How to enhance your sex drive

In a family where bedside concern is promotion and better pay, a good sex is the last thing on the list of priorities. To resolve this some couples go to the doctor, and others use various essences and substances with aphrodisiac effect that can help them in this direction. In fact, the key to success is relatively simple: you just need to consume certain vitamins and nutrients. The news even better is that they are already in your diet, but not in an amount sufficient. Here are some tips to have an active sex life and especially need to remember the following saying: appetite comes with eating. Even the sex obeys the same laws.

How to enhance your sex drive

Eat a balanced breakfast for greater appetite for sex

Your menu should be rich in protein and fiber, such as those from yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, berries, etc. Also, peanut butter and whole grains are excellent choices to increase sex drive. These combinations of food digestion takes longer which leads to a high enough energy for the whole morning. At the same time, a balanced breakfast will get rid of choosing unhealthy foods later. More energy means that you will not fall wide when you return so you can spend more time with partner.

Increases sex drive if you drink plenty of fluids more

The fact that you’re sufficiently hydrated helps you be in a physical and mental state of alert during the entire day and you’re in shape until late evening. You have to remember one thing: too little fluid in the body means including low levels of sexual fluids. Experts recommend drinking two glasses of water immediately after you woke up that morning is the time when you are dehydrated. During the day eat more vegetables and fruits with a high water content.

Olive oil and nuts increase sex drive

The fats are needed to produce sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. If you have a low-fat diet your body will not produce enough of these hormones. But make sure you enter the unsaturated fat diet that you can get from olive oil, fatty fish or nuts.

Chicken, fish and lean protein increases sexual desire

If you do not have enough protein in your diet, then you should know that and dopamine levels are very low. This neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and romance. Also, dopamine helps in case of erectile dysfunction.

Sex drive goes along with a glass of wine

A glass of wine in the evening you can create the right condition for romance because it helps you relax and be calm. And these are the best components of a hot nights.

A few pieces of dark chocolate after dinner and sex drive appears

Chocolate it creates a state of happiness. Few pieces of chocolate may be the way for a rendezvous in the bedroom. According to a study conducted in Germany after a piece of chocolate women are in a good mood that lasts for a period of 90 minutes. Therefore you should keep a bar of chocolate on the headboard. Nobody knows when you might need never entered it.

How to enhance your sex drive

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