Guide emergency after unprotected sex!

Guide emergency after unprotected sex! Let’s face it, unprotected sex can happen anytime, even if you never intend to make this mistake. And after such an event do not know what you should do. Before you leave gripped by fear and go into depression and to expect the worst should know that there are plenty of ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases develop. The first thing you need to do it but it will not hide your head in the sand and pretend that nothing happened the more you move quickly to the faster action can prevent or treat any complications of unprotected sex.


Some symptoms then look

If you are a man and you are dealing with:

Discharge from penis;
Pain during ejaculation;
Irritation and itching in the genital area

Go immediately to the doctor to get professional help.

If you’re a woman and you are dealing with:

Unexpected bleeding;
Pain when going to the bathroom;
– Leakage strange;
Irritation, burning and itching in the genital area

Go immediately to the doctor to get professional help.

Calendar” does not matter
There is always a risk that a pregnant woman indinferet whether or not the position of childbearing or if you have had unprotected sex. And the ‘withdrawal’ is not a form of birth control that you can rely on. Condoms, however, is extremely effective. However, remember that a single measure does not fit all men if the condom is too big or too small can slip or break during sex.

Intrauterine Device
It is a contraceptive device placed in the uterus. Can be installed to 5 days after you had unprotected sex. It is the best form of emergency contraception and prevents the development of a possible pregnancy.

The contraceptive pill
Depending on the type of pill the day may be effective for 3-5 days after having unprotected sex.

Statistics about sex

26% of people do not, usually, protected sex with new partners;
24% of people do not take contraceptive measures or leave them in the care partner / her;
50% of patients in November diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases are young people aged between 16 and 25 years;
51% of women and 61% of male students unprotected sex.

Good to know

When buying condoms be careful / to the expiration date of the product;
Condoms can break for a variety of reasons: lack of lubrication, oil-based lubricants, piercings.

No symptom no problem?
Even if you do not show any symptoms, you may have a sexually transmitted disease if you have practiced unprotected sex. 50% of men and 70-80% of women with chlamydia had no symptoms.

Go to the doctor in a short time
It is possible to treat uncomplicated a sexually transmitted disease if the disease is detected early. It usually takes between two weeks and three months for a test to discover whether or not you’ve been infected.



The strangest things you ever heard about sex!

The strangest things you ever heard about sex! About sex runs a number of legends that more or less funny. The correlation between the size of the already classic shoe size men and manhood to ideas such as the use of two condoms while providing more protection, there are dozens of strange myths you’ve heard about sex. Introducing a brief updated list of these myths about sex, to have any idea how many can charge in connection with a perfectly normal eventually.

The strangest things you ever heard about sex

Drink Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy
It is said that certain chemicals present in this refreshing drink has an effect on male sperm, which could result in the inability to procreate. The truth that doctors have found however is quite different: the drink causes more thirsty, how is consumed more.

Two condoms instead of one
Some men do their best not to become dads too early because still have much to do in life rather sway baby every whimper. So few men are not convinced that two condoms offer more protection. In reality, it is possible that because of the two objects friction plastic to break faster than one.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Heidi Reeder, from Boise State University in the USA 76% of cases of friendship between two people of the opposite sex there is room for parties amor friends are more durable.

Sperm are beneficial for beauty
That is the strangest of all the things you‘ve heard about sex! According to doctors, semen contains antioxidants that help reduce wrinkles and combat acne and pimples. In New York there are even spas where women are beauty treatments based sperm fee of $ 250. Actress Heather Locklear sperm ensure that treatment has a beneficial effect on skin health.



4 exercises for better sex!

4 exercises for better sex! To get a good sexual match and availability is not just imagination but rather a normal physical condition. Sport is essential to have a better sex with a loved one, any sport exercise accompanied by an appropriate diet.

4 exercises for better sex

Exercise contributes to overall health status and here we include sexual health. With some exercises that you can do consistently every day will mark performance in the bedroom.

Cardiovascular activity
Jogging, swimming, brisk walking or aerobic exercises outdoors, each of which contribute to heart health and hence a better sexual stamina. Circulation plays an important role during intercourse and it can be adjusted to normal levels using sporting activities.

If you’re looking for a sex is flexibility and strength, yoga practice. Yoga will help you to enjoy new sexual positions that you will surprise your partner.

Count on a flat stomach and strong attractive not just an idea but a reality that promotes stability and strength of the body in a passionate love match. With a strong abdomen worked otherwise you will enjoy your sexual experiences.

