3 sexual fantasies that destroy relationships

Sex with former ex? In group? View the most dangerous sexual desires for a couple.

3 sexual fantasies that destroy relationships

Each person has his own sexual fantasies, but some of them can lead to prematurely ending the relationship. HUFF it presents the most dangerous desires for durability your relationship.

3 sexual fantasies that threatens your love:

There are many situations in which two people who love each other want to try something else. To combat the monotony of the bedroom, they resort to various sexual fantasies in the first phase, they produce curiosity. What happens during and immediately after sex can be devastating for a couple.

1. Group sex

Open relationships, one partner agrees to have sex with several people, including loved. This fantasy that men generally have huge frustrations can be born.

It is possible that among ‘suitors’ beloved discover a male whose movements are more suited than a sexual partner. In addition, women can easily fall in love, and comparing the bed partner as a guest agreed could come at the expense of the first.


In Romania there are many swingers clubs, but most work with the curtain drawn. Fantasy in which two couples their partner passes can be dangerous, especially if it’s for a lifetime friends. A man would not ever like to hear that her husband’s best friend in bed and vice versa.


In crises couple, there are situations when one or both have doubts about feelings they cherish one another. To make sure that everything is just a step, not infrequently will test his relationship with his former ex having sex.

Although it’s only a matter physics, mechanics, test the end, it may end painful for both. Might they both realize that love for former soul mate yet big enough.

In men, they will always demonstrate that they are the best, most virile, and the main target may have been a partner, especially if she dumped him telling him that do not fit the bed. Men want to show that they evolved. It’s a matter of pride childish middle.


6 fantasies of both women and men

Everyone has a fetish many, many a sexual fantasy he wants to fulfill it. A team of researchers from the University of Montreal conducted a study on 799 men and 718 women, whom I asked what they like to do in lovemaking.

6 fantasies of both women and men

The results are downright surprising. Here are six common sexual fantasies in women and men

1. 92% of women and 88% of men want to make love, not sex

Surprising really, but it was voted the ‘fantasy’. Most women and men want to be seasoned game of love with rose petals, soft music and many loving touches.

2. 86% of women and 81% of men do not conceive SEX WITHOUT …

Lubricating. Those who responded to the study of Canadian researchers consider important place where we make love, the feelings of individuals and the use of ‘aid’ as special oils for the game of love to be a success.

3. Almost 80% of respondents PREFER ORAL SEX

78% of women say yes when it comes to oral sex and the percentage for men is 87%.


Men and women say they like to have sex in unusual places. Sex in public places is not much taboo. The point is who do, say respondents.


Women and men love to make love in romantic places: near a lake, in the woods, on the beach. Proximity to nature gives shape couples, says the study.

6. SEX OR NOT WITH STRANGERS suit your personal needs

66% of women and 83% of men have no problem when it comes to sex with strangers or people who are not like them.

Christian Joyal, lead author of the study says the weirdest sexual fantasies take their places Coda ranking conducted by sexologists and psychologists.

Study author argues that sexual fantasies exist in the subconscious of every person, no matter how much they deny it.


5 most ‘practical’ studies ever conducted about sex

5 most 'practical' studies ever conducted about sexAll research presented included only women.
In a recently published study states that sex without condom helps improve mental and physical condition of women. Researchers surveyed 293 women, in two experiments. Initially, women have been asked questions about their sex lives, and then were subjected to psychological investigation. Subsequently, scientists have measured the seminal plasma of women’s bodies and compared it with data available at that time. The result: women who frequently refused to have sex with a condom showed fewer symptoms of depression, compared to those for which it had become a habit. Scientists claim that some hormones that are found in semen (cortisol, oxytocin, serotonin) are responsible for producing this effect.

