Two from three women do this during sex

A study in Britain has revealed a staggering detail about sexual relations. According to the survey, 62% of girls checked mobile phone during a sex session. Around 48% of men do. 34% of those who have interrupted sex to assess whether partner say / do not have any problem with that.

Two from three women do this during sex


How to arrange your bedroom for more sex

Experts in feng shui with remedies for people who want more action in the bedroom. Here’s how to arrange your bedroom, following Feng Shui principles so as to do more sex. The tips come from Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui consultant. Sex is a beautiful act, powerful healer. Many ancient cultures used sexual energy in healing processes and thus awarded him the respect deserved. Find out what you can do and you, in your own bedroom.

How to arrange your bedroom for more sex

1. Get a feng shui remedy for stamina

It can be a work of art, photograph or sculpture of Shiva and Shakti in sexual union. It must be located in the north-west room.

2. Create a space that supports sexual energy

The bedroom are painted in warm colors, and the bed to be comfortable. Keep fresh air in the bedroom and sweet uses essential oils – ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, to stimulate sexual desire. You can also bring in bedroom explicit artworks that inspire you.

3. Increase your sexual energy and charisma

Not only bedroom feng shui principles to be arranged after, but also themselves. Find out which of your sign feng shui talisman, exercise and eat healthy. In this way you will increase your energy level and hence appetite for sex.

4. Enjoy sex

Talk openly with your partner and explore sex together, without prejudices. Sex is a powerful exchange of energies yin-yang, so you need both quality and powerful energies.


Health problems that treat with… sex

The widespread belief that sex can treat certain health problems is quite true, experts say. Scientific studies show that lovemaking has more health benefits than physical satisfaction.

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Burn calories

Making love involves muscle movement of the shoulders, legs, arms, thighs etc .. Recent studies show that the sex regularly, especially in various positions, burning about 150 calories or about 5 calories per minute. Although sex is incomparable with a session in the gym, and if you can weaken regularly entertain intimate relations.

Relieves pain

According to recent studies, to stimulate the female reproductive organ and reaching climax releases a hormone which increases the level of pain tolerance. Thus, it relieves the pain of arthritis and even supărătoarele migraine. In addition, by sex reduces the pain of menstrual cramps.

It helps you to sleep

Deep sleep after a session of love not only occurs due to physical exhaustion of the body. According to scientists, it is eliminated oxytocin during sex, substance that alleviates stress and brings sleep. For those who have trouble sleeping, sex may be the answer. The rapid and profound by love, according to Sheen Ambardar, a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, California, is due to the release of prolactin in the body, a hormone responsible for sleepiness and relaxation.

Reduce stress

According to studies by researchers at Yale University, frequent lovemaking increases multiplying cells in a particular area of ​​the brain, the hippocampus, which is responsible in reducing stress. Intercourse regularly also helps to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Keep prostate cancer away

A study conducted by researchers at the National Cancer Institute and published in the “Journal of the American Association” shows that the risk of prostate cancer is significantly reduced after regular orgasms men. And this ejaculation can remove carcinogenic substances accumulated in the prostate.


How ideal should last sex? Science has the answer!

The more, the better, says a word people. Many believe that apply when it comes to sex parties duration. Partners are doing everything possible to delay orgasms, to ensure that the moments of intimacy as long.

However, no one knows how it should last, in fact, a perfect sex. Its measurement depends on several factors. Especially because women need more time to reach orgasm than men. Even so, science claims to have the answer.

An ideal sex should have no more and no less than 5 minutes and 40 seconds. To achieve this, scientists have reported only to men and their ejaculation time in a game.

The tests were made using timers, that started when penetration, and were stopped by men when they ejaculate. Furthermore, the study revealed that moments of sexual contact are much shorter in older couples.

How ideal should last sex


Girlfriend does not answer your passion while making love?

Your girlfriend does not answer your passion while making love?

topelement11It became frigid, do not love, you lost sexual power, passion? The answer is a decisive no. Simply no longer enjoy the same sexual techniques every day. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just proves that it has many erogenous zones and you have to do it differently this time.
Last night you had anal sex wild and strong. It was so wild and strong that even had an orgasm. Today you do not return back even tells you she does not like and that should get you thinking. It became a frigid woman and conservative you will never let you have anal bored of you or bother, you know how to treat it? Said there is a decisive again.

Anal sex last night was really interesting, but today simply gone. Today need to change sexual technique, to come up with something new, something to stimulate differently. So do not be offended if you reject when suggesting a certain sexual practice. Try to understand, to find a new approach and to stimulate other erogenous zones.


10 things that men want women to know about sex

Freud called female sexuality “dark continent”. In this case, male sexuality could be called, aptly, “dark planet”. If you think you know all about what excites you or your lover, you might have some surprises reading the text below.

