Here are the reasons why men go to a erotic massage

You hear increasingly often about erotic massage, but no one knows exactly why men feel the need to resort to that. I worked in a massage parlor and can reveal shocking reasons for hard sex representatives told me that they came to me.

reasons why men go to a erotic massage

A massage parlor is an environment where men come to relax, but in many situations come and talk about what bothers them to life partners. From experience I can tell you that there were few men who said they were satisfied partners torque.

Whether you were in a relationship for years or just the first two years of life, the main reason that I call men who came to me for a massage, was tied their sexual life. May all men were dissatisfied.

Main complaints that I hear from them:

Girlfriend or wife is no longer tender, as it was when they met.
Life partner no longer cares about looks, so it is no longer attractive.
In terms of sex, wife no longer do things that they normally did before the wedding: oral sex, new sexual positions.
The woman next to her neglect them.
Lack of communication between the couple.
Do not feel loved.
Partner does not engage in sexual intercourse bodily, is superficial.

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