted.

Back in the elevator, Claudia and her new pickup they kissed passionately. Her hands sought sex from the other, and competed over clothing. Finally, when the elevator stopped them at its plant, Claudia opened the door and the couch rights dining launched. It seemed as if they could not wait any longer and had to appease the heater in the first place available. Clothes ripped each other, until they are completely naked. Their hot bodies rubbing together the rhythmic beat of each penetration. She stood next to him, behind him fuck her pussy hungry for pleasure. Lubrication was so abundant that the boy’s cock came with ease, without the slightest effort. It was obvious from his face that he was enjoying as ever.

They kept fucking passionately about the sofa while I noticed that Claudia was approaching the time when reach a vaginal orgasm. He recalled a moment all the bad times that had happened prior to this, but shook his head and decided to surprise the new kid with a water show of the epoch-making. Claudia ran without warning, covering the cock and the body of the boy in a smooth and transparent vaginal fluid. Tolo splashed droplets which were in its path, while Claudia was still penetrated without any respite.

Damn, that bitch last. I love that you’ve run so while I’m fucking. Uncle said haltingly. Undoubtedly, these words gave a huge relief to Claudia, who was preparing for a second orgasm in which they would not be at all. He got up and let this guy fuck her from below. He began to caress the body of Claudia sweet, running his hands her huge breasts, defined waist and her tender ass. Suddenly, the boy told that was about to come, and those words became so horny Claudia, she also ran home in the same time that he did. Suddenly a wave of fluids were exchanged by the couple, being difficult to tell who was who. Semen flooded the body of Claudia, which in turn expelled the boy spraying all over their own vaginal fluid.

After recovering breath, the two sat in front of the sofa, which was completely wet after sex. They both looked at each other and smiled, accomplices who had starred in a sex scene like few water there. Undoubtedly, Claudia had discovered that what was once considered it a problem, was now a unique quality to go crazy men, and from now on implement thought at all times.


7 Things You Did not Know about pornography!

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography! With a few billion annual industry, you might think that there are few things that people do not know about pornography. And yet, here are some shocking things that you might not have known about pornography and that recent studies have revealed specialty.

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography

Women are excited when they see the monkeys having sex

Do you think men can be excited by almost anything? In fact, things are slightly different. Researchers at Northwestern University have shown some men and women adult films. It was found that while men react in a positive images, women were not as receptive. They said they were excited after watching movies with monkeys having sex or images of women having sex with other women.

Utah is the most perverted state in the US

A study by Harvard University found that Utah has the most subscribers adult sites per thousand net users. (Montana is the state with the fewest such subscriptions).

Men who watch porn production focuses mainly on the face of the actresses from films

Surprisingly, eyes and lips but won the battle with tits and ass, according to a study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Researchers believe that men faces concerning actresses want to discover how excited they are in reality.

Birth control pills affect women’s desire

According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women who do not take contraceptive pills focused on genitals when they were shown films for adults. Instead, they are taking contraceptive pills Women who were more interested in contextual elements, such as scenery or actors wore. Researchers explanation: women not taking the pill had a stronger sex drive.

Absolutely all men look at porn

A researcher at the University of Montreal wanted to conduct a study to see the impact it has on child sexual life of men. For that needed a group of men between 20 and 30 years who never ate pornography, but did not find even one man to fulfill the requirement.

Most men have access to pornography before puberty

According to a study from the University of Montreal, boys begin to look at pornography 10 years.

Presidential elections are growing appetite for pornography

After George Bush won the election in 2004 increased people’s interest in sites for adults. The same thing happened in 2008 after Obama became US president. Researchers at universities Villanova and Rutgers believes that supporters of the winning team increase their testosterone levels and sex desire.


Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!!

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet!!! It is said that some people do”, while others give advice and not always approved. Either way, the site Trutv.com tells us not to follow any of the top 13 tips below.

Top 13 most stupid advice about sex circulating on the Internet

1. Prior to oral sex, take a sip of hot water, as hot, then keep your mouth shut until you get to performance.
Why not ok: condoms are still not asbestos.

 2. Rub his back with a rolling pin for pie charts.
Why not ok: unlike dough men ‘also has bones.

 3. Check the prostate by inserting a finger into the anus to like a lot!
Why it’s ok, because the doctor is the one who usually introduces a finger there and done with a clear purpose: to detect a possible prostate cancer. It’s not something sexy. That is, if not interested in boys …

 4. Excited him releasing air from a balloon, light, little, in various parts of the body.
Why not ok: What’s that ?! A birthday party with clowns ?!

5. Bind him like a burrito: do roll the sheet around his body, leaving him in sight head, shoulders and feet. Then Sara’s every bit of those parts left out.
Why not ok: no one feels comfortable tied up or dressed in a robe with 5 numbers lower.

