3 lessons we can learn from porn.

Sex Advice: Three lessons we can learn from porn.

Three lessons we can learn from porn

It is a shame to look at porn, the more so as not to exaggerate and watching porn does not replace sexual activity itself. In addition, if you pay attention, you will see that there are some things you can learn from porn. And we are not talking here necessarily positions.

Here are three things you can learn from porn that can help you have a happy sex life.

1. Talk
Even in porn does not get down to business. The main characters exchanged a few words before “action” rad. Although these things may seem it is false in everyday life but have very high importance. Through discussions and laughter, creating a state of intimacy conducive to sex. Both partners begin to feel comfortable with each other, relax and arousal occurs more easily.

2. Prelude
Sex without foreplay is not comfortable. Although men are easier because “resist” more time if they are not involved in foreplay, women, in contrast, require more time to become aroused. And if foreplay is practiced even in porn, it means that we should omit in everyday life.

3. Erotic games
In most porn see teachers, students, nurses sexy. Erotic Games role will be extremely exciting and contributes greatly to the increase in torque eroticism. If you want to make a change in your sex life, you should try and such erotic game.


What side effects have movies for adults!?

Will you believe it or not, but 47% of people watch pornography (movies, photos, magazines, etc.) every day between 30 minutes and 3 hours. It’s a story, in the true sense, but not without side effects that can affect the long term. What side effects have movies for adults?

Sexy chick in What side effects have movies for adults

And yet, what could happen bad, if you follow every day favorite actors with suggestive names ?!

Scientists claim that people who view pornography on long-term and constantly have serious problems in your relationship and not only, and are more likely to lose their job and have all kinds of trouble with the law.

While studies that demonstrate and establish these side effects are well underway and are working continuously to them, surveys are well defined and clearly understood: 47% of people watching movies or porn every day between 30 minutes and 3 hours. 30% of respondents say that watching porn affects their efficiency at work, while 20% said they looked better porn than have sex with their partner / a life. Just add that 85% of the subjects were men married or engaged in a long term relationship.

PORN DVDs - What side effects have movies for adults

Who would have ever thought that pornography will also play an important role in our lives ?!

Especially when you consider that 50 years ago was a miracle if he sees any lady shoulder goal chance in a clothing store! That while today there are hundreds of XXX sites , mostly toll-free and available to anyone over magazines magazines, videos, TV channels, all organized and judiciously targeted, with a perfectly defined target audience.

And this offer is exuberant why I was so overwhelmed by sex anywhere, anytime, available to everyone, forgetting to anchor us in real life situations that is true, can be more complicated or difficult.

And discussions on this issue are currently underway.