10 tips for a successful oral sex!

10 tips for a successful oral sex! Many women have their own tricks in terms of oral sex that  know works every time, especially if stable partner. But the same moves every time, can generate routine sex life.

10 tips for a successful oral sexHere are a few tips to increase the satisfaction of both partners during oral sex!

Just because it’s oral sex” does not mean you should just use your mouth. Supports phallus from the base using your hands and even play with his testicles for a greater pleasure.

When you start mouth and throat hurt from the effort, use lubricant or saliva to continue with hand movements. Sucking penis and easy side play with language, to give you a break from the suction. Also, look your partner in the eye and gently strikes phallus lips or cheeks for maximum excitement, during which you can rest and jaw, and neck.

– Between the anus and testicles base, the area is extremely sensitive to touch, especially if it involves the lips and tongue.

Buy a flavored lubricant felt if taste during oral sex is not exactly your liking. So you can make moves with greater ease, slipping the easiest and thus higher excitation. In the meantime, not only men should enjoy during oral sex.

When you get tired or feel the need to swallow saliva, slows down and even stop oral activity itself, using your hands to maintain arousal. A little off can increase sexual tension helping your partner have an orgasm even more intense.

Do not hesitate to ask him why and how he likes. No matter how much you know in terms of blowjobs, each man has his own sexual secrets that can ii embarrassed to tell you, and an honest approach will always be appreciated.

Apply only mouth movements penis while you walk around the phallus palms up and down.

Before ejaculating, pull gently to his testicles, rotate them gently in your hands to intensify orgasm.

When movement focuses on the penis, do not forget that delicate area just below the head to an envelop with language. It is a very sensitive so avoid as much as possible any escape teeth.

– Get moans while her oral sex. It is very exciting to partner and women and even induce a state of excitement, even if it is not one that receives direct pleasure.


10 interesting facts about sex. Many had no idea!

10 interesting facts about sex. Many had no idea! Almost all adults practice the most extreme sport: SEX. But there are many things unknown about sex.

10 interesting facts about sex1. Most states recognize Islamic law that says you can have sex with a sheep, but then you can not eat meat.

2. The first proof in the form of illustration of a man using a condom during intercourse was discovered on the walls of caves in France and seems to have between 12,000 and 15,000 years old.

3. During life, womans have on average four sex partners, and men 7

4. In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sex with animals, but only if they are female. The penalty for sex with a male animal is death

5. India is cheaper to have sex with a prostitute than buy a condom

6. 30% of women of 80 years still have sex with their partners

7. The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation

8. The first case of a man with two penises was discovered in Italy in 1609 and have since been reported 1,000 cases still

9. The first erection of males occurs in the last trimester of his mother, when man is but a fetus in the placenta

10. In Hong Kong, a betrayed woman is allowed to kill his unfaithful husband, but only with bare hands


How do you show that you just had sex!? :)

How do you show that you just had sex!? 🙂 Did you know that you can accurately distinguish 81% of women who have vaginal orgasms those who did not, depending on how you walk? The fair sex have vaginal orgasms car frequently have a different style to go with spins hip sharper and larger steps.

How do you show that you just had sex

This study has prompted sexologists and other clues to find sex, just looking at a person. Thus, it was concluded that sex leaves traces

Signals transmitted without you realize that you can give away that you just had sex:

Are you blushing and shining skin. It is scientifically proven that for several hours after sex you have a special glow. Sex makes you beautiful! If sometimes make love in the morning with your lover, your work colleagues will notice that your skin is fresh as usual and will ask you if you changed somewhat foundation, and you will answer surprised that there

Smile eyes. If you’re careful, you’ll notice that some people seem happy, even if they have a serious mimicry. The secret lies in look. If you enjoyed orgasm big day, your eyes will be more expressive than usual and others will notice that you are well prepared, although not smile.

Daydream. Very hot sex parties, which stimulates our vision, we manage to stay long in the memory. It is possible that match that took place the night behind to haunt you day with erotic images that come to mind and you do … to look at a fixed point and smile.

Optimism at its peak. If you bring coffee colleagues, laugh and compliment them when usually sit in your bank, of course wonder what happened. And they will find the answer soon enough! However, if you remain calm in stressful situations and most seems that nothing can overshadow your serenity, again, is a clear sign that you took the portion of endorphins.

Bruising good behavior. Where public appearances with bruises on her arms and legs, plus known redness of the throat, be sure that everyone will know what you fantastic sex life!


3 reasons why women refuse oral sex.

3 reasons why women refuse oral sex. There are women who refuse to receive oral sex!!

3 reasons why women refuse oral sex

It is said that most women, once they have experienced cunnilingus, fully enjoy the experience and holds a very challenging part of foreplay. But there is a category of women who have great reservations when it comes to receiving oral sex.