6. Take a donut hole, filled with jam and stick-io around the penis, then eat from it little by little.
Why not ok: sex in three, the third being represented by a donut, it’s not just men dream. That if … it simply would always threesomes: you, he and a senvis; you type it and a potato cake. Or other combinations …

7. Go to the basket with toys the child and borrows something from there, to play together in bed with that toy.
Why not ok: let’s be honest, you are hell of adults, let alone children’s toys, have a salary, so you can afford to buy yours to you.

8. Pour the mint navel, then it goes to a fan.
Why not ok: mint ?! Ah, yes, of course: drink you enjoy all elderly ladies …

9. Turn off the lights, light a torch and direct it on your body fix the areas that you want him to your next or suck them.The convention is that only when he put out Laterna may stop.
Why it’s ok, because the use flashlights at night in the forest, or possibly in a tent. Not in bed, when you have sex.

10. Semen contains zinc and calcium, both elements preventing dental caries.
So? That does not mean that oral sex and swallowing sperm lieu of toothpaste and toothbrush.

11. Take her underwear only partner with the mouth.
And what do you do with your hands the whole time? Crochet a scarf?

12. Cool the balls in the fridge, then make him lie down over them.
Why not ok: take you sit down on them, see, it’s easy to sit on cold balls?

 13. Put some hot sauces over genitals.
Why not ok: Well, besides the fact that to numb probably the whole area and no longer feel anything, maybe you’re hungry. In which case you can opt for a hot dog.


How can you reach orgasm without sex or masturbate!?

How can you reach orgasm without sex or masturbate!? The course is based on breathing techniques, combined with pelvic muscle contractions and meditation exercises aimed at rediscovering inner balance. Orgasm can be experienced without sexual contact with a partner and even without resorting to masturbation, boost offered by some sex toys or adult films. Generically called orgasm without hands(hands free orgasm), this kind of pleasure can be experienced thanks to a technique that is taught in some countries, such as India or the US.

How can you reach orgasm without sex or masturbate

Under the heading “How can you get a sexual orgasm genres beyond” online publication writes about a workshop on the subject led by instructor Barbara Carrellas, author of the book “Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century” (Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the twenty-first century). The course is based on breathing techniques, combined with pelvic muscle contractions and meditation exercises aimed at rediscovering inner balance, which affords an orgasm otherwise. “When the teacher gives the signal, all participants begin to breathe in unison, 30 times in a row. Although it is an individual exercise, work in groups to achieve orgasm. Suddenly, tingling begin to be felt in the abdominal area and extend sensations to the brain. Background sounds appear to be intensifying, like a tribal chant, then students begin to curl up in the fetal position. Climax was reached “a blogger described what happens to such a workshop. As he said, the sensation experienced is the same as that experienced during an orgasm obtained from a sex or masturbation. “If it was an orgasm, was the strongest I’ve ever had. And the period after orgasm, a sort of ineffable serenity is different from anything else”, said blogger. Extension or intensify orgasm is a desire shared by many, even if we are not willing to admit this. And the power of the mind and breathing techniques are another option, in addition to classical to do so.


Find out how many days it is normal to have sex, according to age! What happens to the benefits after 60 years, especially in women?

Find out how many days it is normal to have sex, according to age! What happens to the benefits after 60 years, especially in women? Number intercourse is variable from person to person depending on age, nutrition, rest, stress, illness, attractive partner and cultural factors.

Find out how many days it is normal to have sex according to age

Given all this, the renowned gynecologist and sexologist Vasile Nitescu conducted a table showing the rate of normal sexual activity, mediocre and excess (which you can see in the picture below). As is normally the maximum frequency belongs to the period of 18-35 years of age, then it should be reduced gradually. Between 35 and 46 years gradually decreased libido, sexual appetite of people registering an increasingly reduced to the age of 60, after which obviously decreases sexual potency, especially in women.

In men, the sexual act can be repeated at a variable interval of time is directly related to its biological potential and qualities partner. Doctors believe that libido and sexual activity of unmarried individuals are higher than married people work.

Vasile Nitescu feels that the frequency of sexual relations especially in men is a fundamental indicator of the health of the individual and a sure indication of aging. The table conducted by sexologist anyone can conclude whether or not a normal sexual life.

If not surprise anyone that can be considered as a level 3-4 exaggerated reports / day in young people, surely many will wonder to learn that 79 years is normal to make love at least once every 10 days!


5 reasons why women do not like oral sex!

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex! Why women do not like oral sex? While some women refuse to consider the idea of making oral sex, there are many more cases where the fair sex are pleased to partner with oral sex, but avoids this for good reasons. Ava Cadell, prof. Dr. In human sexuality, author of the book “NeuroLoveology”, believes that men often do not realize that life partners refuse or are reluctant to make oral sex by reason of what they do right.