Pilates and stretching
Like yoga, and these practices favoring flexibility and are more resistant body during sex. The pleasure is assured for both.



7 Things you should already know about sex!

7 Things you should already know about sex! You have probably read many articles about sex: about protection, what he likes, what would excite you etc, but at least 7 things you should know already.

7 Things you should already know about sex

Here are 7 things you should know already about sex:

This recommendation comes from doctors who found that an orgasm, heart pulsations can reach up to 180 per minute. Moreover, depending on each person’s response to sexual stimulation and orgasm can cause cardiovascular problems.

2. Ejaculation
During intercourse come to be ejaculated over 100 million sperm that traveling” at a speed of 18 kilometers per hour.

3. Faked orgasm
50% of women mimics orgasm, according to official data provided by experts in the field. The reason why women resort to this method is the fear of upsetting partner and to leave, many psychologists consider.

4. Men who masturbate A COUPLE MORE
That’s very strange and perhaps you have not taken this into account. Men who have a stable relationship masturbate more than singles and that’s because of how many sexual relations are maintained with both produce more testosterone. A vicious circle.

5. Erection
Men can have an erection in 10 seconds (average duration), while women need more time to be ready for intercourse.

According to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas, the main reasons people have sex and procreation are releasing tension.

7. And women watching porn
The Internet Filter Review, women enjoy their pornographic films. The figures show the following: 87% of women aged between 25 and 40 years looking porn on the Internet, and 70% of them deny it.




13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex!

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex! There are times when she wants and is afraid to tell her husband. You should not say it to him directly, because it would scare away, but there are a number of ways in which every woman may suggest that your partner wants to have sex.

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex

Each person and each couple is a universe in itself, their privacy. If some instant connection fail, others must use more body language when they want to communicate perfectly normal things in a pair such as the desire to have sex. Couples who have some experience with already know when your spouse wants to have sex. Others, however, have to feel the ground.

Here are 13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex.

1. Call it in the bedroom wearing sexy if your boyfriend is in the office or in the living room watching TV.

2. Look into his eyes and fixed them flirtatious smile, but do not forget to keep the farm before him.

3. Smile him as a rebellious teenager who is adventurous.

4. Come to your lover after you hit with your favorite perfume. The scent is an aphrodisiac that can do wonders, especially if you gave him touch sensitive areas.

5. Kiss her neck, this thing any man crazy.

6. While you kiss, holds her lower lip between his teeth to convey that want sex now. This will give you enough to understand.

7. Bite her ear softly.

8. Look at him while kissing him. Look at him penetrating and show you willing to do to feel better.

9. Tap it in intimate areas while kissing him.

10. Stroking her palm with your fingers, gently.

11. Come to the body of his body and move it apart while you look in the eye and smile.

12. Play with his mind: Take your clothes off in front of their partner, but without showing it.

13. Get out of the shower with a bathrobe and watch it alluring.


4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex!

4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex! Sex is very important for health, but it all starts with emotional balance, so is the mind which prevails in a sex. Find 4 things fleeing women when it comes to sex and you can watch them.

4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex

4 things WOMEN fleeing when it comes to SEX :

1. Women fleeing sex toys
Especially if the first night of love with your partner. In general, women who want stability and they want to enjoy sex as should avoid using vibrators or other technological inventions sexual satisfaction. The Man Who Will Come First phone number of love with sex toys might receive their shoes in the second number 2, because women do not need objects, but living men (with protective feelings and presence).

2. WOMEN fanciful tale of the man fleeing
Men who try to get in bed deeply wrong if a woman proceeds to boast of their sexual fantasies fulfilled or unfulfilled. Even worse is if your boyfriend starts strung you a list of women who have crossed the threshold, even some friend of yours or knowledge. You will make big eyes because you think you might like gossip you to be the next woman that the man will have an affair.

3. Women fleeing men who act like daddy
Moreover, alinturi like “Mom” or “father daughter” would be likely to shock the ladies. This is because they already have a father, and what they need is a lover in the bedroom. Freudian language messages are not liking women in a sex.

4. Women fleeing men who abandon them after making SEX
Most men fall asleep immediately after sex, and instant depressed woman instead to relax after releasing hormones. While it is normal behavior, according to researchers after sleep and indifference can destroy the relationship partner in record time.




Do you know the difference between love and sex?

Do you know the difference between love and sex? Surely you have wondered over time often the difference between love and sex. Well, know that there is only one thing that separates the two “active”, but much more. Find out what is the difference and what chapter was part of your life erotica up now!

