Hundreds of people in a city in the UK have got involved in companies working in the pornography industry, without realizing it.

How did a former industrial city become "homeland" of pornography industry

Consett is a city in the Durham region that has a huge unemployment rate due to closing more factories in the area. To earn some money, more than 400 people in Consett agreed to occupy roles within firms. But most of these companies working in the pornography industry, as an investigation revealed to Reuters, according to Business Magazine.

Simon Dowson, who was busy performing acts, saying that people knew from the beginning what it is; But residents in Consett were another story.

Thus, more than 429 persons became directors or occupy various executive positions in companies with a single task: to return the letters are intended to Dowson company. For their work, people receiving 200-300 pounds per year.

Simon Dowson received, from unknown persons, between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds for each company function. So far, he managed to build up over 1,200 such companies.

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