5 reasons why women do not like oral sex

Why women do not like oral sex: He confuses head with soccer ball!

The most common complaint that dr. Cadell hears from women about oral sex refers to partners who presses his head while doing oral sex. In spite of what happens in porn, women hate to be abused in this way. Perhaps a macho man feels when doing so, but for a woman is unpleasant and degrading. More appropriate would be to tell your partner how good is good at oral sex and how beautiful this time recommends Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: Ejaculate without an announce!

Certainly, women like to be surprised from time to time, but not when your partner ejaculates while they are concentrated oral action, without having to provide any indication in this regard. “It is polite to ask a lady that has no objection to swallow and even then be given to understand that soon“, said Cadell. If your partner dislikes to swallow, then the partner may choose to finish another part of her body, noting that another part of the body” should not refer to the present references Professor in human sexuality.

Why women do not like oral sex: He not returns the favor!

Often, men consider that they are entitled to receive oral sex, but without any obligation to return the favor as sexual. So if you are one of the men who are content to receive without giving back, should not be surprised that the day will come that will be excluded from oral sex “menu”.

Why women do not like oral sex: Neglect personal hygiene!

Care requires attention to the genital area including pubic hair for men, not just women. Pubic hair should be trimmed regularly, which not only provides a better access to the genitals during oral sex, but also helps to preserve them clean. Finally, who likes to tangle in hair while focusing on partner pleasure ? asks rhetorically Cadell.

Why women do not like oral sex: It takes too much!

If a man needs more than ten minutes to ejaculate after oral stimulation, a woman will begin to perceive this activity as a chore and try to avoid. Therefore, men should put more emphasis on foreplay to be sufficiently excited when receiving oral sex and thus shorten the time necessary to achieve orgasm. There is also a version in which the partners can take a break when lengthens oral sex too much time they can devote to other sexual activities.





What cut sex drive of women!?

What cut sex drive of women!? Often wonder why men feel women have sex, especially after the relationship in which the threshold is crossed three years. Sociologists and psychologists argue that there are a number of reasons why women have sex feel pretty much dependent on a number of factors but the nature of the drug and sentimental nature.

What cut sex drive of women

Why do women have sex binge reasons

Birth control pills and antidepressants, medications that they take quite a lot of women have a rather strange effect on women when it vien mood for sex. More specifically, according to doctors, 25% of women taking birth control pills suffer from a decrease in libido and most women who take antidepressants are experiencing this problem.

It seems that because of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates lactiatia, breastfeeding women do not have the mood for sex. But this is not a rule, say doctors, despite the fact that such cases are common.

Doctors say most women who are in long term relationships feel the need to sleep more often than the need to have sex. Therefore use the excuse that they have a headache.”

Stress and strife
When a woman is stressed or ceartacu her boyfriend, self-confidence decline. Inevitably, when it feels so not in the mood for sex.

Hormonal Causes
Doctors say unfulfilled sex life and lack of sex drive of women often have hormonal causes. Endocrine dysfunction adversely affect a woman’s libido.




People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple!

People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple! Karezza is a new kind of sex involving affectionate touch, not only the orgasm is not the goal, but ideally, no partner does not touch him.

People invented a new kind of sex How to rejuvenate the life of the couple

There was a new kind of sex where the orgasm is avoided. Karezza, is a type of sexual practice that emphasize the emotional connection and affection, according reuniting.info.

“Create a sense of attachment in a relationship, which is very difficult to express. It’s much deeper than conventional sex“, said a man who practice this type of sex for ABC News.

A psychologist who uses this sexual practice to revitalize relations patients told her that despite the stereotype that men only aim to achieve orgasm, devoted most of her customers are men.

It’s a radical experience for them, but believes that emotional intimacy exceeds thrill when you were watching just to have sex“, said psychologist.


This is why women feel the need to have sex!

This is why women feel the need to have sex! A recent study suggests that female sexual desire is not only triggered by hormones, but complex psychological factors such satisfaction in the relationship.

This is why women feel the need to have sex

These factors are more important as the effect of hormones. The study took part in many postmenopausal women. The research was done in 7 different clinics in the United States.

The study concludes that testosterone and other sex hormones play a minor role, limited in triggering sexual desire in these women.

John Randolph, of the University of Michigan, author of the study, says that psychological factors are most important in stimulating sexual desire, less testosterone, although it was often associated with erotic function.

Happiness emotional intimacy and relationship are essential for the sexual life of women. Those were happier more often felt the desire to have sex, as well as those that have a much higher level of testosterone in the blood.

The study took part in 3,302 women who responded to a questionnaire related to their intimate life and the desire to have sex. Then the researchers took their blood, to see the sex hormones.

The conclusion of the study was published in the Endocrine Society‘s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.