Here are their opinions about oral sex:

1. Not see it as something pleasant
For some women oral sex is a burden because they do not feel any pleasure. Accept to be done, knowing that it likes sex partner. I do not believe that this is something that triggers the desire liked, but I see it as something dirty. But no matter what a woman expressing their rejection of oral sex should nevertheless be treated gently.

2. No likes to be stimulated by language
The refusal of many women to receive oral sex is due to the less pleasant experiences they had before with former partners. There were stimulated with language as it should be, or may be bored while receiving oral sex. For this reason, a frank discussion with your partner is welcome. She must learn to feel pleasure after stimulation with language, but for this it takes less time.

3. Considers that oral sex is a perversion
Indeed, there are women that oral sex is taboo and even believes that this is a perversion. Do not want to do, but do not have their justification that is something vulgar or disrespectful. This is because many women associate with prostitutes and this cunnilingus indecent women.


5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed!

5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed! You tried any of these sexual positions? It’s time to spice up your sex life! Fortunately, we can say that the number of sexual positions that bring unexpected sensations, leading eventually to the long awaited orgasm is … infinite. At least if we reach this conclusion browse Kamasutra, bible sexual positions and also a wellspring of ideal methods to satisfy your partner. Do not limit yourself to one sexual position, no matter how convenient would it surprise your lover with new moves, which guarantees mutual pleasure.

Here are five sexual positions that, if you have not tried before, it’s time to go to work!

Position monkey
If both enjoy very good physical condition, you have no reason not to try the position monkey! Your boyfriend should sit on your back with knees to chest and feet together, so you can sit you smoothly back to him. True, this position requires more effort on your part, because you have to control your perfect weight, taking care to lean more on the legs, but satisfaction will be guaranteed a payoff. Move freely, from top to bottom, and take advantage of dominating pretty exciting depiction of where you are, you are the one who controls the speed and depth of penetration. To keep your balance, grab your lover tight wrists.

Position monkey

Bamboo split
Now is the time to let your partner hold back control. For this exchange of power, there is more appropriate than the position of split bamboo, which can be applied in the bed, on the floor, on the couch and even in the kitchen, table or countertop! Sit back more comfortable and supports your foot lover‘s shoulder, which in turn, or will sit on your thigh (or stand, where to … explore other areas of the house high) . Take advantage of the fact that you have hands free and gives your partner an erotic show honor freely caressing your breasts, nipples or clitoris stimulating you.

Bamboo split

We arrived at the position that guarantees a simultaneous pleasure and thus a memorable orgasm Hero. You will stay lying down, possibly head supported by a pillow while your lover who kneel, you raise your hips and pull them toward him, until he is sure that you can freely penetrate. You will support your feet with your hands, so you have full access to your genital area. Use your hands to either stimulate your breasts, but especially to caress your lover’s thighs or suddenly grab them before and during orgasm. Men are equally sensitive and responsive to touches like us when they are closer to climax! What you need to know is that the hero’s position is perfect for men with small penis, because it provides a fairly deep penetration.


Deck chair
As the name suggests, your lover must sit as if sitting on a chair, in the hands SUPPORT. You‘ll sit on your back as convenient and in return you will support both feet partner shoulders, lifting your tank so easy to enable it to penetrate more deeply you. Even if initially you say your boyfriend is the dominating sex, you’re actually performing the come-and-go, so that, just as with monkey position, you must have enough physical condition good to not get tired quickly or you’re not stuck with muscle soreness or other pain after this hot sex. However, strong orgasm pleasure and excitement caused by extremely intense deep penetration worth every effort.

Deck chair

Afternoon Delight
Spoiling or pleasure afternoon … sounds exciting and even slightly romantic, huh? This position quite relaxing for both of us, assume that your partner sit on one side, supported by the elbow, while she sits on your back with legs bent over his hips. You will be able to look in the eye, which not only adds to the intensity of pleasure. On the other hand, you can grab your lover and you can squeeze your thighs and legs more for you to penetrate deeper. You‘ll have your hands free, which means that you can offer you extra stimulation: caress your breasts, play with your hair or massage your clitoris for orgasm explosive.

Afternoon Delight





You know what they mean erotic dreams?

You know what they mean erotic dreams? Dreams are manifestations of the unconscious, that give you signals about everything affecting your life. Erotic dreams can mean that neither you think. It is important to pay attention because you could give some important signals. Here are some of the most common erotic dreams and how they interpret the experts!

You know what they mean erotic dreams

1. Dream that sex with someone you know. At first glance, you could say that you’re attracted to that person, but the real interpretation of this dream is this: most likely have some feeling of admiration for the person and the qualities it possesses. However, this dream can mean that you want a certain thing that the person concerned holds it.

2. You dream that you are looking for a private room with your partner. Dreams are you looking for a place to have sex with your partenetul should be a warning. This indicates you lack a connection between you and your lover.