10 things that men want women to know about sex

1. Men respond positively to praise

Men, like women, need to be confident compliments in terms of sex. You can praise him before entering the bedroom, and during sexual intercourse, but also after. You will see that will strive increasingly more.

He tried to be sexy, but younger than 20 years has eclipsed it. J.Lo’s beauty faded on stage when I was joined Taylor Swift. PHOTO

2. Men are afraid of intimacy

Studies have shown that boys are more affectionate than up to the age when girls go to school. At the time involved social conventions and their desire for intimacy and emotional closeness is repressed. So after making love, even if you do not immediately take in arms, not reproach it, but leave them little space. This will reveal how much one wants emotional connection with you.

3. Men will sometimes sex just for sex

If sex has for us and a strong emotional component, for men it is not always so. Men want their lovers to enjoy sex and little wild without asking and romance package. It’s not about to let dominated, but to them come into play and simply appreciate the physical side of sex.

4. The penis is not the only erogenous zone in men

Of course she likes when she touch his penis, but there are many other areas that I’m in seventh heaven. Play with chest, ears or even the inner thighs. A tip: pull gently and delicately testicles: done right, this movement can be exciting for him.

Want to get pregnant and do not succeed? See 5 position that will help

10 things that men want women to know about sex 2

5. Men encourages fantasies

Men would like to share their fantasies with their partners but are afraid that their wives or girlfriends will judge them. You can try a game with your lover: write every few scenarios sexual fantasies with you, pull one draw and if you are comfortable with it, try it.

6. Men love when you talk in bed

Speaking during sex, as long as it’s not continuous, it can be an excellent stimulant. What should I tell him? You can try talking dirty, and combined with praise praise or instructions.

7. Men need to be honest with them

Sex can create the impression that solve problems in a relationship, but it is not. Sometimes, lack of or that you do not want to satisfy your partner in bed some desires hide some problems that you might have otherwise. It’s important to be open with him, tell him you’re upset and not transformed in bed or armchair psychologist nor the punishment room.

8. Men need some distancing

Because they are conquerors by nature, men like to woo a woman. Allow your lover to woo you from sexually. Emotional intimacy requires closeness, but involves sexual intimacy and distancing less. For your lover means to let him look at porn or erotic movies to fantasize, for you may mean to you if you use sex toys.

9. Men need and pornography

A woman who discovers that her boyfriend looking at porn is one of the main reasons why American couples go to therapy. But you must not forget that sexual obsessives represents only 4% of the population, so there is little chance that your lover to be one of them. Keep in mind that no woman can not and should not be everything to a man from sexually. The solution is to talk openly about his pleasure opposite the genre and reach a compromise.

10. Men are always thinking about sex, but not as women think they do

Men see sex as a pleasure and a celebration of the body and would like women to address gender rather as a kind of “carpe diem” and not a special thing, which should take place only at regular intervals.


5 things women can learn from porn

SEX ADVICE: 5 things women can learn from porn. Even for porn is not necessarily to provide sex education, that does not mean we can not learn something from them … All those things that we would like to try in bed, but we lack courage. All details sensual passion we wake up fast, do not forget our inhibitions and complexes.

5 things women can learn from porn.


1. Adopt a more adventurous
I never see porn actors having sex in the “missionary” (obviously, so all the action” would be out of sight). Or choose one position easy, that leads immediately to orgasm (like deh, we have other things to do today). Why not get inspired from this? Be adventurous and explore as many positions with your partner you’ll see your intimate life will suddenly become much more interesting.

2. You always lube handy
True, your body gives largely natural lubrication, but a little help is always welcome. Lubricants make penetration easier and helps you have stronger orgasms. Test several assortments and discover the one that suits you best:
The effect of heating are suitable for cold days (possibly a getaway in the mountains), so you enhance pleasure;
The fruit flavor you remember adolescence and early erotic experiences;
The menthol cooling effect, are recommended for anal sex;
Water based lubricants last longer, so use them to parties that last all night.

3. Forget the rules
There is no particular order in which to succeed all the techniques they know. Was widely done in the following way: first, kissing hot, then pull your clothes off, start with a blowjob and finally penetration. Sure, a woman needs on average 20 minutes to become aroused enough for easy penetration, but it does not force you to respect the sanctity manual” is even recommended to May and cheat occasionally. Yes everything up and make everything feel (you can jump all over foreplay if you’re already fevered”) what matters is to feel good.

4. Sex can be just for pleasure
The general concept is that women must first fall in love instantaneously (kind of absolute love and romantic to faint, we see only in the movies), as only then to be able to unleash a storm in bed. Well, absolutely everyone (men and women alike) has the ability to have sex without emotional involvement badly – and that‘s fine.

