Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !?

Horoscope: Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !? If you want a deeper analysis of this issue must not forget to check the position of Mars, both you and your partner (Mars influences sexual life) but the sun in your astrological chart.

Sexual Positions depending on the sign

You will be able to have some of the hottest sex. As a result we have these sexual positions depending on the sign:

Air signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius lovers they are the most unstable in terms zodiac. No, that does not mean your partner will leave immediately, but rather, some of them may end up being almost addicted partner, so if you sign air around you, you can be happy. However, for her fantasy play an extremely important role in the sexual relationship and it shows in bed, where the natives of these signs are most likely to adopt inaginative possible positions.
Consequently, the signs of air as the position in which he sits on a chair and she sits in his lap I was leaving behind him or penetrated with the suggestively named “storing up” positions that require that one partner to stay above the other, without one can look at the front of the other and that invite a little adventure, stimulating both of them in particular, may be exactly what signs to look for a native air.

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers. Representatives of any other signs not involve so much time intercourse. This sign Basically prefer positions that require a certain dose of sportiness from partners that require full involvement in both our intercourse. So for those born in one of the above mentioned signs is the ideal vertical position, obviously each one is free to choose its variations. Thus, one partner can sit leaning back against a wall or, more provocatively, one of the two can sit around, leaning on hands. This position will not only provide a degree of novelty but due to the settlement of the two partners, sexual experience itself will be great.

Signs of Water
Representatives of these three signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) have developed a particularly sexuality. It’s true that everyone knows about Scorpio but the above statement is as true for Fish and crayfish. The three signs have in common the desire for carnal pleasure through emotional connection. One might even say that the water signs will to achieve perfection in the bedroom. For a lover of this sign, it is worth trying coital alignment technique“, a way to maximum stimulation for both partners. And the best position for this is missionary”. Classic and yet so effective. To see how it is TAC” of, try this: underneath partner should move their feet over partner’s feet while the one above should leave their partner’s weight pelvis or pelvis underneath.

Signs of fire
For these natives, sex is an activity that you loose side of the animal, it stirs a sense of adventure and perhaps one of aggression. For Aries, Sagittarius Lei and can be the ideal positions where the woman sits in knee on the hands, the man penetrating her from behind (for Aries natives men) or one where the woman on top (for women, particularly those in Leo). Anyway, that side of the coin, Sagittarius is possible to accept a reversal, leaving it sometimes dominated (do not forget that Sagittarius is the adventurer). In any case, however, the combination of these two positions will definitely have success.



The changes should we make as we go better sex life

 Satisfying partner must be a priority, but at least occasionally try to focus on getting their pleasures. End of the year should not mean plans and hopes for better only in terms of career and health, but also new challenges should we pursue sex life. Therefore let shyness aside and try to get out of your comfort zone to avoid routine or just to surprise your loved life partner.

The changes should we make in 2015 as we go better sex life

Of course, we all think that the coming year will take off extra pounds that we eat healthier or that we will do our best to find the ideal job etc. Probably very few people are thinking and what you should do to add salt and pepper private life. Womenshealthmag publication. com has a list of proposals that we can implement from the first day of next year, why not the night of the year.

1. Try a sex toy
If you never dared to try a sexual enhancement during a single sex or perhaps it is time to discover whether you would like to use it. You can start with a vibrator and sex toys exist that can be used in torque. For those who have already included such a “spicy” sex life, adult products market dedicated backup always surprises: perhaps it is time to discover a little more unusual toy.

2. Ask own pleasure first
Normal, partner satisfaction should be a priority, but at least occasionally try to focus on getting their pleasures, so that women very often neglected. Explain to your partner what you would like to happen more often between the sheets, it Otherwise we will not have to guess what it does as well. At the same time try not to feel guilty if you do not turn every time a sexual favor that makes Partner: do that every time to answer oral sex, if you enjoyed it.

3. Disclose a partner’s sexual fantasy
We all wish we could have once put into practice a sexual fantasy, but often fear that their partner will judge us harshly and give up. Nobody says that we should tell each other fantasies, but worth even trying, tactfully, talk to beloved implementation of such secret desires.

4. Watch porn
Watching a porn movie with erotic or partner may have a more than pleasant. For those who have not done so, the onset may be embarrassing, but do not give up from the first minute. Wait a little run high atmosphere.

5. Make noisy sex
If you do not like to Partner explain what to do in bed, use moans and, why not, screaming for dear person understand you great pleasure. Plus, a woman who manifests somewhat noisy when having sex without exaggerating, is extremely exciting for a man.

6. Get more often masturbate
If you belong among people who have a sense of guilt when they feel better yourself, then aim for 2015 should be to eliminate these guilty thoughts and thickening moments where we get pleasure alone. Masturbation helps to know your own body, the way we respond to certain stimuli touches.