Emotional connection is above all
The biggest difference between love and sex is related to emotional involvement in the erotic act. A simple game sex, a one night stand or an act of ordinary, you only physical connection. When you know your partner well and there are feelings, it is obvious that one sex is not only the passion, but it creates a magic between you. Both get involved in the game than erotic and not interested just to satisfy their own pleasures, but to offer him and loved the same. You can easily give out if a man loves you or not. If interested just feel it in the ninth heaven and thee neglect, you should not wait and other evidence. Of course, it all depends on what you want and you at that link.

Do you know the difference between love and sex

Friends with benefits, a spice in your sex life
The need for sex or being with someone pushing more people to live such a story. Therefore, no feelings of love are those who are inspired by the partners to be together. However, nobody can guarantee that you can not reach a serious relationship in this way. But you need to attach someone should not be confused with love. So if you find yourself in this situation, try to look at things objectively and to know when to get out of it. Not always positive relationship progresses, so it would not hurt you to take a jacket”.

The difference between love and sex foreplay starts at
Sex involves more action and less erotic play. As mentioned above, a partner who is attentive to your needs will do anything to excite you as you prepare for the erotic act. You’ll feel enveloped by his love and you’ll realize how much you mean to him. Rough sex not enter into the picture, but this depends on your lover’s fantasies. Instead, romance is climbed to an art. When foreplay takes place between you (for too long), it means that there truly desire to be together. In this case the need to completely dominate the decor sex love.

Loving couple in affectionate sensual kiss

Orgasm should not be confused with love
You’re in the ninth heaven of sexually, but after the game ends, you do not feel emotionally connected to your partner. Do not hope that you have met the great love. The only thing you can enjoy is that you meet a partner with whom you get along well in bed. No matter how intense as a sex, it can not mean more than that. Do not be fooled by the sensation that you have after you touch orgasm. You ever thought that not only men become addicted to a relationship based on sex? As well may be attracted into the trap of disillusionment and women.

Selfishness makes the difference between love and sex
Love pushes you to think about your partner, put him at the forefront him and do whatever you can to you as well. When you make compromises Erotic just because you know how much he wants to put into practice some sexual fantasies, it is obvious that you give yourself completely. But he is willing to do the same for you? If he rushes to reach penetration time, it should not surprise you that it is not willing to do any other things for you. Also, you should carefully observe and how is the feedback we have you during sex. A man who proposes sexual positions only for their own pleasure lacking in bed.

If sexual attraction can be felt for many people obviously love do not come into the same pattern. You you ever thought about this? If so, you’ve seen the difference between love and sex, both subtle and obvious at the same time?




5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life!

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life! Sexual life should not be driven by fear, as would be any irresponsible and risky. To have a healthy sex life, fulfilling, supposed to fully enjoy both you and your spouse, intimate moments satisfactory to talk openly about all the problems, fantasies and needs.

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life

Here are five habits that would have to give if you want to improve your sex life.

1. Sex is something was wrong
Often, when sex is a bad result (unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, etc.), people say happened“. Sex would have to happen” but to be a choice, an option, as a result of decisions, not something that gets out of control.

2. Do you think that if you gave a misfire, you’re a loser
Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you have consumed too much alcohol and forgot to wear a condom or you did not live up to expectations partner can fix everything. It is important to realize what you did wrong and what to do to make things right next time.

3. You assume that you are healthy” free to do your analysis!
If you had unprotected sex in suspicious circumstances, you do not expect to be any symptoms. And if you do not appear, assume that you’re right. Do your analysis! Most sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic or they can be confused with other things. The safest way to find out whether or not you are a carrier of a virus is to do your tests. Also, do not engage in sexual relations with unknown partners without protection, following the principle that “clean” and smells good.

4. Confuse intimacy with unprotected sex
Many people give up protection after several months, weeks and even days because they say have reached a high level of privacy and trust feel like sex partner. But this “commitment” can be ominous if one partner is already sick. Some STDs do not occur until several months. Unprotected sex can not be a proof of the intimacy of the couple or monogamy unless both partners have made analyzes and evidence that they are okay. Otherwise the risk is too high.

5. Do not talk about sex
People like to have sex, but do not like to talk about sex. They consider embarrassing discussions about sex and not comfortable. But the beginning of a relationship, it is imperative to talk about protection, STDs and just about any testing that will declare healthy. Although at first glance such discussions “cut appetite“, are vital for sexual health.


Rules about sex that few people know them!