If this study seemed you were not crazy enough, there are other research conducted in the same area that can arouse curiosity. Here are some of them:

The level of testosterone in the body can increase by means of masturbation

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Michigan, having questioned 196 women about the frequency of masturbation, sex or are thinking do both. After saliva samples from subjects and have them analyzed, researchers found that women who had the highest levels of testosterone were also the greatest desire to masturbate. On the other hand, the same women manifested a desire to have sex lower. Experts argue that this behavior might be due to stress, which makes women choose complacency, to the detriment of ordinary partner.

Lips is the likelihood that these women have orgasm

In a study published in 2011 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a student from Scotland this result an online survey in which 258 women were asked about the shape of their lips, and the ability to experience vaginal orgasm . Results: Women who have had the most developed central upper lip could have vaginal orgasm more often. Rui Miguel Costa, author of the research, argues that what shapes the lips fetuses could also affect the nerves that causes vaginal orgasm, but for now, it is not known who is this source.

Female orgasm can be stimulated using … socks

According to a study by Danish researchers, the temperature in the bedroom has a very important role in stimulating orgasm in women. ,, At the beginning of our research, only 50% of female subjects were able to reach orgasm. We realized that other women could experience this feeling because his feet felt cold, which is why we offered socks. Subsequently, 80% of women were able to orgasm. The researcher Gert Holstege, study author states that it is essential for women during sex to be guaranteed a pleasant and comfortable because the only way to lower stress levels in the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, associated with orgasm.

Women walking the likelihood that it can have an orgasm

Women who walked more often energetic can experience vaginal orgasms, it stated in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The researchers reached this conclusion after they interviewed several women about their sex lives. Some claimed that they had experienced vaginal orgasms regularly, while others said they did not enjoy this pleasure so often. Women in both groups were urged to walk 100 meters, while thinking initially at pleasant things, like a walk on the beach, and after that, including a man in their fantasy. As they walked, two sexologists assessing how women walked and concluded that those who had experienced vaginal orgasm regularly pelvic muscles were more relaxed and therefore, their walk was a more energetic.


Are you bored of “missionary position”? 3 simple tricks to do more interesting!

Are you bored of "missionary position"? 3 simple tricks to do more interestingWho says “missionary” is routine and lacks creativity has not yet tried these three ideas that unleashes passion more something like a hurricane. Test them each and immediately change your opinion – will want to be “converted” every night!

1. “Figure 8”
Lie on your back and sits a few pillows under your buttocks to create an angle of partner easier to reach the point G. Keep your knees half bent and raise your arms above your head so that you can grab headboard. This position will open your whole body, encouraging your partner to caress you and be more intimate. He will place his hands in the sides of your head and making moves that will penetrate to imitate the number 8 by using balances. These circular movements should stimulate your G-spot and pubic bone or it will rub your clitoris easy. It’s a slow moving and somewhat lazy, but guarantees to pleasure!

2. “Horse rocked”
Bring your knees close to your heels chin resting on his shoulders. In this position, the vaginal canal is more narrow and shorter, making the position to be perfect for a partner who is very gifted.

3. “Triangle”
This position is a bit more complicated, but worth the effort. Stand under it, ask him to get up on all fours, then lift your pelvis to his penis. The advantage is that you will control the pace by moving balances! You can tell sit still (it’s very sexy to be the dominating!) Or moving their balances every third light penetration to achieve a certain rhythm.


Study: Those who look at porn regularly become more religious!

A new study of American psychologists propose a hypothesis totally unexpected: people who look at porn regularly over time would become more religious than others.

Those who look at porn regularly become more religious

It’s easier to look at porn than to go to church today. Profile sites are a click away and some clips are shorter than the Sunday service.

However, people who have a past loaded with erotic films are closer to the discovery of religiosity than others, says a study by Samuel Perry, a professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of Oklahoma.

The study that makes the connection between religion and pornography are based on the testimonies of a group of 1,314 US adults.

“Those who have a higher frequency of watching pornographic movies are more prone to develop religiosity in the next phase”
says the researcher,

However, pornography may have an adverse effect, reduce religious sentiment, which happens especially to those who have two to three pornographic escapades month.