7. Change Location
The bed gets boring when it becomes the only place where sex for years. And the routine killing pleasure. Therefore, try to move first action in a different room than the bedroom, then a little more risky location where the fear of being caught will sensations and intense.


Yes, gentlemen, women are watching porn.

It is still widely believed that pornography is for men and men only. You believe that a woman can watch porn, but only in the company of her partner and only then to imitate what they saw? The truth is that new women, we like to look at porn.


The myth that women are not interested in porn is based on the belief that women do not want to enjoy sex as much as men. Such opinion but does it seem outdated? Women have sex to enjoy, to excite and to look at porn.

As confirmed by the following fact: Brigham Young University sociologist John Carroll has conducted research on the Internet among students about watching porn. Most of the 813 students responded that they feel okay pornography. 83% of men said they had seen at least a porno in the previous year, declaring him the same thing and 31% of women.


Although this percentage is not very high, one third of women admitted that they watched porn at least year. The percentage of women who watch porn is probably much higher, but they are not willing to admit that I do something that is traditionally considered “masculine”.


9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life!

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life! In Kama Sutra you can find hundreds of ways in which to have sex. Between all these types of situations and positions, there is a top of every woman should try at least once in their life.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life

Sex honeymoon
There is a pleasant feeling than when two souls become one pair. So no need for more …

Sex reconciliation
This is what happens when the line between anger and passion is very fine and extremely easy to pass.

Sex on vacation
It’s not for everyone. But be sensational, when in full holiday parties gird some fabulous sex with a man with whom you live most passionate and hot nights of your life – as long as you do not forget to protect yourself, of course.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life 2

“You might catch us”
He’s a sex adrenaline, you should at least once in your life to try it on: in public places or somewhere where ever you may be surprised.

“I’ll be very missed me”
Yes, it is a kind of sex can be great, even if the relationship between the partners no longer be reached, when you can give many clues as to miss him very much.

Sex on the beach
The sound waves and their feeling to the skin makes this type of sex to be absolutely unique. If we add the sea breeze … It’s almost unreal nice and is something that should really tried! Do not forget, however, take a blanket!

Sex in the shower
Especially if you do not care the least bit about how your hair look wet and if you like the sensation of hot water that flows continuously to the skin, the kind of sex that you will conquer.

Sex “Role”
Take your partner and putting on the wildest sexual fantasy that you have. Do not be shy. You can write the script, you can buy costumes, everything you need for sex on the role to be authentic.

Sex in plane
It’s never too late to try it. The next time you and your partner are in full flight, sky, create your own turbulence. With a little care and skill … would be no game that you will never forget.


6 mistakes that destroy your sex life.

6 mistakes that destroy your sex life. We are human and make mistakes, including sex. And the problem does not come from the fact that we are wrong, but they do not learn from mistakes and instead use them as a means of evolution, we repeat endlessly to destroy our sex life. are some of the most common mistakes or beliefs that may have the effect of destroying your sex life:

Have a TV in the bedroom
Do you like to watch TV while you’re lying in bed? So get used to the idea that you have less sexually active. A study in Italy found that all couples who had a TV in the bedroom do less sex than couples who did not have such a device in the bedroom. The bedroom should be kept for sleep and sex. Let other elements that will distract from these things to the bedroom door.

Believing that the most sensitive nipples are erogenous zone woman
Erogenous zones body parts that are responsive to sexual stimulation vary from one woman to another. What excites a woman might not have any effect on another. The most common female erogenous zones are: nipples, neck, ears, inner thighs and clitoris. The most appropriate way to find out who is the most exciting for a woman to experience during foreplay and the game of love or to see what makes them feel good. You can also ask her what they like.

Wrong with you
Men are very sensitive when it comes to the use of sex toys or partner of a vibrator. “Did I not be enough?” Asks her worried. Using sex toys by women is actually good for your sex life. Rather than feel threatened, better ask her to incorporate sex toys while making love. Nowadays there are many toys for couples. Have fun while you use them together.

Do not think you can improve your sex life embrace
Oxytocin is the hormone released by the body during a tightening in his arms. Various studies have shown that embracing a woman even for 20 seconds triggers the release of oxytocin which results in a good state, and she feels closer to her partner. However, many men imagine that sexual intimacy is somehow different from physical intimacy. But you can not shift from remote station, each to the other end of the sofa, a passionate sex game just clapping their hands. Get used to your partner embrace, kiss her, caress her every day, and your sex life will improve significantly.

On average, most couples get to the climax at the same time twice a month
This belief can be a serious obstacle when it comes to sexual fulfillment in life. The truth is that orgasm at the same time is very rare. But that does not prevent men to try and fail miserably everything every time. Experts sexual urge men not to worry too much about coordinating orgasms. Instead focus on satisfying your partner first and then vice versa, you will feel so much better.

