The game of seduction: How early is too early to have sex?

Whether you’re new to the dating site or you went several times through this episode, always you have a lot of questions: When is it ok to keep your hand? From the meeting how much you let him kiss you? And, most importantly, it is too early for sex?

The game of seduction: How early is too early to have sex?

What influences the choice?

The decision to have sex with a guy you met is hardly influenced by several factors. For example, with age, when both know that you are the first links is almost pointless to feel the ground for months. On the other hand, the first youth, the man must conquer woman, demonstrating that he deserves his love before entering her bed. Equally important are your standards. Do you think it is extremely important you match your bed? Then there’s no reason to wait. If, instead, you want a guy affectionate, understanding that respects you and understands you, give him time to show you all.

And he wants to be refused

If you are afraid you will lose if you refuse him after the first date … you’re wrong. The truth is that he wants to be refused. For men, sex is like a game of backgammon won before a advanced. That it proves that you won the trust law and that you have come to consider good enough to give him the privilege of being in his bed.

Sex is best

This game of seduction (without doing the unapproachable), the harder you let yourself convinced, puts him on fire, and the success of first intercourse increases with waiting time.

Love or sex?

Before you decide how you want to cook, answer your own question. You want to make love or sex? Sex is for one night or more, but without obligation. You need to make love to a man that you love and who loves you. Be sure of your feelings.

When you wait a while to let yourself be convinced, you can analyze it better to see them more clearly the defects and qualities. Then you decide that he is the one you want with you, not only in bed, you feel stronger and you know that he respects you more, because you were just another one which passed through the bed.

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