The most desirable woman in the world

The most desirable woman in the world

Marilyn Monroe porn girl

Earlier this hot August was commemorated one of those anniversaries that make us look back. On the 5th of this month marked 50 years since Dr. Greenson, Marilyn Monroe’s psychiatrist, picked up the home phone to call the police chief in Los Angeles, Jack Clemmons, and say that the actress had died. Clemmons was the first to reach the scene, where he discovered an inert Marilyn surrounded by the remains of barbiturates that had caused her death.

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Beyond the controversy caused by his death, the rumor mill went to splash the president himself Kennedy, early disappearance of Marilyn served to confirm that the American actress was the great sexual myth of the twentieth century a woman he sighed around the globe and as the myths of porn, possessed many men. Marilyn was like a porn actress at the time when porn was not legal in the United States, not only for its image Weird but for its lively sex life.

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It all began at 18, when Norma Jean Baker began posing as a photo model and was erected on a sexual icon for American soldiers fighting in World War II. Two years later, he made his debut in small supporting roles in film and became Marilyn Monroe, the name that has come down to posterity. In these years allegedly come some of the porn videos that have been attributed, years later, filmed in a time when the young Californian struggled to gain a foothold in the Hollywood jungle. However, there is no real proof that Marilyn is the star of the porn films attributed to him, but rather one of the models who worked in the underground porno at that time and had some physical similarity with the actress. In fact, it is documented that Arlene Hunter, one up pin who based his career on exploiting his physical resemblance to Monroe, starred in “Apple Knockers and Coke Bottle”, a short film without sound and in black and white in which a Marilyn alleged nude toying with an apple and a bottle of coke. In 1997 there were two copies of a much more controversial short film, in which a very physically actress like Marilyn Monroe had sex with a man in front of the camera. The film raised a huge buzz, but nobody could provide strong evidence that the star of this video, which was auctioned in Buenos Aires a year ago no bids, is the American actress.

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