You miss a crazy sex? Get out of the bedroom!

Lately you overestimate the missionary position in bed? If you want to revive the flame of passion and sex do not robotic, we offer you to get out of bed and out of the bedroom altogether. There are many other places to make love and all are in your home. Just be open to challenge and to free your imagination!

You miss a crazy sex

Bed with comfortable bedding and fine of not only invites you to sleep and relax, but also to the passionate adventure. But even this space is full of mysteries eluded routine. Avoid monotony go to bed, that there remains. Try other places to make love and think in the near future as to have a better physical condition. It matters enormously for both your health and especially torque.

Lean on bathroom sink

Bath? Yes Yes. You read right. We did not say the kitchen sink, in any case. Make sure it is well supported, so you can not move during the action, then propose them in a game that your beloved films. It will include his strong arms and you make love passionately. He has the advantage that you can see the body shapes they had conquered. And you his.

Facing the mirror

I think there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your reactions when you feel best. It’s like you enjoy an erotic movie with famous characters, that you, whose perfect bodies merge to orgasm.

In front of the entrance door

You know what’s interesting about this area? It felt that the risk of blood warms the body and makes you enjoy every moment of suspense. At any time you can hear a neighbor who climbs the ladder or an unexpected house guest. That if you stand on the block.

On the carpet

If you have a carpet at all comfortable, and try this place. It does not have to type Persian, nor jute is not indicated. Risk to stay with traces of “pleasure” in the knee and back.

Chair or armchair

Go around the living room couch with eyes and stop on a chair or any chair more durable. Then invites a boyfriend. You need clues about ideal positions in this place. Once you are near one another, face to face, inspiration comes naturally. And with it comes and mad lust to make love.

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