Spontaneity lead to a more fulfilling sex life
Sex unexpected, spontaneous can be no doubt, fantastic. But he would have to make it the center of your life sex is like sitting outside waiting to rain when you want a glass of water. Do not expect sex to happen. Take the initiative. Planning together for a day to make love. Far from being a movement unattractive, gender planning can help to increase desire and anticipation.



A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome is a condition could not be real, which occurs after ejaculation and makes hard sex representatives feel like it would be on the brink of death. Basically, right after making love with your partner, men experience fever, irritability, weakness, headache and barely able to link two words. Moreover, they begin to have nightmares and throat and tongue swell and all these troubles last few days.

A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome was discovered in 2002 by Danish scientists, their study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The solution has come from British researchers who have shown that symptoms can be reduced with anti-inflammatory pills taken before and after orgasm.

According to them, the syndrome may be caused by an allergy potential. Specifically, more than half of the 44 participants in the experiment British men had an allergic reaction to own sperm.

The data helped the specialists to design a treatment that involves the administration of the same substance to which the patient is allergic. For 30 months, doctors have injected a vaccine made of diluted seminal fluid, and in the third year of treatment began to appear and results: a normal sexual life.



10 sexual advice from a father! Find out now what he prepared an American writer of his daughter!

sexxBut Jef, an American writer, has prepared a list of ten tips for daughter’s sex, which aims to give them the time.

1 As a girl, you should know to wait until the boy appears to deserve you, to love you and not use you as an object.

2 You should not be labeled as a trophy, and one that you will be convinced that he is the man who must sleep, you must not lie, cheat you or force you to do things you do not want .

3 Do not agree to do something you do not want, just because you like the man in your life. You are your own master and no one else to have control over you.

4 Body entirely yours, and who does not respect this is your enemy. Do not attach to such persons, for you are the only one who can make decisions.

5 An unsuccessful sexual act should not affect you. It happens and things like that.

6 Condom use to take care of yourself and not your condition. He deserves to lose a second of the action to put it, and then be quiet and carefree rest of the time.

7 Do not ever let yourself convinced that a man who sleeps with you do you a favor. That I can say only cowards.

8 Do what you feel and not what you see in porn. They are not a guide to sex. If you need something, you know that I bought.

9 Do not be photographed naked because you do not know what hand you will get blank images. Especially before 18 years when you get arrested if you did that.

10 And finally, remember that your father and I love you. And whatever you do, do not let me down, I will not shock me you do not love you.


Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite + VIDEO

After a sex life may be affected routine that occurs between partners. In the following lines we welcome you with some tips to help you regain your sexual appetite!

Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite

Modify sexual routine
Even if each of you prefer a certain time of day for intercourse, try to change the routine you are used to. If you usually make love tonight, make him a surprise partner and wakes him with little kisses that morning to warm the senses. Changing sexual positions and place captures not only can, but can revive your sexual life.

Underwear and heels for a night of passion
To excite your partner, you can turn to some old tricks, but that work at every opportunity basis. You can expect when coming home dressed in a lace underwear the landscape should not lipseacă frames that complement provocative attire.

Shortly just for you
Although sex should be spontaneous, in most cases they experience fatigue after a day of work, housework and care for children and leaves not enough time for some intimate moments with a partner. Tip: even if you each to work, send him since lunch,, signals through phone calls, or you can call to attract in your game. Set along a time when you see to continue the game began during the day.

Memories can help
Remember the early days of your relationship, the feeling of overwhelm you had whenever you holding his hand or kiss you? A good exercise for the partners is to remember the moments of the beginning of the relationship and try to put back in place. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, songs that can be heard softly

A little mystery never hurt
A little mystery can add spark to your sex life, say industry experts. Even if you live together for a long time and feel comfortable with each other some issues should remain the same as before. Some gestures, certain lines can spice up life in the bedroom enough.

Delights the senses
Besides lace lingerie and high heels you can also add a bit of pampering partner with small tricks. Prepare them using your dinner aphrodisiac preparations, do not forget foam bath, scented candles and massage with essential oils. If you put these tips into practice, step by step builds the perfect scenario for an evening full of passion.





Two American researchers have discovered that porn movies do well to erection!

 Nicholas Prause and James Pfaus, two scientists at universities in California concluded that men who watch porn regularly are less likely to have erection problems than those who do not have such habits.

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The study showed that male viewers who frequently visits XXX clips have a good sex life, thus contradicting the belief that porn would have a negative impact on the brain. Prause and Pfaus have selected a total of 280 men who have studied sexual yield after a cure porn. The researchers found that the best results were recorded in subjects who had watched at least two hours of porn a week. Results of the study were total opposites initial impression of the two researchers who had left that adult film viewers are prone to frequent erectile dysfunction.