5. There are other things besides penetration
Especially in erotic films (other than porn), we see the two enjoying sex without going immediately to the act itself. So you can do and you partner oral sex, erotic massage or a small role play in the bedroom keeps things fresh, simple and beautiful.


How to use a condom!

How to use a condomI’m sure most readers know how to use a condom. But following article is dedicated especially to teenagers who start their sexual life and not have a lot of experience with condoms. And why not, can be a lesson for women who want to make the experience more enjoyable for your partner.

The condom is the most common method of contraception and is the only one that protects against STDs. Condoms are made of latex and fits the male genitals (penis) and protect against unwanted pregnancy.

Most men believe that condom use reduces sexual pleasure, but personally, I think that protect against disease is more important than a few minutes of intense pleasure. The condom is especially recommended for couples who are just starting or who have multiple sex partners.

Let’s see how to use a condom!

Step 1. Make sure you want to condom use is not expired and packaging to be intact. You must undo the condom package by hand, and never use scissors, knives or blades to loosen it. They can crack easily fabricated material of the condom and you may end up with the unpleasant surprise of a disease or unwanted pregnancy.

Step 2. After you have removed the condom pack, grab it with two fingers tank (the highest that will raise sperm). Before you put it on the penis, make sure it is the part that runs down. If you put the condom upside down and notice that not running it is best to throw it and get a new one (because men serceta a colorless liquid before ejaculation, which contains sperm).

Step 3. The condom is used only if the penis is erect and before any contact between the penis and vagina. Shoot than skin covering the tip of the penis (foreskin) before applying the condom, lest tearing during intercourse.

Step 4. Now you have to scroll down the condom to the penis, holding two fingers tank, as in step 2. The condom must be skin perfectly penis, and not be widely (if widely or penis is not erect or condom is too large).

Step 5. After ejaculation, remove the condom. Withdrawal of the penis from the vagina should be done while the penis is still erect to prevent the possibility of leakage of sperm condom into the vagina. When you withdraw the penis from the vagina condom on the penis (for the same reason explained above). After being removed from the penis condom, throw it in the trash. Take care lest you hands or sperm to the penis as if it contacts the vagina may become pregnant.


Want again sparks in the bedroom? Here are five tips from sexologists!

As time passes, the routine can be installed in the bedroom and the couple’s sex life have seriously affected. If you want to reemerge from the sparks of old, here are five tips from sexologists.

sparks in the bedroom

1. Add a little “spice”

Here’s a win-win game, everyone wins, no one has to lose. “Give the money if you fail one part you choose something if pica other, chooses a partner. No need to be shy. Just think what you like and proceed accordingly “ explains Ethan Imboden, founder site.

2. Invitation to “lunch”

If you have lunch, give your … lunch meeting. “Of course I will be on the menu. Whether you meet at home, whether you book a hotel room, it is important to enjoy each other”, advises Lisa Thomas, couple therapist.

3. Hide your charms

It’s an easy way to fool your husband. “When you get home, put on sexy lingerie underneath most, and over to you throw an outfit that says . And, when it expects the least, give your clothes off and reveals surprise boring “ is the advice from Nikki Ransom, sexology expert.

4. Videochat

If you are in possession of two computers equipped with webcams, then try out this advice came from councilor sexual January Kerner, author of “She Comes First”: “Each in a different camera behaves as if it were the protagonist of sessions video chat. “

5. Take the initiative

It is known that men usually initiates sex parties, but should not be a rule. “When he least expects them against indecent proposal. He will instantly bring you remember that woman could not wait to ” Marni Battista, founder of Dating with Dignity website.


3 sex that can lead either to the hospital or to the police

Not a man who does not declare at least once in a lifetime unhappy sex life. Therefore everyone is looking for tips, ideas and new positions for sex. Not always, however, the information found are most suitable.

3 sex that can lead either to the hospital or to the police

Here are 3 sex that you can easily send, either at the hospital or the police station to give the undersigned.

1. Sex in the shower

Regardless of position, sex in the shower can be dangerous. Wet and slippery sensation is not always what you want, so pay attention to the pillars and skid when you dare to sex in the shower.

2. Sex on the steps of the pool

It can be an exciting position in theory. In practice, however, it was not exciting you slam spine of stairs from the pool edge. As, it would be a delight to stay with no bare ass on the cold tiles.

3. Sex high

Sex in the sea near the shore, away from the world because the waves are exciting. But remember that bank can be a real danger: shells, stones, shards, chips. So skip any option that involves placing bottomed shore.

You can try instead, gender standing on the shore, so that water will exceed their chest. Women’s weight is supported in part by water. As incentive and sex is the inflatable mattress. Woman sits on the mat belly and a man penetrates from behind.

Besides medical dangers, the last two positions still having sex in public. So pay attention, and “spectators”. Otherwise you risk either to the police arrive to give the undersigned, being on Youtube, to the delight of lovers of dirty movies.