Nikki Benz assaulted in a shoot of Brazzers

Nikki Benz assaulted in a shoot of Brazzers

In June of last year the famous actress for adults Nikki Benz was named contract star and ambassador of the brand Brazzers (the first time someone holds that position since the company’s foundation in 2004) however this association may be about to end and in the worst possible way since, a few days ago, the Canadian porn star reported being beaten while filming a scene for the famous website. According to the version provided through her Twitter account (@nikkibenz), during the course of the aforementioned scene director and producer Tony T stomped on her head and drowned her despite having yelled several times to stop filming, a situation Who sayss he has not suffered before in her 13-year career. As expected, the Internet has been flooded with messages of support to the veteran actress and repulsed by the behavior of Tony T, both by fans and colleagues in the sector, some even denouncing that this would not be the first time That something similar happens with this director.

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Following the controversy, Brazzers published that same day an official statement from its website in which they explain that they delegate the production of their content to third parties and in this case the artistic direction was at the discretion of Tony T. They also consider that the consent, limits and security of the actors are fundamental issues and do not approve or tolerate this type of behavior, so they would investigate what happened and take appropriate measures in order to avoid repeating this assumption behavior.

Director Tony T issued a statement two days later saying that after reviewing the unedited images, he acknowledged that the scene was hard, with toys, masks and aggressive sexual content, but not the sensationalist or criminal version being reported By the networks and, to clarify it, would proceed to facilitate the images to the press so that they could examine them.

Shortly afterwards, Brazzers modified his statement acknowledging that some of the accusations made by Nikki Benz might be true, so they would have cut off all ties with producer Tony T and, of course, would have refused to buy the scene. They also point out that Nikki Benz has been and will be part of the Brazzers family and, as with any of their artists, their well-being and safety is fundamental for them, so they convey their support and hope that when they finish their current vacations can maintain A conversation to solve this disturbing affair.

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