Kayla Lowden – One hit wonders

Kayla Lowden

Kayla Lowden – Porn Videos

Production Company: Bangbros Assparade

A curious case… Hmmm… In 2011 appeared in one of the scenes of College Rules under the nickname of Amy a beautiful blonde with a tremendous natural body that only made a blowjob to one of the supposed university with another girl. Weeks later she reappeared in Bangbros in one scene in the other girl, Brittany Harper, did all the work while she just looked; Even without doing anything important stressed so much that in the specialized forums began to talk about it and to investigate if there was more material. Finally a month later, in July of 2011, Bangbros listened to the fans and published the first and only fuck of Amy, this time dubbed like Kayla Lowden, before she disappeared and never return.

PS: I love her… She have talent… :PPpp

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