The latest discovery in the field of sex leaves with open-mouthed. You’d be capable of it?

A video, which essentially is a documentary film about nature, but from place to place, take turns porn, sex, presenting ourselves in the trees or the edge of a river, make a splash on the Internet.

latest discovery in the field of sex leaves with open-mouthed

The film was made with the help of drones under the slogan “Make sex not war!”.

The video shows stunning images of nature that British journalists were speculating about Sequoia National Park, California.

While flying drone captured ravishing landscapes, our attention is drawn to a couple having sex through the trees.

Then, while the camera zooms drone emerald waves which strike down a secluded beach, again we are surprised by two young people in love near some rocks.

Further, the film shows footage of the flying drone that capture sexual positions which would make him the author of Kama Sutra blush.

This kind of film to be an alternative to pornography?

“I had film never a porn film in this manner. In addition, if you can not masturbate while watching a film, then it is clear that we can not talk about pornography”, said Brandon LaGanke.

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