Find out what position likes to know what kind of man

Sex is something personal, and says more about the person next to you. Whether you prefer the position back or face to face, the position they choose reveals something about his character.

Find out what position likes to know what kind of manFind out what position likes to know what kind of man

Throw an eye on these positions and discovers that his favorite position says about him / her.

1. Position sandwich

How is stretched belly girls sit face on the pillow, while the man lies on his partner, all face down. Also, the man must rest in the arms because there is nothing sexy girlfriend crush.

What says she loves traditional relationship and is perfectly comfortable with intimacy. It is a position of loving partner exposes behind a very vulnerable area of his body. The man is protective and loving. It is loyal, trustworthy and open.

2. Doggy

How is the girl leans hands and knees, while the man kneels behind her.

What says the woman is an analytical person who is crazy about romance. Pleasure is her priority, and her group of friends is known as a funny woman who can always count on to brighten the atmosphere. The man is confident in themselves, talkative and dominant.

3. Twisted Position

How is turn the spoon position, with the woman in the face, and the man in the back. Partner before leading his legs while he slips between hers.

What say some would say that women are effective while others would say he is lazy. This position allows deep penetration, which is always a bonus, but it requires very little effort. Maybe you both would like to have sex when you’re half asleep.

4. The missionary position vertical

How is partners stand facing each other in the knee.

What says both partners are diplomats and others consider everyone equal. This position deep penetration sacrificing privacy, a sacrifice that both partners are happy to make it. Sex means to you nearby.

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