One explanation proposed by the original study: the habit of watching porn induce a high degree of guilt that is resolved by appealing to religiosity.


Female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them. Fantasies carries a load and a personal significance, closely related to what we want or we lack secretly in love life and especially in sex. Dare to analyze your erotic fantasies and think, relaxed, signs that you may give, because they might help you be more fulfilled in real life. If a previous article look at what interpretations can be made of the most common male sexual fantasies, below is going to read what truths lie behind the most common fantasies of women.

Sexual fantasies with a man in uniform
Since ancient times, men in uniform have won respect and authority through the job and formal clothing, offering women a sense of power, self-control and safety. If you dominate men in uniform sex fantasies, means you need protection and certainty in your love life. It’s like you expect the right man to show you the way and dominate you in the best way possible. At the same time, this kind of fantasy about you that you’re romantic, sensitive, easily influenced and dream of a peaceful and harmonious couple life. If you already have a relationship and especially if you’re single, fantasy sex with a man in uniform can also mean that you have not yet found your soul mate, the man of your dreams.

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them

Fantasy sex with a man well known
Psychologists believe that is the most logical, and most narcissistic, female sexual fantasy. That dream of a man famous means that you care very much about comfort and self or current relationship that you want your lover to be: stronger, richer or better seen among your acquaintances. On the other hand, scientists believe that such sexual fantasy hide and repeated disappointments or lack of attention and affection in the current relationship.

Sexual fantasies in which you are part of a threesome
If you think with pleasure at a sex with two men (one of them can be your beloved) does not mean that what you have now in your sex life is not enough, but rather that you like to be adored, praised , your lover to be the center of attention, to stir it and you do jealous. You will think at a time and like to try a relationship with the passenger in parallel now, but it’s unlikely to go for it. If your fantasy with threesome involving a man, be it your lover, and a woman, it means that excites you the idea that your partner is a person known several women enjoyable.

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them 1

Sexual fantasies with a man completely foreign
You want to be free, to live your life without being tied to a particular man in particular. Or, do you want more freedom in the current relationship, even you are tempted to cheat your lover a brief relationship based solely on sex or passion flame to be extinguished already between you two, and the relationship to continue just out of habit. A sexual fantasy with a male stranger in a foreign place or just for a night, can also mean that you feel the need for something new, something “different” as your boyfriend stayed behind while you evolved or that tend to censor your sexual instincts of fear of being misunderstood by the partner.

Fantasy sex with a coworker (or a friend)
It means that you are looking for a very passionate couple relationships or, if you are not alone, that you’re not really that happy with your lover involvement in the lives of the couple and its relationship to routine. So imagine how it would be to give the invitation colleague x, as it would do in bed your friend and so on. Psychologists believe the fantasy of sex with office colleague or friend is synonymous with a bite of the forbidden fruit, a bite logical, healthy, almost inevitable, especially if the person in question has a higher position yourself and intervenes idea power.

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them 2

Even sexual fantasies with your lover
It is one of the most complex fantasies, although for many women is something seemingly trivial. That part of your fantasies look like you are very sexually attracted to him, but not necessarily happy with your sex life which requires some retouching. If it does not share fantasies with him and not be put in place, it is possible to gather increasingly more frustrated. Besides the sexual attraction that you have for your lover, this sexual fantasy look and need for privacy, a closer connection between you two.

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them 3

Sexual fantasy that you voyeur (watch someone you have sex)
Excite you thought that you could watch a couple having sex? Do you orgasm faster when you imagine or watch scenes from porn? This behavior also shows that you have an exuberant sexuality, which either have not explored much yet or can not explore it because of the partner’s sexual boundaries. Perhaps you love to watch other people having sex, but only in movies, but in reality, if you were put in a position to watch live, the idea to embarrass you.

