Double Christmas gift for Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean – Porn Video – Double Christmas gift

Production Company: DDF Network

It had been a long time since we had brought Aletta Ocean here, and seeing the mad surgical climb to which she had been subjected during all last years, we were almost afraid to cross her by accident and not be able to recognize her. There has been little, but it has not been the case: the plastic and artificial beauty of this Hungarian tire still has something special that distinguishes it from the rest of very operated ladies. This Christmas, in addition, has returned to roll and not anything: in DDF had opportunity to return to realize a double penetration.

Even that Christmas pass… 🙂

PS: I miss the Aletta!!! She is a very cute girl and one of the best perfect porn actresses! Because she has many boobs and lots of tail, but she did so many operations that sometimes she did not need it. Obviously we prefer the natural, but when the botox operation is done in the mouth on the part of the lips it is ruined. However I do not care.

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