Eufrat Mai borrowed her vagina to a Flashlights factory

She “borrowed” her vagina to a Flashlights factory! No lights, but certainly satisfy you! Eufrat Mai, is a gorgeous blonde from the Czech Republic who, without nympho problems, offers her vagina to every man wants to achieve orgasmic pleasure.

She borrowed her vagina to a Flashlights factory No lights but certainly satisfy you

Eufrat Mai is the model for erotic toys and left the Czech Republic to Seville in order to provide a services of a company that has copied vagina thousand copies as Lantern (so called sex toy that was made after the form and likeness of her vagina).

“It is quite strange to know that so many men masturbate with my” vagina says the young woman who remembers the words once and even told her father:

“God has endowed woman with something special. The vagina can become a star. “

Arriving in the factory where the vagina has been reproduced thousands of times, the Euphrates was invited to give a note duplicates itself. Slightly uncomfortable at first, then amused and delighted This thing gives me money,” she says young was very pleased with what they got sex toy manufacturers.

“It’s fine, it’s soft, it feels really good, says Eufrat Mai. The secret of success they artificial vagina is that it is not traditionally made of latex, but dint of a polymer blend of vegetable oils and dyes.

“The idea that there are people around the world who have home my vagina is extraordinary, says Eufrat Mai.


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