Internet makes us forget how to have sex!

Imagine a chair. 60 years ago, when life, information, amenities and capital went more slowly, and the object would have imagined our grandparents would have been hard, made of wood and built to withstand as much. Now you’re probably thinking of a fine flowing lines and modern creations made with taste, from Ikea. An object built to last until the next fashion, not yet to be. Ikea chair, like most commercial objects and devices in today‘s lifestyle fluid designed for the modern person. Degradation programmed not to annoy the contemporary consumer, but becomes a favor. Why charge your life with something that threatens to haunt you forever with his presence?

Internet makes us forget how to have sex

This example is representative of the technological state of capitalism recently affecting our relationships with people in an incredible way. Recently, The Guardian said that many young Japanese have decided not to have sex. The article explains the economic and cultural circumstances that led to this scenario: The future is not safe for young people once the uncertainty has come to replace actual stability of the market as a form of work. It’s hard to find your point when your perspectivel job boils down to, “Can Starbucks needs people” (no, it does). Long-term relationships are only possible obstacle to the mobility of the individual, just as resistant seats last.

The author believes that, because we use increasingly more online communication technologies that could contribute to mass loss of libido. To understand the whole situation needs to put all the ideas together: our technology today as demonstration of economic logic and sexual behavior in response to it. Economy becomes pathology, and technology negates technological condition, namely mental state table it creates. Sex, in this case, we focus our attention around the state of technology and the influence of capitalist logic of human relations. Today, we like our sex to be as smooth as a credit card transaction.

We see the influence that has on the physical world convenience. The appearance of the furniture from Ikea, the macbook‘s, tablets and hard external sites talking about the privileged status of fluidity and mobility as values to be followed today. Are smooth and uniform, so that they seem monolithic and give the impression of something we can be tempted to call “organic.” Although entirely artificial, these objects represent a technological ideal of comfort and fluidity, which is manifested in product design.

Movement without easy , communication uninterrupted flow of information at the speed of light, major investments algorithms to manage the global financial market in a system so fast and perfect way to say goodbye to any judgment or human care. This is ideal in terms of technological perfection, speed, ease and fluidity based.

Human relations, human body and even sex are all his subjects. Franco Bifo” Berardi question best in Precarious Rhapsody:

Agents that reduce complexity, such as money, information, stereotypes and digital networks interfaces, simplified relationship with the other, but when it appears in the flesh, we can not tolerate because it affects our presence (in) sensitivity. Videoelectronic generation tolerates no underarm hair or pubic. Someone needs to create a perfect fit connection between the body surfaces that contact form. Generation smooth.

In short: sex is too much. It’s too messy, too destructive emotions that threaten to affect mobility causes permanent. Technologically mediated connection is smooth and real people are anything but. When someone, anyone that is real, physical, to think and feel, we faced was imperfect form, we can not process information. System fails. Not working. Let’s kick some ass, we have everything we need.

Internet makes us forget how to have sex2

Do not we all just sex. We want sex smoothly. We want an interface, not a link. We transfer information, not emotion and fluid exchange. Protrusions, bumps and imperfections of all sorts entangles us, while we long for beautiful technology that is smooth, shiny and perfect. The idea of a long emotional relationship creates a nasty feeling we think, with horror, as being bound hand and foot.

Not find objects that suggest their sustainability by building massive and look dated. Our modern comfort is the task completed, windows closed, finished products and, ultimately, the promise of rapid and planned obsolescence. That fits both relations and consumer products. The highest values we have are the ease and fluidity. It’s cynical and perhaps even nihilistic, but it’s not our fault.

We need to readjust the world asymmetry and imperfections in the human world.

How could we live in a world of constant shock, anxiety and a continuous state of panic caused by instant communications and information flow at high speed (greater than the human brain can create or process) without experience side effects? Capitalism is a state of thinking, not just an economic system, and each time that you spend connected to its mode of communication technology and hard to get used to its values.

Our communication technologies influence us as much as we use. On Twitter, we sold the story is familiar and communication unit. Still, I guess the truth behind it: tweets are the basic units of transaction Twitter economy that haggle with retweet and favorite sites as a capital. Facebook is mostly an exercise in creating a personal brand and promoting it, although we claim to represent we the realmust be maintained. Note: remember to delete the pictures from the bar where you were tagged during the week. Tinder coupled applications that allow us to choose potential partners at high speed. Digitized faces of potential halves are distorted as the speed increases and recorded so poor that barely resemble people.

One is reminded of Jean Baudrillard‘s description about speed in the desert of New Mexico in America. Speed itself is a pure object, while canceling the land and territorial reference points, once you go ahead of time how to cancel it even him, and once you move faster than its cause that clears the overflow . Did you ever head out a car window like a dog? Then you know what the Baudrillard.

At high speed, it becomes blurred and eventually everything looks the same. It comes to us as that Baudrillard called it “image sequence without emotions“. Lack of emotions: a symptom of speed. Relations, those are real, full, emotional, barely can view this form in mind.

Internet makes us forget how to have sex3

No wonder that sex is made on the run and fluid as possible and is done entirely at a distance, the young Japanese who live in appalling conditions of instability. No wonder that we want instead of technological perfection of human disorder and the robots themselves are becoming more and more the object of our sexual desires. We are not prepared mentally to deal with routine speed that we are forced to perpetuate, while machines are. Instead, try to sow as much. We submit every aspect of life, even sex and relationships, the right speed, fluidity and efficiency.

You need to slow down. The problem is that speed, transience and fluidity are part of capitalism. Factory automation was the first stage of this trend that I saw while reached an astounding level with the advent of online communication technologies and virtual financial capital. The slowdown is unacceptable. Separation should be easy. Time, specifically yours, is money as they say. If you slow down, it means that the fight against capital.

We need a big mental switch from pathology capitalist ephemeral anxiety to chronic isolation. That begins with a mental break from the daily drudgery of continuous communication, social influence constant and permanent exchange. I am not referring to moments of digital detoxare programmed so that we reintroduce the flow of capital and goods more power later. To be clear, it’s like I say that detoxification camps like Camp Digital is popular among business failed.

I mean a real break, an escape from a whole of thinking. I heard that this approach is called fruitlessness radicaland I think it fits perfectly. We must take back time for ourselves and in their own terms, outside the logic of speed and universal valuing of capitalism. We must use time to form bonds and relationships to give birth, to be creative and human. We need to readjust the world asymmetry and imperfections, human world.

The philosopher Emmanuel Levinas said that morality begins interacting with each other, when you meet with a real person when they realize the presence and stick with it. Emotion is the key. We must learn how to take care of each other, and to do that you must escape the mental traps and automatic electric capital. We need time. We desperately need to rediscover the sense of I love you,” to understand what it means to really live. Hey, it could have some even better sex.


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