Mia Khalifa: “Gratitude for a special type of man who knows how to ask for an anal”

Mia Khalifa is one of the most popular adult film actresses and was the most searched celebrity on the internet.

Mia Khalifa

She has left this career to become a sports commentator, but is still sought after by many men who hope to fulfill their fantasies with her.

For most, Mia ignores them, but there was a guy who managed to cling to a message. Therefore, the former actress was thought to reveal the story for those still dreaming of a date with her.

During a show on ESPN, the young 24 year old was asked about the messages it receives. “It’s hard sometimes to interact with the messages they receive. Even though I was a porn star, I am still a person. I was not impressed by the attempts of some famous athletes to hang me. Not at all.”

Instead, Mia admitted that receives and positive messages. “Just recently I said to someone who wrote me beautiful, and now I will have a meeting with him.”

She did not want to reveal the names of those who wrote or message content, but on Twitter posted a message enclosures “Great gratitude to the Sned Urban Stems, but mostly gratitude for a special type who knows how to ask for an anal “.

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