Sexual fantasies in which group sex
Group sex fantasy is double-edged: if you put in place, whether you will like or will make you feel awful. However, the fact is that such a fantasy when you try sexual imagination, that means you want your boyfriend to sexually stimulate more intense, to touch you otherwise, to be more attentive to your sexual needs. If you’re not involved in a relationship means you have to release sexual tension accumulated urgent and if you are tempted group sex very much, you start by login on a site profile. If you do not repugnant idea, you can make steps towards such a meeting. If you already have a relationship, you can talk to your boyfriend about it, but consider the risk of being misunderstood.

10 female sexual fantasies and the truths behind them 4

Fantasy sex with a male dominator
Here’s another sexual fantasy that feeling of power, domination and authority of the man moves the woman’s imagination and excite. It is one of sexual fantasies that definitely have to try with your lover, not another man, and, even so, to impose some limits, rules of protection. If your partner gives you signs and tempts him to try sex with accents bondajul or sadomasochism, then you can turn fantasy into reality. If not, you can continue to live mental fantasy that looks like you want a strong man, with an exuberant sexuality, along which do not get bored. Dare to analyze your fantasies, not just to figure out what you are missing or what would be interesting to try in privacy, but mostly to feel better about yourself! If you get used to them you will definitely ignore gather frustration, discontent and you will never be able to test your limits. Fantasies are part of you, then, dare to be yourself: a woman sexually fulfilled and more!



VIDEO: Now we know EXACTLY! Formula for the perfect orgasm!

A study of the Ann Summers company quoted FHM, she said that is the best way to have the perfect orgasm.

Now we know EXACTLY! Formula for the perfect orgasm

After a survey in which more than 600 men and 1,000 women, so results stood.

35% of men felt the porn helps the most, followed by two sex positions, “doggy style” (31%) and “woman on top” (21%), adding lubricant (11%) and a long-standing partner (43%) and be sure to orgasm.

For women things are changing: instead of films XXX intervenes wine (24%) combined with foreplay (24%), a vibrator (35%) and a long-standing partner (45%).

What things should be avoided? Alcohol for men and for women too much stress can affect the occurrence of orgasm.


Premature ejaculation have healing!

Premature ejaculation have healing! Studies say that 1 in 2 men aged between 18 and 59 years is affected by this serious problem. Why is premature ejaculation and, especially, what solutions exist in these lines. In theory, premature ejaculation refers to sexual intercourse lasts no more than 1-2 minutes. It usually occurs after minimal sexual stimulation and penetration of short duration. In other words, intimate moments take much less than a couple wants. Cristian Delcea sexology specialist believes that intercourse should last between 10 and 25 minutes with penetration for about 7 minutes.

Premature ejaculation have healing

Rushing and vices good job

You must drink a glass of strength to catch courage? Combined with different tobacco or substances that cause euphoria, alcohol hastens the end of intercourse and reduce much of the pleasure partner. In addition to alcohol, you exhausted” and stress, and fear that you will not live up to her expectations. By far, has come impatience. Some men are confident they know what to do to satisfy a woman. Nothing easier! Have a few key points that needed to be addressed and the rest comes naturally. In reality, things are not so explained Sexologist Cristian Delcea. Regardless of age, men think more about their condition than at the partner. Unconsciously or not. If you would rush to finish the first, with caresses and kisses in places proxy” pleasure, sex should last longer and for women.

Premature ejaculation have healing 1

Tip: revive your partner to love the body from head to toe. Stroking her hair, fix your gaze into her eyes, kiss and areas that have eluded them until now and see that her condition will intensify pleasure. Often, can concentrate only on the lips, breasts and vagina. However habit leads to capping and inevitably to premature ejaculation. When you know your partner, all you have to do is to enjoy every part of his body and not rush to get to the destination. Make the game more complex and challenging, and sex will take longer.

Identifies the partner’s style
Another issue that may cause premature ejaculation is ignorance partner. Here comes the same reasoning at hand for men: all women are the same. Each representative of the fair sex desires else has other powerful erogenous areas and is easier or more difficult to satisfy. Communication and practice can elucidate the mysteries of man.

