Most embarrassing situations when you have sex

Sex comes with all sorts of situations funny or less funny, however failed as cataloging match. The relationship is more advanced, the more embarrassing episodes are rare, but no one can say that once passed through such a moment.

Most embarrassing situations when you have sex

Partner supports by your hair

In full swing, you are firmly convinced that you will have a great orgasm, partner changes than fixed position and supports your hair. If you are advanced category, in terms of seniority relationship, delicately tell what happens, but if you do you get started? Scream? It believes that as you react to orgasm. Interrupted? It may not be the best idea.

Does that not once reach

While you’ve got an orgasm or know much sure that you arrive at all, you start to feel irritated that he does not get along. And each of his unsuccessful attempt to ejaculate’re crazy and it seems that your patience is tested.

Hear sounds interesting

Sometimes, your body is so focused feel good, that they forget the important things, such as withholding gas. If you’re not an immature kind, this incident is not so embarrassing that you destroy evening.

You realize you have pubic hair in the mouth

If you decided to do oral sex, there is a permanent risk to stay with threads of hair in the mouth. Unless you use the appliance for both fresh. But in this case there can stay with cloth in his mouth. One of the most annoying things that can happen to whom they have sex is to stop to “collect” stuff on the tongue.

Get sick

You’ve decided to do oral sex and bonus to swallow. But you do not have envisaged that the taste is so disgusting. No matter how delicately you are, the grimace on your face can be masked, and he has no way to feel good. If you know that you may have some problems in this respect, better tell the time you’d rather not swallow.

Are you worried that your neighbors can hear

You know you have some nosy neighbor or that the walls are very thin, so you’re used to express yourself with the sound turned down. But you knew him, you bring him home and have reached the point where you have sex than expected. And it is very noisy. It is quite strange to put his fist in the mouth, but if you feel that you could not go out of shame, the better you know early how things are.

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