What men want in bed: 6 unknown things!

Obviously, you should not let a man tell you how to be in bed, but if it helps strengthen your relationship and you just wondered what you might meet him, here is the answer.

What men want in bed

No, men do not want you to do something outrageous or strange, but just to be a little bolder in normal and acceptable. In the following you will find six men and things they want in a relationship.

1. They want to be talked dirty

Not expected to tell them exactly how you feel every moment, but you’d be surprised how dirty a word counts, said at the right time. Not everyone feels comfortable talking vulgar, even just loving presence, but there is no need to venture too far from your comfort zone. Words and phrases such as “wet”, “I feel so good,” or “louder” may still be miracles.

2. Lead partner

For men, there are few things more exciting than a girl who knows what she wants, and there are lots of different ways to communicate that to a guy. That does not mean he expects out of nowhere you to enter the bedroom dressed in sexy nurse. Simply, if you push gently on the bed and guide her hands over your body, it is a sign that you have taken the initiative to maintain and control … now. Taking control of the following positions may be also very hot.

3. Partner to initiate new positions

If you saw a movie a new position you want to try, do not disclose and protect his partner. Your initiatives designed will be delighted. It does not matter whether or not the position is comfortable or you can implement in your case. Important is to see you’re creative in bed.

4. Dream to be surprised

Some men can be intimidated when they see their beloved pulling out a vibrator under the bed. But a few tricks to spice up the relationship did not how to be a bad idea. Can you rouse him while you’re in the elevator and, why not, to have sex right there.

5. They want to see

Visual stimulation is very important for men. A well-placed mirror is ideal, so he can have views of everything that happens. But he would not mind if his girlfriend would not forget it. If you’re really brave, your lover would consider it a great gift and a masturbation session.

6. They want to eat pizza after sex

You might think that there are few people who want to eat something hearty after sex, but it is not so.

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