It seems that the New Year of the Colombian porn actress Esperanza Gómez did not start as she wanted, after denouncing through her Twitter account what would be the first scam of the year, to trill an image of a show in which she supposedly Was to be presented on January 7 at the Coachella Open Mind bar, a gay bar located in the city of Manizales.

Esperanza Gómez denounces a scam with her name on social networks

She wrote: “I do not understand why people cheat, please do not fall for scams, information on the events where I present are in my social networks.” However, her followers assured that the photo that appeared was not her and that it would be another person, to which she replied, “I tell you that the photo is mine and it is from a 2009 film, here I leave you Some of the same day “, Esperanza Gómez published three images and one of them was chosen by the company that realizes the show.

In the invitation you can read: “Go back to class with the best free LGBTI bar in Manizales. Take all the drink you can and release your spirit all night. ” You can also read the entry prices to the show, the cover is worth 14 thousand pesos before 11:00 p.m. and 17 thousand pesos after that hour. In this regard, one of the followers of Esperanza said: “It is an exaggerated amount of money that they charge for the entrance to the establishment, in Barranquilla we were already deceived.”

However, it is not surprising that such things happen to the Caldense, because last November she showed more of the account in a show in a bar in Yopal, capital of Casanare, where she paraded naked for the attendants of a Pub. That night, the men surpassed and fought her in public. For many it was an excess what he did, for others he only decided to please her fans in the best style of her films.

Esperanza Gómez denounces a scam with her name on social networks

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