Mia Khalifa is one of the most popular adult film actresses and was the most searched celebrity on the internet.

Mia Khalifa

She has left this career to become a sports commentator, but is still sought after by many men who hope to fulfill their fantasies with her.

For most, Mia ignores them, but there was a guy who managed to cling to a message. Therefore, the former actress was thought to reveal the story for those still dreaming of a date with her.

During a show on ESPN, the young 24 year old was asked about the messages it receives. “It’s hard sometimes to interact with the messages they receive. Even though I was a porn star, I am still a person. I was not impressed by the attempts of some famous athletes to hang me. Not at all.”

Instead, Mia admitted that receives and positive messages. “Just recently I said to someone who wrote me beautiful, and now I will have a meeting with him.”

She did not want to reveal the names of those who wrote or message content, but on Twitter posted a message enclosures “Great gratitude to the Sned Urban Stems, but mostly gratitude for a special type who knows how to ask for an anal “.

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