Rules about sex that few people know them! Everyone believes that good at sex, but according to recent studies in the field of sexuality, there are rules about sex that few people know it, which applies worldwide. So aside rules about sex are funny, on the other hand may prove to be useful for some people, as announced sexologists.

Rules about sex that few people know them

So, here are some rules about sex that few people know them!

1. Always first night of sex with a new partner will be the best. This usually refers to the fact that once you are consumed” sexual needs after first intercourse, such as yearning, these sex will be much better than the first one. Moreover, often during the first intercourse, the man does not give everything better,” since it has lit heels” and is horny all the time when in the presence of his partner.

2. Sex is fun! Sexologists say that over 80% of couples believe that sex is funny noises and grimaces because they have during sex. Moreover, women think themselves most of the time, girls are sad and funny beyond measureduring sex. Men are of the same opinion about themselves. But women are not as funny consider men and men do not believe that women should be fun during sex but sensual, or sensual.

3. Perhaps the most important rule regarding rules about sex, is this morning sex relieves hangovers. The explanation is quite simple! Thus, during sex, the body begins to take a more active tone, leading to rapid elimination of toxins from the blood. More so, morning sex you can get rid of hangover and because it involves a much greater effort despus and blood is put in motion more quickly, resulting in detoxification.




Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them!

Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them! If you want to know what supposes a normal sexual relationship, how important masturbation in the relationship, and what really supposed to eat aphrodisiac products, do not hesitate to follow the answers to the questions below!

Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them

1. What is a normal, healthy sexual relationship?
There is no “normal” generally applied to each individual. At most, we can say that something is “normal” if practiced by a large number of people and do not entail public opprobrium. In terms of a healthy sexual relationship, especially normal, it varies from couple to couple so that each person has different emotional and sexual needs.

While sexual activity varies from relationship to relationship, there are some indicative of a love relationship “normalin general:
Both partners be equally satisfied by the activities they undertake
Neither partner should not feel forced to do something that does not want
Each partner should have the right to say “no” to sex at any time of day and no matter why. A refusal is a refusal and must be accepted
Mutual respect before and after sex
Neither partner should not suffer loss in self-esteem
Openness and trust between partners about sexual history of each, but on current sexual activity

2. Masturbation affect the sexual relationship and how much self-induced pleasure is too much?
As long as the entire sexual life is not just masturbation and self-induced pleasure not prevail in your relationship, masturbation does not affect nor the emotional and sexual relationship. But if a woman or a man prefer to meet in one place to enjoy the pleasures of sex with their partner, then masturbation prevails in the relationship, and the latter has no chance of success.

Also, it is important to consider what other activities involving masturbation pornography video or photo sex online or by phone. It also matters whether or not the partner is upset that other masturbate.

Another factor to be taken into account when it comes to how masturbation affect sexual life. If it happens occasionally and sex between partners prevail in the relationship, not service yourself, you need not worry about masturbation. But if masturbation is usually occurs in relationships and even sometimes during the day, at work or in the bathroom of a restaurant where dine, well, it can raise both your couple, as well as the professional and social.

3. Aphrodisiacs really work?
Products and foods which are said to be aphrodisiacs have captivated the attention of man since ancient times. If there were only first food, plants, aphrodisiac scents, now appeared more and more supplements or medications which manufacturers claim that enhance sex drive.

Indeed, dark chocolate can act in this way, as well as ginger, almonds and pumpkin seeds. But all the action is not as strong as it is sexual attraction and desire another person‘s own sex. Can be eaten tons of dark chocolate with almonds, the most likely outcome will be fattening.

Appetite for sex more than you mentally, but can be influenced by lifestyle, involving diet, exercise (or lack of existence), and hours of sleep at night. So aphrodisiac products can act physically on the body, such as a better blood supply to the intimate area, but can not substitute intrinsic desire for mating with another being.

4. What is sex therapy and what happens during psychotherapy sessions?
Sex therapy is a form of relational counseling which focuses mainly on the level of intimacy that exists between two persons and sexual problems. A sex therapist may be a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a marriage counselor or family, and for some people to certain beliefs, even the priest.

As with other forms of therapy, and sex therapy is based on specific programs designed so as to help couples and individuals overcome sexual problems. The role of a sex therapist is not to change libido or sexual orientation of a person, but to maximize the potential for sexual satisfaction for himself first and then partner.

In general, sex therapy is a speech therapy. In a small number of cases may arise in the couple a third person as a surrogate sexual partner. This process is however rarely applied and should not be put into practice only with the consent of both partners taking part in sex therapy.