How harmful can be pornography

Today, pornography makes place in the life of many. Initially, the desire to consume pornography may arise out of curiosity, but it may be the first step towards an addiction hard to beat. ” It’s handy, is free and is intended to be a substitute for sex or spice in addition to those who have a satisfactory sex life “

How harmful can be pornography

In general, teenagers and single people may be sitting ducks for such materials. “Teens want to know the intimate universe of the opposite sex and watching this kind of material from early and solitary people trying to overcome feelings of loneliness”

According psychotherapist, pornography can trigger a series of problems:

1. If pornography appears too fast in a person’s life, it will make it sexually. First, it will consider what he sees in films for adults is happening in reality. Thus, it influenced the relationship with the opposite sex. The individual will believe that sexual relations must take place exactly as it happens in pornographic films, quickly, without the person to conquer, not to build it next to a life story or couple. That person will believe that sex should be spontaneous without foreplay on fast forward. Pornography discovered at an early age affects two extremely important issues:

Life couple. In this respect the tendency is to burn stages, all to soon for intercourse. Thus, the desire to conquer it on the other, to impress or to build a relationship with it, will be replaced only by the desire to possess it. Which can destroy the romance, communication, relationship.

Sexual life. The films highlight the conditions that obtain in reality is hard. 9 out of 10 women say they are not in porn. To move forward they need first to be conquered, need love, the feelings of a bunch of flowers or a compliment. If this step does not exist, the woman suffers usually anorgasmia. If you burn the preliminary stages of conquest, sex is reached. Well here she needs to be conquered, exciting, excited, otherwise can not reach orgasm. Therefore, these materials lead to serious disorders of sexual life.

2. Sexual disorders that can bring pornography addiction: anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, loss of erection, lack of ejaculation. These occur because watching pornography produce excitation and must be consumed, usually by himself. The difference between masturbation and orgasm achieved with a partner is huge. Therefore, over 75% of women have vaginal orgasm. Masturbation occurs quickly in their lives clitoral orgasm is achieved, not vaginally, and the story may take years until there is a partner. If you later will not have a very understanding partner, may never fail to feel and vaginal orgasm. Also in men, excessive masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation. Therefore, when you have sex, it would be difficult to maintain an erection longer, and ejaculation to occur after a longer period. For satisfactory sexual performance, both woman and man need confidence, love and feelings, the desire to make it to the other to feel good. Movies you just learn to possess the other, which develops instincts rather, at the expense of love and affection.

3. Addiction. As long as you spend daily or several times a day is an addiction like any other, and so has the degree of toxicity characteristic. A person who develops an addiction to pornography becomes anxious or depressed if he can not meet this need, and it can decisively influence the relationship with the company in a negative way.

4.Toxicity. Pornography can become toxic because it affects the relationship with the opposite sex and you’re missing an opportunity to build relationships of love or friendship. Because sexual instinct can create a filter in the sense that any social construct can be based on excessive desire for sex.

5. Sexual disorders behavior. Excess pornography creates the illusion that your partner wants everything that appears in those films. Thus, if put into practice what you see in those movies, you’ll be able to feel anxious or depressed, so you get to destroy the couple’s relationship.

6. Personality disorders can develop because they do not really know what he wants sex.
Which can lead to depersonalization or exaggerated behaviors.

7. Eating Disorders. This addiction can affect the relationship you have with food. You can wake you eat obsessive compulsive, just because you can not implement all the fantasies you’ve seen on the internet.

“Each person is unique in its own way. Therefore, the best solution is the psychologist along with it you can discover what the true causes of addiction, and that individual solutions to emerge victorious. The road may be long, but it’s important to know yourself, to discover your strengths and weaknesses, learn to be successful in the opposite sex, but also in social life!”

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