It’s like you want to drive a car to 200 km per hour, without knowing how to use the steering wheel“, says sexologist Cristian Delcea ironic.

If you focus your attention on stimuli other than the “key”, excitation would reduce, but not so as not to maintain an erection. So there is no valid alternative to the thinking of something else, for example, to solve a math problem. In this case, it would be seriously affected when excitation and could be bad for both of us.

It can destroy the relationship
The ‘you scream in 1 2 “works in this case. Premature ejaculation is a problem not only of man, but also influences women. Appear anxiety, stress, insufficient excitation and muscle tension, which can dissolve the couple relationship.

Tip: If intercourse lasts increasingly smaller over a long period, it is best to ask for expert advice. You can start with a visit to the urologist, then one specialist in sexology and finally, if the problem is serious, you can call and couples therapy.

Watch your health
Premature ejaculation can occur due to health problems such as heart disease, who have clear indications regarding exercise and hiperexcitaţia. Impotence also may begin with precocious ejaculation unpleasant episode, up to loss of erection. Some medicines taken for chronic diseases can affect sexual life by erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can be the result of a shortage of serotonin (neurotransmitter No, known as thehappiness hormone ). The deficit can be adjusted by taking antidepressant medications, but taken only with the doctor “, says sexologist Cristian Delcea



What men want in bed

Is a question that many women ask themselves, and the answer is often an enigma. But we offer you some insight into what their men want in bed.
They like to take control

What men want in bed

Women often feel the need to prove they are skilled in bed. Of course it is great to see that manage to bring men on the heights of pleasure, and they want to satisfy your partners. So, do you still take control, but let him also to tickle her vanity that is a real stallion in bed.

Bring dessert in bed

How many times have you seen the movie scenes in which the prelude where the leading role was a bowl of strawberries with chocolate? Well, men dream of a scene in which a tube is missing with whipped cream and a partner with a lot of imagination. You can also use ice cream or chocolate syrup on hot days.

A striptease show

If you normally get quickly stripped each other to get faster in bed, next time try something new. On this occasion you can buy sexy underwear. Nothing can be more enjoyable when you get home at night dressed as a challenging partner dancing for you while their clothes off.

Be more aggressive

Men I wish things to be hot in bed, but without having to ask for it. So, some light and some small bites passionate scratches will not only increase the passion for an unforgettable sex.

Passionate games

You never had the courage to experience games in bed with his whip, handcuffs or sleeping eye mask? It’s time to see how you can spice up your sex life these toys. Do not think it’ll scare, but it will show that you are willing to try new things, to please both.


Exciting expressions that all men want to hear in bed

Men admit that excites them enormously uninhibited women who speak overlooked in the bedroom. Therefore, you should know that seduction involves all sorts of expressions suited to make the partner feel proud of his sexual performance.

Exciting expressions that all men want to hear in bed

You want your beloved to feel attracted to you all the time? These special expressions exciting that all men want to hear when you are in the privacy of their partners mouth.

1. Warmed up to a maximum

There are some exciting expressions that can change your sex life. There is no man who does not want to hear something from the mouth lovers especially when they are in their most intimate moments. Possible to be amazed when you see that certain words which neither can you be expected to provoke reactions indescribable happiness.

2. My whole body tremble with pleasure

The shaking is a sign of pleasure and appreciation to the qualities that man has in the bedroom. Will be overjoyed to see that you can bring to ecstasy and everything thanks. And if you and say this certainly will not remain indifferent.

3. I feel deep inside me

These expressions if used in the right context can do wonders. For example, once said partner intimacy of these words are associated in the mind of man can be something as erotic and provocative. This makes them feel more confident and more attracted girlfriend.

4. I like the way you move

There is no man who is not happy when the woman in his bed appreciate such qualities and more of both to them and praise. Words can change your sex life and make it more interesting are many. Importantly life partner have the courage to tell you. The way a man moves in bed can make a trivial sex unforgettable.