Life of Larry Flynt!

Life of Larry Flynt! Larry Flynt is the American pioneer of pornography, the man who fought for the right to publish explicit images of female sexual organ or what he calls freedom of expression. Life of Larry Flynt beat any film. Moses freed the Hebrew him. Lincoln freed the slaves him. I freed myself neurotic says Larry Flynt humor that today, at 72, still maintains that sex, although it is paralyzed from the waist down!

Life of Larry Flynt

Born on November 1, 1942 in Lakeville, Magoffin County, Kentucky, Larry Flynt grew up in abject poverty – because, just 9 years old, his sister to lose less, Judy, suffering from leukemia. The little death caused their parents’ divorce. Poverty, sister and collapse tragedy of losing his home soon had to say the word, because Larry could not find the place and just 15 years old, abandoned high school and enlisted in the army, falsifying his birth certificate. After a period in which he returned home and oscillated between mother and father’s house, trying to earn their own money, Larry Flynt managed the first trick“: he enlisted again, this time in the US marine forces, and when he returned home in 1965, have enough savings to buy the bar as his mother was working in Dayton, Ohio. $ 1,800. Both paid for it. And soon have to make a profit of $ 1,000 per week and open a new bar with a new concept one that would make him famous and change the world: Hustler Club, where guests feasted on naked dancer.

Life of Larry Flynt 2

The launch of the magazine “Hustler”

Thus began the history of Hustler. So have her know that at Larry Flynt and now calls love of his life: Althea Leasure, who hired her as a dancer in his premises and who became his wife after he led his side Hustler business. At that time, however, already three marriages tick Larry Flynt Flynt Mary (1961-1965), Peggy Flynt (1966-1969) and Kathy Flynt (1970 to 1975).

After the first club opened in Dayton, has also opened five clubs in other American cities, while in July 1974 to launch the “Hustler” a publication with national distribution and explicit sexual content. So America had not seen explicitly as ever: in November 1974 shocked Americans Larry Flynt published his first shots close to the female sexual organ. Close-ups gynecological quickly brought over 1.3 million readers. And this was just the beginning. Note naturalness posterior below displayed on the cover of the December 1974 in all its glory (Raw in Photoshop invented yet), along with the necessary stretch marks end today Something lost everything.

Pornography‘s Larry Flynt was, however, untenable, and each new number Hustler” I could say that was rattled at least a vulva. People from distribution threatened to remove the magazine from the market, but throw bomb after bomb Larry.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis scandal

The following year, Hustler” force back the boundaries of freedom of the press, publishing nude pictures of none other than America’s former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, so the captured paparazzi during a vacation.

At the time, Larry Flynt told nonchalantly that he had been approached by a paparazzo who sell photos for $ 18,000. Last year, however, in his book, “The Good Son: JFK Jr. and the Mother He LovedChristopher Andersen argues that Jackie had been sold even by the media that he was her husband at the time, Aristotle Onassis, who wanted to humiliate public

Processes Conveyor

As expected, the processes were running for Larry just like the money began to flow into his accounts. For years, moved from one court to another, battling in court against those who would ban “Hustler”. At my first trial, I was initially sentenced to 25 years in prison. I began the battle for freedom of expression. What never ceased because there is always a prosecutor who wants a piece of me. I remember that at trial in Nashville, Tennessee, all jurors were women 60 years or older It took me 20 minutes to pay. Then I knew that things began to change in America. Maybe not want to see certain things, but the government will not tell them what they or are not allowed to see! “Said Larry Flynt some time ago.

Shot on the courthouse steps

In 1978, one morning while preparing to enter the courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Larry Flynt was shot. A sustained attack which resulted in 11 surgeries and was part of the intestines removed. The attack was claimed by Joseph Paul Franklin, a fanatic who claimed thesis white supremacist who explained that they upset interracial sex scenes magazine Hustler”. It killed about 25 people in his life, but when asked whether he regretted any of the crimes, said:Yes, I hear that Larry Flynt‘s still a good guy! I would have to shoot him! ” says today tycoon who could no longer go that day. He remained paralyzed from the waist down. Sentenced to death, Joseph Paul Franklin was executed in 2013 at the age of 63 years in prison in Missouri, by injecting a lethal substance.

Life of Larry Flynt 3

A marriage in hell drugs

Despite the fact that he was paralyzed, he stood Althea. She herself was a character: Althea the party girl naked picture and gave so much freedom husband to the point that she herself had brought women to have fun after dinner! She and Larry Flynt were inseparable: they did everything together, from the organ, the business and snorted cocaine sessions. For after being shot, Larry first resorted to painkillers, then finally marijuana and cocaine. And Althea was using with him, claiming that she had given up sex if Larry had become impotent. In reply, said Larry Flynt own style if she were the paralyzed, he instead had sex with the maid. Althea was with when Flynt became for a year a very religious man, under the influence of President Carter’s sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton, reaching to mix religion with sex scandal Hustler”. Althea was with when he ran obviously unsuccessfully for president of America in 1983, and when he was sued by Pastor Jerry Falwell, as published in Hustler” a parody in which he was depicted having sex with own mother. Ultimately, however, escaped Larry Flynt drug habit. Althea failed this – in 1987, just 33 years, died by drowning in the bathtub, after the drug. A story filmed in 1996 film “The People vs. Larry Flyntwith Woody Harrelson and Courtney Love.

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Sex at 72 years…

Today, Larry Flynt claims that he made a penile implant that allows him to continue to enjoy life. That’s all open marriage the fifth marriage to former nurse who took care of him, Elizabeth Berrios (above), whom he married in 1998. In three of the five children he disinherited, explaining that they only wanted his money and did not care to get involved in his business. Among those three are the eldest daughter, Tonya, who alleged in 1998 that sexually abused her as a child. Another daughter, Lisa, died last year in a car accident 47 years.

Demonized for its terrible lack of morality, anti-Semitism and misogyny brand for Hustler”, which in the opinion of many promotes violence against women through rape scenes and all kinds of perversions, Larry Flynt saw his dream discutabilul eye unleashing pornography. Since 1998, the company that bears his name began producing and XXX movies. Last year, declared that bring magazines no longer than 10% of total income and that they will die because of the internet. With an empire that brings a profit of over 100 million dollars annually declare happier than his rival, Hugh Hefner. I like him. It’s boring, but it’s a gentleman. “Now, Larry is no longer closely held Hustler”, but still make a stir with his statements, saying he would pay 2 million dollars to pose naked Jennifer Aniston. And further support freedom NAKED!



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