3. You dream that sex in public. This indicates your concern for what I believe everyone around you. It may have been affected by a particular comment or a certain gesture with someone close to you touched.

4. Do you dream of flying. Flight can have many meanings in dreams. One of these is the association with orgasm. Such a dream stresses grievances about your sex life.

5. Dreaming that sex with your boss. This means that you want to get close to him, but professionally. Maybe you want him to corde attention to your proposals or projects that you do.





What men think when the woman on top during sex.

What men think when the woman on top during sex. “This is the best thing that could happen is one that comes to mind thoughts of men.

What men think?

What men think when the woman on top during sex

1. Please tell me you climb on top of me. Even I do not resist it. My muscles are so tight buttocks that I do not think I will be able to go to the bathroom again.

2. Do not break my penis. You have complete control here. Do not twist out of bed and do not throw directly to him or something. Please.

3. If you can, unless you do not mind too much, you can move faster? No, faster. Faster. You know what, I’ll grab me and I’ll do everything myself.

4. Do not cover your breasts; it’s like Mona Lisa cover. Why cover your breasts? The best part here is that your breasts move. Please do not get me that.

5. I really need to figure out what’s pace. No do not go up when I give down. Just trying to fit in my movements. Or I will adjust myself to your folks. Ok, now try to fit both movements to each other. Do not go. I’ll let you handle yourself.

6. We should just sit it? It would be better? Not to be lazy. I just want to finish.

7. What’s spinning motion that you do? It feels good? I do not … just move around my penis. I do not understand.



You feel that you can not urinate while having sex? Find out why this is happening!!!

You feel that you can not urinate while having sex? Find out why this is happening!!! It sometimes happens that when you have sex, have the feeling that you feel like peeing. Some women confuse this sign with orgasm, but not exactly so. Even though sometimes it can be a rather embarrassing moment to interrupt intimate moments with your beloved to go to the bathroom, you should know that this feeling is perfectly normal to urinate.

You feel that you can not urinate while having sex

This happens because during penetration, it puts pressure on the urinary bladder. There is no need not to be long gone to the toilet, but the sensation is caused by the anatomy of the female genitalia. During intercourse, can be stimulated certain parts of the urinary tract.

Men do not have this problem because when they get close to orgasm, bladder simply becomes inoperative and the sperm will not interfere with urine.

What to do in case there is a feeling of urination during sex? Just try not to think about and focus on pleasure, because sometimes this feeling may disappear after some time. It may happen, however, if you reach an orgasm powerful enough to knock a few drops of urine, which can be confused with female ejaculation. But this, most often not be noticed by your lover, because he will think that you had an orgasm and will be quite pleased that managed to satisfy.

It is better to go to the bathroom after sex to eliminate any bacteria that may collect in the area and which can then cause certain infections.


How do you like to do oral sex!?

Behold reach again a sensitive issue, which even now in full XXI century manages to scandalize: oral sex. What for most men is heaven on earth for many women, but thought it could give to your partner oral stimulation makes them blush, to squirm and even out the mouth words like”Never! .

That’s right! Oral sex has still remained a taboo, and seen over highly controversial among women everywhere. The reasons that prevents them on most women oral sex to associate the word “pleasure” are diverse: from I will not respect me if I do something to If you do not know what to do?. Well, it’s time to let your inhibitions and preconceptions aside!

How do you like to do oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most intimate sexual acts, men considering it even more intimate and more exciting than any sexual position. How not to look at oral sex as a burden, but rather as a pleasant act between two people who love each other? Here’s what we say!

Find out why you are afraid to do oral sex

First and foremost, you must know what causes that determine your reluctance to give oral sex. For example, many representatives of the fair sex, intimate consider this practice as one of the most humiliating and degrading acts against the man they despise. Other women, though willing, avoid as much as possible to reach the stage of having to satisfy such partner for fear that they will not understand, they will not know what to do once you get in front of that (very) fulfilled.

Well, your boyfriend will not consider a woman because she mild oral sex any more will not feel disappointed if the first time, you’ll be slightly awkward. On the contrary, he will feel most wanted and satisfied man on earth will know that he is near a woman uninhibited and full of confidence and will not hesitate to bring himself to ecstasy, turning your favor. Repeat makes perfect, and no false modesty and pointless in a couple tight seams, in which both partners have proven over time that they love and respect.

How do you like to do oral sex 2

Sperm is not your enemy!

If you fear that you will prevents sperm taste enjoying a pleasurable sexual experience, there are several solutions to prevent semen to get into your mouth. For example, give him a blowjob while he wears a condom flavored specially designed for such practices. Although we guarantee that the penis will not stay very long covered, your initiative! Flavored lubricant is again a suitable solution. Manufacturers make available your fruity varieties or chocolaty, only good test.

