A new kind of pornography made headlines worldwide. Everything changes, viewers are astounding

A new kind of pornography is growing worldwide and addresses a type of onlookers, the unprejudiced.

A new kind of pornography made headlines worldwide

A whole business has developed around the term feminist pornography, even if there are representatives of organizations that fight for gender equality from the point of view that the concept of feminist pornography is nonsense.

Current feminist pornography was born almost ten years ago in Canada, and now there is a festival in which that award-winning best film and best actress of this kind of pornographic still at the beginning. “Feminist Porn Awards” annually held in Toronto, Canada, at the initiative of the owner of a sex shop that addresses especially female customers. The idea arose after in recent years have seen an increased interest in women in pornographic movies, but not for the classic, the action happens quickly, robotic, without emotion, repetitive in terms of visual scenarios which prove offensive by the way she presents. Feminist Pornography introduced new rules in the adult industry, not only in the way they are designed scenarios and how the action is filmed, but also the rights granted actors engaged in such production XXX.

Porn producers and actors who have joined this trend in the industry dedicated to adults trying to find those ways pornography portray women in a positive light, not as a sexual object meant only to satisfy the stereotypical vision of heterosexual men consuming pornography. Scenarios attempt to provide a more realistic vision of female sexuality, rather exclusive focus on playing fantasies that men have in respect of women, reports BBC. Including filming technique changes feminist XXX movies. If the camera focuses classics 90% of the woman, this time the images focuses on the faces of the protagonists, not just the genitals.

Pornography feminist audience is different from consumer traditional pornography in that it is less conservative on sexual orientation, so that it “tasted” equally homosexual couples, male or female, heterosexual couples or transgender people reject sexuality as it is accepted by society in general.

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