You must also know that the taste of sperm can be strongly influenced by diet. Natural fruit juice and celery sweeten sperm, while asparagus, broccoli, dairy fats, fried foods, alcohol and cigarettes taste transform semninal liquid in one hard tasted.

As to swallow sperm, this is purely your decision. It is perfectly healthy, 96% of the composition of semen is water! Otherwise, semen contains compounds as can be friendly with our body: fructose, vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, proteins and enzymes and various minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, slightly metallic taste ingredient responsible for sperm. Not fat and contains only 20 calories.

If we talk about STDs, indeed they can contact and through oral sex, but as long as you have a solid relationship and analyzes the day, you do not have to worry!

If you are still reticent when it comes to swallowing sperm, she can ask your partner not to ejaculate in your mouth. Let him instead to pour sperm on your breasts. The landscape will be extremely exciting for him!

How do you like to do oral sex 3

The feeling of power, bat a fault!

It is impossible that only think of the feeling of power, which fully owns you when you handle the most precious part of his body, not to incite the least bit, pushing you to give an oral sex the book!

When orally stimulate him, you are in control. You’re the one who makes the rules: You decide who will be the next move, you decide how much pleasure your partner and give her everything will turn you decide that such a match. You can leave oral sex foreplay stage, or you can turn into a main act. Now you are the center of his universe (not as yet have not been) and be sure that whatever you do, no matter how awkward you are, your lover will be pleasantly surprised.

Lack of experience you should not hamper!

No matter you are novice in the oral sex. Most men feel flattered when they learn that they are the ones who have occasion to intitial the secrets of oral sex partners, such as lack of experience is not an impediment! It is not a must to be an expert, but just let yourself carried away, to empty your mind of all inhibition and fear of failure, and you have to consider a few things:

Teeth do not make sense, so cover them with lips and uses language, licking penis as the most delicious candy. Even if the penis is a very sensitive organ, does not mean you should not coddle him too hard and not use some power. Do not be afraid to suck with more force (and passion), and even use your hands, alternating sucking manual stimulation. When you feel like he’s about to ejaculate, simply do not stop what you are doing. It means that you are on track!

How do you like to do oral sex 4

Do not drown if …

Learn to control your breathing! Breathe through your nose and take things easy. It is not mandatory to swallow much of the penis to give pleasure, but you‘re limited to stimulation with lips and tongue, as long as you can endure.

If you still like the idea of a deep-throat (a blow-job deeper) and you are a beginner when it comes to oral sex, it is necessary to practice a little before. How? Using a banana or a dildo, of course! You will learn to control your gag reflex when you find the right position, which help you to relax your neck muscles. Regarding the position, you can be the one who lies down on his back while orally stimulate your lover. Thus, the chances gag reflex to install, will be much lower.

Surrender to your pleasure!

What better advice than this I already have the final offer? Sex is synonymous with relaxation. Tension and fear of disappointing your partner because of a lack of experience, does not have a purpose. Is this your first sexual experience of this kind? Discuss with your partner and see how slowly, inhibitions and shyness disappear. You feel like you’re drowning, and no longer want to continue? Withdraw immediately you again, tell your lover what bothered you.

No oral sex turn into a burden and not an end in itself of partner satisfaction at any cost, and so. Feel comfortable, relax and get rid of inhibitions! Let yourself be carried away and enjoy the most enjoyable sexual experience!



What does that say the way you eat about your sex life.

What does that say the way you eat about your sex life. There is a strong link between eating habits and the way you and your sexual performance in bed.

What does that say the way you eat about your sex life

People eat as sex and vice versa. Is it really true? The statement is, without doubt, really back. The activity of eating has many facets sensual taste the pleasure that you induce a sense of well being, satisfaction. Everything you know how to appreciate food, enjoy it, to discover every taste each flavor in part, to feel the texture of preparation and how it breaks down while chewing.

In essence, sex is like eating. But what makes a man always prefer gourmet cuisine, delicacies eccentric and between sheets to be great fan of really delicious sex parties with different sexual positions?

On the other hand, how some people always prefer to eat potatoes with meat and bed to be fast followers parties, classic in one position where the ultimate goal is to achieve orgasm, preferably sooner?

The pattern of eating and having sex

All these patterns in both the activity of eating, and during sex, are dictated by the personal style of each personality traits, traits so obvious, explicit, and the ones that try to suppress.

Eating and sex are primary needs is easier than trying to hide everything ourselves not to come to the surface in these moments of pleasure primordial, primary good condition.

Moreover, how a man behaves during the act of eating can tell a lot about his way to be intimate. A man who is terribly rude, impatient, which is rude to the waiter who always has something to comment on culinary preparation served submit chances to have major flaws and intimate.

The way a person deals when eating, people in the company who is is in tune with its own approach to life and his relationships between people, especially in the love.